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  1. 1 hour ago, stevehnz said:

    Just need to find some TEAL decals & I'm all attention. :)

    I know that OldModels do them but I'm guessing they're sized for the not very accurate Minicraft one, they might have to do though. :unsure:


    I feel your pain. I have a nice selection of Liveries Unlimited Electra decals also sized for the woebegone Minicraft example. I think most of the problem was around the nose. Hoping to be able to adapt them because they are really nic decals.

  2. 3 hours ago, neilh said:

    I got my kit last nightAt worst I aim to copy the ideas of Bjorn and Jon and sand to a better shape, but I was wondering at which point does the trainer fuselage widen to accommodate the extra seat?  I was wondering if the front of the tub from the PR kit would slot into the rear fuselage of the excellent Alley Cat kit. Another option could be to cut the cockpit out of the Airfix upper and lower fuselage halves and insert the PR pod. Drastic and possibly expensive but a thought.

    I too was thinking about trying to add the PR two seat front to the Airfix nacelle/wing (using the PR booms and tail, of course). Got stuck because it seems that the widened two seat pod extends further back than the wing root intakes. That means that the intake geometry of the two seater must be different from that of the single seater but I can’t locate any good reference on that difference. Anybody know anything about this area of the two seater?

  3. Ordered direct from LF on Mar 29. Arrived today in Pennsylvania USA, Apr 9. That’s really good service. Initial examination of parts suggests that the pictures don’t lie. A beautiful kit on the sprues, by far LF’s best. Can’t wait to get started. Sadly, three Bf-109E, a Bf-109G-10, a Ju-88A-1, a Gee Bee, an AMX, a M-346, an F-84F and four 1/700 ships are clogging up the pipeline. Really do need to control my urge to start kits while others are underway. At lest they are all to the decal stage so there is hope for my long dreamed of Wasp.

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  4. Actually not. A few years ago I made a DB-7 from an early stepped nose A-20 and parts from the Hi Planes DB-7 ( engines, nacelles, fin, etc ).

    imagine my surprise when I went to mask the nose transparency , using some plans and found that the early A-20 stepped nose glazing and the BB-7 glazing were not the same. All ended well but I had to sand all the framing off the A-20 nose, Polish and and then mask a proper BB-7 glazing. Fortunately the overall BB-7 glazed areas were slightly smaller than that of the early A-20. Otherwise disaster.

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  5. 4 hours ago, Red Dot said:

    I agree that the comments are from people with Vampire knowledge far greater than mine and that their photos or comparisons back them up.


    I am not saying they are wrong, but I find it odd that a company with a hitherto good reputation could make such large easily spotted errors, hence my previous comments. Please read them in that context.


    I too am dissappointed as I wanted something better than the CA Vampire in my collection.


    I'll wait and see, then judge it once the experts have actually seen the plastic.



    Amen, and thanks for your comment. I guess one tries irony at ones peril.

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  6. 7 hours ago, Phantome said:


    I think in general the US has some iffy supply of paints all the more considering all of them are imported now, a few years ago it was nearly impossible to find Mr Hobby over there, now they're in good supply.

    The Mr Hobby thing was about safety labeling issues, same applied to Tamiya Sprays. Both were lacquer based. Both companies water based acrylics were not an issue.

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  7. 14 hours ago, Phantome said:


    What sources have said that AK is being withdrawn? I see it in stock pretty much everywhere.


    I'm quite a big fan of them and they now account for the bulk of my color collection. There are some stinkers (stay away from their WW2 Luftwaffe stuff) but their RAF colors are for the most part excellent and far better than the new Gunze Mr Hobby formulas which are a massive disappointment in my book. Their modern USAF colors are also spot on and they probably have the most accurate Dark/Light Ghost Greys I've seen since the now discontinued Model Master. Also huge selection of modern RAL colors which is a rarity in most paint brands. Their Olive Drab 41 is also amazing, the best I've seen since the old Gunze H78, also sadly brutalized in their new formula (new H52 is closer though).


    I purchased mostly RAF colors and found them to be very good matches also. Haven’t looked into Luftwaffe since I am Very happy with Gunze Mr Color shades. Can’t remember where I saw that they had been withdrawn but upon hearing that I checked two major US hobby suppliers. Most colors “out of stock” at both locations.


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