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  1. HI Sprue , I did make a typing error in reference to the fuselarge roundel , it was a 35 inch "A" (red,white ,blue rings )roundel which had the 5 inch yellow ring added , check a photo of VY;R to see what i mean, Also if you cant find suitable decals you could always make a mask from the kabuki tape or postit notes,. Not hard and you could get the right thickness of the stroke. Years ago i did measurements of the code letters from various photos i have . There were slight difference in the dimensions though, but it appears that they were all generally 42-45 inches high with a stroke width of 6 inches. I hope this helps. All the best Tony
  2. Hi Sprue, Well I would like to add to this topic, with the decals you can also try 1/48 i think it is 30 inch that is close to the 1/72 size. Also in regard to the codes I believe 32's GZ was aft of the roundel on the Starboard side. In Troy's sequence above the photo of GZ Z landing, i have also seen another one taken in the same sequence of GZ C landing also with GZ aft . I have also seen ones lost in France June 1940 . these were GZ X , GZ N and GZ V all with GZ aft. Also a few tips when making the model , the fuselarge roundel was 35inch A1 with a 5 inch yellow ring added, not the usual 7inch. The colours were the Gloster lighter blue. Fin Flash had a full forward part - red. The spinner , rotol, was painted medium blue, and the rear view mirror was a car rear view mirror screwed to the inside of the canopy frame , not the external one. Dont forget the Blue Peter flag under the cockpit. I have verified all these details , as I knew Peter Brothers. I hope your model turns out well Tony
  3. This looks great you can add me to your list possibly 1/72 and 1/48
  4. Hi Jack, Just a quick reply , the sites I am using for research are just "The National Archive" , the RAF Operation Record Books and for the log books the RAF Museum holds a lot. Also whatever books I have in my collection. I have just been researching D. Bader and S/LT Gardner . Bader being a famous person his information is easily accessed. I haven't been looking for other pilots information. If you are after serials/ Code letters tie ups I have a few I can help you with if you are interested. Regarding the photo date I think maybe they were taken on the 25/ 9 or 26 /9 as the squadron didn't operate either day due to bad weather ???? Just another aside , while with 222 Sqn in June Bader regularly flew ZD-D which I think was P9443 so I presume he did make his aircraft it "D" after Douglas. Regards Tony
  5. Hi Jack, Well I had another quick look to answer your questions. Extract form D . Bader's Log book are available on line. I went through what I coul;d find. He only put the code letter in it no serials. So If you marry it up to the ORB you get an answer. According to his log book he was posted to 242 on 24/6 and flew in that day. He was first flying " D " the next day and was still flying it till he took over P3061. The serial was P3815. Re - his claims table above , he marked days when he shoot down aircraft with an asterix and made a comment . The ORB often made a comment as well. As per your table I checked the dates and found 2 discrepancies. 7/9/40 no mention of him shooting down an aircraft and it is not mentioned in his logbook. The 9/9/40 the table mentions he shot down 3 aircraft but according to his log book he only shot down 1 a do17 . Not sure where the others came from. Tony PS. just went through some combat reports. Bader did shoot down a me110 on 7/9/ 40 and apparently a he111 but P3061 was badly damaged . On the 9/9/40 he definetly only shot down one do-17 but was flying LE-S: P3090. Then it was LE- D : V7467. So that does make it only 6 kills in P3061
  6. HI Everyone Happy New year, I would just like to add my tuppence worth to this topis , This interests me too and I have been doing a bit of research. I have checked to 242 sqn ORB and Bader flew LE-D : P3061 from the start of July 1940 till 10th September 1940 when he then took over V7467 :LE D which he flew right through October 1940. Therefore it would have had the roundels under the wings as standard. I have been trying to find the date of the photos and came across the record of Sgt J Savill (he is sitting on the wing next to the cockpit) He was posted to 242 sqn on 21/9/1940 and then to 73 sqn on 10/10/1940. So these photos would have to been taken between those dates. Therefore I concluded that this aircraft is indeed LE-D : V7467 Tony
  7. Hi Just to throw a little aside into the mix. Great topic by the way , I love all the input. However just something that took my attention. On the photo of uf-a running up, between the spinner and the sword it looks to me to be a small S/Ldr pennant !!!!. Definitely not a gap or cooling slot. Such interesting aircraft in this squadron
  8. Hi Nigel, Yes they probably did know each other , I have heard that name mentioned before. When I was younger I heard lots of stories about those convoy escorts in the Atlantic, Indian Ocean , Cocos Islands and many of their ports of call. All very interesting. I don't recall many stories about minesweeping except a vague recollection that they did do some at Oran during the North African landings (Operation Torch). But she was definetly equipped for such with a big winch and paravanes down aft. Also a hedgehog thrower up forward. Being new at this I'm not sure how to attach info or photos, if I can find your email I might be able to attach some info if you haven't got much. Tony
  9. Hi Nigel, regarding the hull markings , you could use any suitable for aircraft , xtradecal (hannants) or fantasy printshop. You would have to measure the height required on the model but 1/72 scale would probably suffice. But remember there was one on the stern as well so you will need 3 of each. It carried white or black codes depending on the camoflarge scheme. Just one thing, you will need to buy the HMS Buttercup version to make HMS Violet as it had the minesweeping gear aft as well as higher depth charge rails and different stern plate which is all included in this particular kit My father served aboard her 1942-46 , and I built the 1/72 version for him. If you want any details I would be happy to assist. Tony
  10. Hi Just a bit of information requarding the first photo of a 501 sqn aircraft. Many moons ago I saw a video (shows how long ago it was) anyway I replayed it and it showed this particular aircraft taxing past the camera so I noted down the details. It had a mixture of markings. it has the L under the nose but the fuselarge codes read SD_A. The serial was definitely P2545 , it has a 35" fuselarge A1 , the SD code was 24"and square style and the A aft of the roundel was 30". the fin flash had 7" stripes. The rest of the details are as mentioned in the other comments. I hope this may be of interest
  11. Hi 85sqn and Grey Beema, Well from my research I conclude that P2884 LE+V was the one with the Nelson signal. The photo with the flags matches a B camoflarge scheme with the even serial, this aircraft seems to be his regular a/c as he flew it more often than any other. I don't mind if you model it, but here is a bit more info - in the photo it had a rotol (blunt) spinner and no boot kicking Hitler motif on the nose (I remember reading many moons ago that this wasn't applied until September 1940) I have checked photos of other Gloster aircraft with serials close to this aircraft and it appears that they all have a 49" fuselarge roundel and a fin flash with the full forward fin red so I presume this one will also. I am not sure about the flags on the Starboard side but it makes a point of interest. Re S/Lt Blake sorry I don't have much info on him. Spitfire R6991 might be a problem I can't find an a/c letter But it may not have had one!!. It was delivered to 19 Sqn on 12/9/1940 and was damaged in combat with me109's on 15/9/1940 then shipped of to be repaired and didn't return to the Sqn. Spitfire 2a P7423 QV+Y seems to have been his a/c in October 1940. But I will keep looking in case I find something.
  12. Hi Grey Beema IN reply to your question re S/Lt Gardner's Hurricane. I have been trying to track this down for years. Last year I got over to London and went to the PRO to go through the 242 Sqn ORB. From the time he joined the Squadron in July he flew various aircraft but it seemed his regular mount which he flew numerous times was LE+V P2884 this corresponds with the camoflarge pattern in the photo as well. Although he did fly LE+ T on a couple of occasions. So my model is going to depict LE+V Hope this helps a bit
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