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  1. Tommygunn1972

    1:144 Custom U-Wing (and landing platform too)

    Cool, I was getting worried, there ain't many rebel ships fresh out of the showroom cant wait to see this finished now
  2. Tommygunn1972

    1:144 Custom U-Wing (and landing platform too)

    Looks great, is it going to get some weathering?
  3. Tommygunn1972

    1:144 Custom U-Wing (and landing platform too)

    Will be watching this with interest, it's a really great idea, i do love a bit of scratch building. Great work so far by the way!
  4. Tommygunn1972

    Hi all

    Hi, looking forward to seeing your projects
  5. Tommygunn1972

    Rogue one diorama

    Thanks Zac, It looked like it would be cool to do and i imagined it would be easy but when i thought of using the resin for the first time and sealing two £20 models into it, never to be removed again, it started to dawn on me that this could be an epic fail. However the great thing about posting a WIP on this forum is the advice and encouragement, it definitely eggs you on and there is some great advice out there. I hope to get a layer of clear coat on tonight when i finish work and then a second layer on tomorrow morning. If all dries OK i will look to pour the first lot of resin (which i have found a lot of fun tbf!) on Sunday! Well that's the plan anyway.
  6. Tommygunn1972

    Rogue one diorama

    This came in the post today so will be glossing the base at the weekend. The end is in sight
  7. Tommygunn1972

    Hello, tank nut here

    Welcome to the forum. I have just got into armour so looking forward to following your future builds
  8. Tommygunn1972

    Rogue one diorama

    Is it just me that thinks that the sci-fi section is probably the best place to be talking about freezing the future
  9. Tommygunn1972

    Rogue one diorama

    Thanks Mike, the first thing I did was read your Gauzy review and it seemed quite positive so I have ordered a bottle. I will most probably still reach for the Future for other projects but I think for this dio I just want to use something that has been used with resin before. I shouldn't need to sand it, it just needs to seal the paint in before I pour the resin on. The test piece definitely reacted with the paint so sealing it is the best thing to do I think. Thanks for the advice though, it's good to know the in's and out's of a bottle of something that will be lying around and will be used at some point in the future for other things.
  10. Tommygunn1972

    MPC ROTJ Millenium Falcon

    I have this kit half built and its been on the shelf for about 12 months. I bought it out of nostalgia as I had the kit as a kid too. Once I started building it I realised that it is a lot of work for something that is not too accurate when finished so I think it will probably stay half built and on the shelf. Having said that I will be watching this and may get inspired by what you do to get mine finished. Good luck!!
  11. Tommygunn1972

    Rogue one diorama

    Oh no, I store my future in my shed lol! I will get on the internet and have a search for the Gauzy, hopefully then i can get this project finished!
  12. Tommygunn1972

    DLT-19s or are they MG34s?

    I will be following this post, I have an E-11 blaster by Shepperton design studios but the DLT-19 is my favourite weapon from the films so I will definitely be watching this with interest and might take some inspiration and have a go myself! Its looking good so far by the way. Chris.
  13. Tommygunn1972

    Border breakdown

    Amazing, i have the Tamiya M113 kit, just about to start it and that is a mighty fine conversion, i wouldn't know where to start. Great work, really inspiring! Chris
  14. Tommygunn1972

    Rogue one diorama

    Hi Hunter, thanks that's really good advice, I hadn't really thought about the sides warping i will look at something thicker, i do intend to pour the resin in layers but would this show when viewed from the side? I have never had any luck cutting acrylic but will maybe give it one last try . Can you recommend a gloss varnish to use as I've always used future to gloss my finished kits. I have seen a Vallejo polyurethane varnish would that do the job? I did have in mind the gloss gel medium for the ripples as the stirring didn't give the effect i wanted. Your Diorama looks amazing by the way, i saw it posted when and thought it was great then, the ripple effect is what i am after with the surface of mine. I was going to make the water quite deep as in the reference but i like the idea now of the troopers foot leaving the water and creating a bit of turbulence with water dripping of his boot.
  15. Tommygunn1972

    Rogue one diorama

    I've just had a little Google around the web and I just read that you can use future as a mold release when casting with polyester resin . Is there anyone out there who can confirm this or advise on how to seal in the paint layers. I used Vallejo air paint and it was done months ago so I thought nothing would budge it. There is a definite colour to the resin test though maybe it's just the colour reflecting (think that's the right word) through the resin layer?