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  1. California should be easy but I bet not. I’m never getting to any of those other places. The best the US can offer is Peeru (Peru) Indiana and it’s neighbor Mylan (Milan).
  2. Then imagine me, a New Jersey kid try to buy a rail ticket to Loughborough at the Bedford rail station. Got one for Luckbro (I think). Did arrive safely at Donnington in the end.
  3. Isn’t that a fine kettle of fish. What’s going on Airfix. Just secured mine for a reasonable price and very high shipping cost (on eBay). Can’t wait any longer. Like the Buccaneer, this one will be started the minute it hits the bench, w hat’s the use of tooling a much wanted kit and then not having it for sale. ONLY AIRFIX KNOWS !!!!!!
  4. Wonderful. I’ll believe it when I see it. Mars Models seem to have extraordinarily long gestation periods. Still good news —— some day.
  5. Maybe we should re-title the thread as “Impossible Airfix Lincoln”. Wish it wasn’t so but I fear it is.
  6. This has happened before. The, at the time, much anticipated and much delayed Swift showed up in my LHS in New Jersey when it wasn’t available anywhere else in the world. Do they do this to torture us?
  7. The lack of an intake right under the propeller spinner. Compare it to other engine cowl views in the CADs. Also, the small conical radome and extended wing tips are pretty unique to the mkXV. The mkXV had single stage Merlins.
  8. Glad to see the Centurion Mk 1 is still there. I think the original was brought to production more quickly than Dragon’s effort. Maybe this year —- hope springs eternal!
  9. Has anyone else noticed that the Platz T-33 could be an F-80 by switching out one sprue aaaannd that sprue A in the kit is labeled T-33 while the other three are labeled T-33/F-80. Come on Platz. Where is it?
  10. Yes, but will they beat Airfix into the shops. Come on guys, where is it?
  11. Try applying them over a good coat of Future. It always works for me. Admission: I haven’t tried it with Hobby 2000 masks but it has worked with other masks that posed similar problems to those you experienced with Hobby 2000.
  12. Superscale was the result of some sort of breakup of the Microscale team. One moved to Nevada due to strong environmental regulation in California. Neither was a component of the Squadron operation. Microscale is still a going concern, printing for others (including Xtradecal) and selling their own line on the internet, especially reprints of long gone early issues. Lately, Superscale did seem to be an in house brand at Squadron, very few issues.
  13. What I saw on Modelwarships was a couple of monthly release sheets, Jan & Feb, 2021, not a 2021 catalog.
  14. The darker one looks like an attempt at dark gull gray. The lighter one could use some white IMHP.
  15. Also a Squadron customer since the beginning. I mean really the beginning —- when the were a retail hobby shop in Detroit. Drove there fron South Bend, Indiana where I was a college student. My new bride came with me. Took all day. Discovered and acquired much of the early Heller Musee series. I was so excited that I neglected to even buy her dinner on the way home. She forgave but 56 years later she still reminds me occasionally. Last time she accompanied me to a hobby shop.. Probably just as well. Later Squadron had a nationwide retail component. I haunted the shops in Philadelphia and Washington, DC. Worked near Philly and travelled to DC often for business. Every trip included a stop at Squadron. You could find such goodies as DB resins there. I still have several Canberra conversions I plan to use with Mel’s B.2 kits. Philly closed in 1976 and DC around 2004. Trips to DC were never the same. Squadron was clearly in trouble. Their daily new product announcements once rivaled Hannants. That was a long time ago. Recently they had very little. Even being a the original US importer of Trumpeter and Hobby Boss, they were no longer a reliable stocker. About the only thing you could count on them for was ICM. After a lifetime of monthly (or more frequent) orders, I don’t think I’ve been there for two years. The problems were clearly financial. Went through more than one ownership change and each seemed to be a step down. Times are bad for the LHS but have never been better for mail order suppliers. Don’t think this is an omen for the industry or the hobby. As my Army First Sergeant used to say —- “sounds like a personal problem, soldier.
  16. I built the Cyberhobby version. It was a very nice kit that bore a strong resemblance to a Sea Vixen. For better shape wise than the old Frog kit which I also built (twice, as a Mk 1 and a Mk 2). True, the cockpit is pure fiction. A problem nicely solved by the Pavla set. The radome shape also needs some work but Aires solved that for us. With those two adjustments the kit yields a very nice Sea Vixen IMHO. Cyberhobby kits never were cheap.
  17. But there might be room in the fuselage area just above where there was room for a rotating weapons bay on F-101B. Does seem like a lot of trouble to fit a B bay to a C. Maybe it was an aerodynamic test vehicle and the 40,000 ft thing would have used a B fuselage. Pure guesswork.
  18. I can get it from Germany and I can get it from Italy but I can’t get it from Britain. What’s going on Airfix?
  19. You win. I’ve got 3 stalled Fujimi Tomcats from 1988. Ready for decals. Every time I contemplate restarting I think about how many SF-260’s and Fokker S-11’s I could put in the same display case space and I back off again.
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