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  1. Looks great. Only reservation is that it doesn’t seem to contain a canopy opening mechanism to facilitate an open canopy version ( which is my preferred way of building). Oh well, we still have the Wolfpack F-5E and F-5F to look forward to, —- or is this the Wolfpack kit?
  2. Whoopie!!!! Ordered mine direct from Kora. Will wonders never cease,
  3. I think they were silver/aluminum in color.
  4. Very ting parts. Very tiny instructions. I have a few but remain intimidated. Mainly an aircraft Modeller as well.
  5. Review also said it was a very tough build (if we are thinking of the same review AMW). Although I have one, and will probably get the new, I ebayed a Matchbox version. Life is too short.
  6. 87 numbers (ie 87242) usually mean full detailed kits, in contrast to 80 numbers (ie 80242) which are the Easy Model simplified kits. Here’s hoping - that Monogram kit is getting really long in the tooth I bought mine in 1969!
  7. Not surprised that they hung around at $55. The decal sheet, though large, was not particularly impressive from a print quality perspective. At $10 for two Academy T-6’s, and the decal as a bonus, it is a steal.
  8. Where did you get that 200 foot long picnic table? That surely is a real B-36. Amazing!!!
  9. Cut the nose off right at the face of it’s rear bulkhead, trim forward wing root fairing to fit — and their you have it!
  10. Just want to say, I have dealt with Mel Bromley and found him to be a helpful and upstanding guy. i particularly appreciate his initiative in getting us sorely needed kits that have been neglected by the “majors”. If S&M prices and clipped sprees are the price then I will gladly pay it. When I bought my T.11, I expected to get a T.11., and I got a T.11. Something wrong with that?
  11. True, but I expect the AMP kits to be more detailed. Wonder if this boxing will contain wheeled u/c parts. I’m sure I’ll find out when I open the box.
  12. Yes the Dc-4 is very nice. Even nicer were the Minicraft L-188 Electra, Lockheed Constellation and DC-6. No, I’m not talking about the crude kits of those aircraft the are currently in the Minicraft catalog but their absolutely gorgeous predecessors that never saw the light of day. I saw the test shots on the Minicraft stand at the only IPMS-UK Modelworld I have been privileged to attend. One of the last at Donington. Does anyone else remember them. Release was long delayed. When it finally came we got the crude kits we still have. As best I have been able to piece it together, Minicraft had a falling out with their Far Eastern toolmaker. Circumstantial evidence suggests it was Academy. Minicraft the sought another (not very good) toolmaker in China. The result is what we have now. the real mystery is, what ever became of those highly detailed and accurate tools. For years I have expected them to appear in an Academy box but that looks to be a vain hope. Minicraft was sold to a new owner a few years after that episode. I had an opportunity to discuss the matter with the new owner, while at an IPMS-USA convention a number of years later. Although, he had purchased the assets of the old Minicraft, he had never heard of the truly first class Electra, Constellation, And DC-6 tools. i suspect the the Minicraft/Academy break up was ugly and the three tools were collateral damage and somehow destroyed. Sort of like the man who was going through a difficult divorce and cut the family home in half with a chain saw (true story, I was the government official that the frantic spouse called for help). Does anyone else remember those test shots and can anyone else add anything to the story. We still need a good Electra.
  13. If you want a VNAF load out you could try one 750lb bomb on the centerline. They flew that way near the end. The US Congress had so choked off American assistance that it was all the had. Then they thought to halve the sorties by sending them out with two bombs. Fuel was never an issue since Saudi Arabia stood by them to the end. More than can be said for tha US. If I sound like a bitter Viet Nam vet, I am.
  14. My money is on Modelsvit on all three counts, but I expect the SH effort to be a good kit, as well, and a little easier to get together.
  15. Oops, pressed the wrong button above. Yes, it does seem strange that the Ju-88A-1 has not yet shown up at the big H. Seems like it has been at the Megastore for a month. Gave up on my Hannants preorder and ordered from a British e-bay seller. Has any one else noticed the rather significant drop in the rate of new items at Hannants. Future release announcements continue unabated and,as a result, my watching list has grown to 55 items from the more usual 20 or so. Wonder what’s going on, if anything?
  16. My bad, although I did try —- to remember. I actually have the He-114. Guess I was thinking of the long promised Do-23, and it seems there were others. Guess if one can’t retain all of the stash in the front of one’s mind then the stash is too big.
  17. Suspected that the exhaust fairings were smaller, but I didn’t know about air brakes. Mine are somewhere over the Atlantic, trailing my S.1 intakes and heading for the second.Airfix S.2 that I laid in for just this eventuality.
  18. It appears that BAT Project is a company whose business consists of announcing projects —— and nothing more. Can anyone remember anything they have actually released. I can’t. More’s the pity because some of those announcements have been very tasty indeed, ie, the instant DH-86.
  19. I use their own Mr Color thinner, both to thin and clean up. They also make a Mr Levelling Thinner but I haven’t found that to be necessary. The basic paint/thinner combination levels very nicely for me.
  20. No it doesn’t cologne at all. It also cleans up very easily, whrher in my airbrush or on a brush.
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