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  1. I knew you were going to say that, i had a quick look on ebay for 1/35 and was surprised there wasn't anything, its all 1/24 scalie. So if i have a go at something I might have to change the scale and try and get some 1/24 figures to fit. If i do have a go i hope its as successful as this.
  2. This looks great, I've only just started playing the Division 2 and I am hooked already. I was looking online only last week to see if anyone had created any dioramas inspired by the game as it seems ripe for it. This Dio really describes the atmosphere and feeling of a dystopian Washington. Well done, superb work. I think a cop car would have looked cool somewhere on the road. Great work on the Humvees too!
  3. Decal time Sorry it's been a while, I wanted to add some stowage later and some spare tank tracks to the turret which I was surprised were not included. So I ordered a workable track set from Amazon so I could butcher the kit tracks but they came and were missing parts so I couldn't build them. I am now waiting for their replacement. Which has been a while. In the meantime I clear coated with Gauzy intermediate and added the decals. So this model now depicts a vehicle from the 1st tank battalion at C-Coy 1969. The decals were from Star decals and went on pretty good with micro-sol. It was then that I think I made an error due to my lack of armour experience. I clear coated the the decals to seal them then read it is best to Matt coat them for the weathering stage. Can anybody explain. I'm a little unsure where to go next with the weathering stage, I have oil paints, pigments and chalks. Just not sure of the best way to use them or the stages to go through. As always any advice will be appreciated
  4. Looking good so far. I'm looking forward to following this build, would love to give a decent falcon kit a go. I have a half finished amt kit on the shelf of doom, the detail is so bad it puts me off finishing every time I look at it.
  5. Thought so thanks for the advice Dennis I think I will fix the track guard and then clear coat.
  6. Ok had a bit of time yesterday while the wifey was at work. However, too much time was spent trying to paint 1/35 eyes so the archer set of eyeballs is on order! I managed to get last coat on the tank and do some detailing. Knocked the track guard off so will need to look at that or could it be battle damage? Bloody eyes lol. The standing figure is almost ready for a clear coat and wash, just got to sort the eyes. I know he's not the best but it's pretty good for me believe me. Not sure where to go next. Should I clear coat it and decals or airbrush some soot on the engine grills and barrel? I think this next stage is where it generally starts to go wrong for me in any model I do and I loose interest. Must keep motivated, must keep motivated.
  7. Thanks John, that could be a life saver. Will look into it.
  8. Ok so to get this build upto the present day, here is what happened with the painting. I was a little unsure about the colour, I wanted to not pre-shade but use some colour modulation so I chose a darker green to start with. It looks even darker on the photos: Turret And hull Everything together with a dark and medium coat on. I used Tamiya XF-74 olive drab and the second coat was lightened with XF-57 buff. That's where I'm at right now just deciding on the colour and how to apply the last, lighter coat. I ordered new decals from star decals, they look pretty good: And I started on the crew figures, another first: Yes I know he has his shirt sleeve ripped off but I kind of like it. They all need some detailing and a wash, oh and some eyes which I'm a bit concerned about. That's it for now all up to date with this build.
  9. Ah ok, I get you now. I think mud is definitely the answer, maybe not everyone's but it's mine on this build its all a bit crowded under there now and I'm not the most delicate with my fat fingers
  10. Hi, thanks for the advice, I am not sure what you mean though, this is my first armour build and I am feeling my way through as I go. I was hoping to have it nice and dirty underneath so hopefully you won't be able to tell, if I am thinking what your thinking lol
  11. Thanks john, the aerial isn't the kit piece I used some thin wire, it looks bent because I keep knocking it while I work on it. I'm hoping it will look ok after I've finished it up and straightened it out a bit. If it doesn't I will look into your suggestions.
  12. Found this on my phone, it helped too: Although looking now I totally messed up the handles on the side.
  13. Hi Dennis, I have thrown the instructions but the photo I posted earlier was about it. I had to fill in a lot of the gaps, there wasn't another page so it wouldn't help you. I found this image online which helped: Hope it helps, there wasn't much online to go on either.
  14. Ok so it was super fiddly, but looks really good. I'm not a photo etch expert but I think it turned out pretty good. I needed to make my own handles for the sides of the IR light too. Also used some garden wire for the cable that runs from it. This is how it turned out when attached.
  15. So onto the turret, time to get the magnifying glasses out. This kit offers loads of detail, the hatch looks so much better and the Jerry can too. I was glad to see things starting to look like a tank. Then these came in the post: This might turn into a diorama of some kind. Next on the list is the searchlight, which looks super fiddly!
  16. Ok, next instalment with the build. After getting lots done on the hull: I realised I probably shouldn't have added the small road wheels on, not sure if this will cause issues with painting later. Lesson learned for the next kit. As a distraction the after market kit from Def.models came. I have used photo etch before but not resin parts so another learning curve. I always like to try an new technique or skill out on each model there are lots of firsts with this. Here's the kit: It's just for the turret. The parts look pretty good with replacements for the mantle, IR light and photoetch for various catches and the mantle cover clips. The instructions however leave a lot to the imagination
  17. Thanks for the info, will definitely think about it. Not sure about the 24 hour build though it takes me that long to stop scratching my chin and decide where to start
  18. Looking forward to following this build, I have the M1025 started but on hold as i have other projects that are a bit further on. Interested to know what colour scheme you are going for, I have a 1/35 Blackhawk and OH-60 little bird so am going for the Nato woodland camo scheme which i think was used during operation Gothic serpent in Somalia 1993. I think they will look good together. Also i have just switched from Tamiya paints from Vallejo and they are amazing, go down really thin and smooth when thinned with their X20a thinner. Glad to see you are back to the hobby, I don't think you can beat a few hours modelling to clear the head!
  19. Haha, no need to apologise, i don't need any excuse to get a new kit, I have finished the build on this kit so well over the 25% progress mark for the group build, i am just a bit slow putting the WIP up online. I am interested in doing a group build, do I just let you know my intention on the group build thread and what i want to build? and do i still have time to join?
  20. So the first night was taken up putting together the road wheels and main parts of the hull: I added the top wheels, not sure what they are called, and then thought this might be a bad idea when I start painting! Overall this kit is really well detailed and I am really impressed with the fit. It's my first dragon kit, I was going to get the Tamiya kit but I think this is turning out to be a better buy.
  21. Ok I guess I will start looking around for an M26/46 Patton then. I will need a lot of solutions and suggestions
  22. Don't know where to start really, never done a group build and wouldn't know how to get going with it. Also I'm not the best model builder so wouldn't want to be out of my depth!
  23. No I didn't know, I will have a look. Not sure how the group build thing works so will have to do some digging around. Thanks for the heads up though Dennis much appreciated and thanks for following.
  24. Hi all, I have never attempted an armour build before, have mainly concentrated on helicopters and sci-fi up to now so please go easy on me. I am quite a way into this build but will post the progress to now, will be quite picture heavy I imagine. Will hopefully post over a few days to show the stages. So here is the kit I am starting with: I am fascinated by the Vietnam war I guess it's because there was so much film footage. This kit doesn't have the IR search light so I ordered the Def.models turret detail kit as I think it looks way cooler with the light.
  25. I feel the same about the price I imagine the detail would be better on the AFV club kit but for under £15 for the Tamiya it's got to be worth a go. I couldn't see your pictures on the link (bloody Photobucket!) I will try to post a WIP up tonight of my M48 and link it. I have it on my Instagram but I'm not sure it's allowed by the mods to link or signpost to social media? If anyone knows please advise. I have never molded anything before so that would be a nervy first time thing too. If the resin doesn't work I will just put them in the forest knee deep in mud lol.
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