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  1. Good question! I'm not sure what it's supposed to be in the mind of the artist. In my mind, and for this build, I'm thinking of it as some sort of inspection vehicle. Maybe it could also tow smaller ships that have broken down? McQue calls it Platform 4, so what would a floating "platform" do? If anyone else has an idea feel free to share.
  2. If there was a prize you'd win! There are a few HG Z'Gok parts in this build. I spent some time this afternoon working on the engine and adding some detail to the engine compartment. Most of the engine will be hard to see once it's placed in the housing, so I tried to add things that would provide some visual interest when viewing it from the back. I'm interested to see what it all looks like with some primer. This is probably all I'll do with the engine compartment for now. I'll add some pipes from the upper deck and exhaust later. Here's the engine with some wires for visual interest. You can see some seam lines on some of the parts that I didn't bother to get rid of since they'll be hard to see once the engine is attached. I'm debating starting the upper deck, or the bottom structure next.
  3. Thank you. I'm having a lot of fun building it. I'm already thinking about my next scratch build once this one is finished. The next once might even have a few curves.
  4. It's been a couple of weeks since my last update. I've had some 1:1 home improvement projects that have taken most of my free time, but I've managed to push this build along a little. The "engine compartment" is coming along. I won't attached this to the main body until after it's painted. The side fins/flaps/who-knows-whats are attached. Each one is 11 pieces. Inside the engine compartment. There's still a lot of detail to add. And the engines. Started these last night and they need a lot more detail and depth added. The main parts are some sort of plumbing pvc parts with Gundam bits added on. More to come :)
  5. Thanks, I'm happy with it so far. I'm currently trying to figure out where I can something to use as the pilot's seat. If I can't find something for a reasonable price I may try to scratch build that as well. I got some decals in the mail today for some dials and instrument gauges so I can push forward with the upper deck as soon as I get the engine done.
  6. Here are a few small things I accomplished this week. Added the bolted on plate to the starboard side and "matching" kinked bars to both sides. They aren't an exact match, but they're close enough for me. Added round bits at the bottom front sides as attachment points for some fins. Added a "pull bar" to the front, more or less at deck level. I'd like to get this piece finished this weekend then start of the engine compartment and detailing. I'm assuming the engine is behind the number 4 in the rendering. The deck detailing will be after that, then the bottom bit with all the fins will be done last. That's the plan so far!
  7. I've got a very minor update this weekend. I wasn't able to accomplish much on the model this past week, but I managed to get some weld line decals from Archer applied. They went on easily, but they aren't cheap. I should probably try to master the stretched sprue and glue technique since the decals would break the bank on a larger project. I also applied some hex bolt heads, and added 1:35 freight car buffers to the lower front. The front plate you can see in the rendering will be attached to these buffers. I should have more free time this week and hope to get a lot more built out by next weekend.
  8. Hi everyone. Hope there's room for another Ian McQue inspired scratch build . I've loved his designs since the first time I saw them, and have all of his kits from Industria Mechanika that I'll eventually build. Since those are all 1:35 scale, I'm building this scratch to match. Check him out if you like his designs. Facebook Twitter Instagram This will be my first attempt at scratch building, so it'll probably be a slow build. Parts of the model will be more kit bash than scratch, mainly the engine and underside. These are the sketches I'm basing the build on. I mirrored one to use as the basis for the opposite side. I started off by building an L shaped box to use as the core of the design. Next, I added another layer to build out the basic shape a bit more. I'll be adding weld line decals from Archer where you see the pencil lines. Here, I've thickened up the top of the front fins, added a floor and round greeble, and cut a notch on the port side. If you notice some rough edges, those are intentional. His sketch looks like a vehicle that would have beat up edges. That's where I am today with the main body. I did spend a little time playing around with some parts to add to the deck, and came up with this "control box" that I'll add somewhere behind the pilot. The red part is from an old Koh-I-Noor drafting graphite container I found at work. I'm not sure what the numbers on the top will look like under primer and paint, but they should be slightly visible. I figure it can serve as an engine system model number. That'll be all I post until next weekend. I'm excited to keep going, but I'm away from home for a few days. Thanks for looking!
  9. I'm interested in this GB. Not sure if I'll do a sci-fi or movie/tv kit, but whatever I decide it will be in one of those categories.
  10. I spent a lot of time this past week researching this kit and the EBR. Most of the build logs and reviews I found were positive so I don't anticipate a lot of issues with this build. I did find a comment on another site that part C5, the large IR light cluster, is in the wrong position on the kit. It should be located at the rear left side and not the front right side as indicated in the instructions. I've decided to leave it as-is since I'm not 100% confident I could rebuild the raised rib detail and have it look decent. Since I'm using this kit to get back into scale modeling after a 2 decade break I don't want to go crazy with detailing just yet. So, today I managed to complete step 1 and ended up with these. It may not look like much, but it took 24 parts to end up with these 4 pieces. There was also a seam running down both sides of the springs which was a real joy to clean up, but they'll be visible once the kit is together so I did my best to get rid of it. I skipped putting the 4 center wheels together, also part of step 1, since I'm thinking about replacing them with some aftermarket parts. I also completed step 2 which involved drilling 6 small holes, then started step 3 by glueing the top and bottom halves together. And finally, I jumped ahead to step 9 and glued a few pieces of the turret together. That's all for today! I hope to have another small update later this week.
  11. One of my goals for 2018 is to build more models, so I'm planning to join a few group builds as a motivational tool. I stopped by the local hobby shop a few weeks ago and picked up this kit for my contribution. It has a "10" in the name so I'm hoping it's good. I may build it straight OOTB or I might add some aftermarket wheels and details (currently undecided). I'd also like to use this build to try new weathering techniques, and if I have time I'll build a display base for it.
  12. I guess that would apply to my Sea Hawk Mk.100 idea as well. I wasn't sure. Plus, it looks like there are at least 3 other GBs that I could join if I really want to build a Sea Hawk anyway. Since I haven't bought a kit yet I'm looking at other options and have a few in mind with a "ten" in the name.
  13. Great! Count me in then. I'm not sure what I'll build yet but I'm leaning toward the Trumpeter 1/48 Sea Hawk Mk.100.
  14. Hi. I have a general GB question, but depending on the answer I'm interested in joining if there's still space. So, is there a certain skill level that's expected for people joining in on GBs? I haven't built a model in 20 years, but I think joining some GBs will motivate me build my skills back up.
  15. Not sure how I missed your reply or I would have replied sooner. It's interesting that you mention "going off script". As I've been looking at WW2 kits over the last couple of weeks I find I'm really interested in "off script" subjects, as well as post WW2 subjects. I'm thinking about doing some Mexican and Colombian P-47s at some point.
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