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  1. At first I was quite let down by the lack of new 1/72 kits in the program of the company that invented the modern 1/72 hobby.

    Thought that this F-35 was a horrible waste. Then I built last years Gloster Meteor. What a drudge to get together. Overly tight tolerances (it took needle nose pliers to get the hubs into the tires) and cockpit alignment was a nightmare that threw many joints exterior out of whack. You simply can not glue the tub to one side of the fuselage due to the forest of little alignment ridges. Next time I will leave it loose until every thing clicks into place. Still don’t know why one end of one of the wing spars would not seat where it belonged. After much small area filling (accomplished with Gunze Mr Color lacquer white paint), I made a job of it but what a frustrating experience. Bear in mind, I an a modeller of 60 years experience with my share of trophies.


    Back to the F-35. If Airfix has a line that emphasizes buildability, that is a very good thing. Reviewing renders and photos earlier in this thread (along with that Meteor) has convinced that, although I am no junior, this kit might be fun. Pre-ordered mine from the big H this morning. Here’s hoping.

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  2. 2 hours ago, ho590hm said:

    Producer accepts Paypal direct to vitaly.yastrub@gmail.com after placing your order on the website so that you have an order number to quote.

    Someone on airlinercafe.com has validated this.

    I sent my order this evening and got an immediate response of shipping tomorrow at a price of $36 plus $10 shipping.  Cheaper than EE price AFAIK

    Will let you know if any glitches.



    Thanks so much, Heard the same from Vitaly by PM. Will do that. Looks like great kit. Hoping an Electra will follow.

  3. 14 minutes ago, k5054nz said:

    This feels like a real "get it NOW because the price will skyrocket if you find one on the aftermarket" deal. Seriously tempted to snag one - looks to be light years ahead of the NKR kit!

    Already yielded to temptation. Been in love with the shape of this design ever since first I saw it 60+ years ago in William Green’s pocket sized “Fighters of WWII”.  CAC was then engaged in it’s first major production program, the Wirraway, and I think the Woomera was more than just influenced by North American. Actual components were used.

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  4. I have one of their kits. They are very nice resin 3D print. The only issue is that windows are vac-form and precisely the size of the opening. Virtually impossible to install neatly, at least with my skill level. Nice decals, also. I’d get every one if they could solve the canopy/window problem. Possibilities are clear resin or a large vacform “roof”, incorporating windscreen and windows combined, with some clear overage to allow clean-up and fairing in since you can’t sand and polish vacform. Seems like vacform is more practical since it is a technology they already employ. Clear resin casting is a bit of a black art and the masters can’t be printed, if Fox One’s hopeless efforts are any guide.

  5. 44 minutes ago, MiG-Mech said:

    1/144 was released two years ago.

    But I read, it's a A-model 'copy' and it fits not that good.

    I believe it was an Eastern Express kit. Still have in the stash. Eastern Express is a Russian company that (at least according to another since suppressed thread had it’s molds made in Ukraine). Understandably hard to come by now although Chinese ebay sellers are still a possibility.

  6. 30 minutes ago, 71chally said:

    Just in case there's any doubt, this FR.9 kit contains the nose cone and bits to make an F.8, so if you can get it it's the best boxing you can get, especially with the weapons.

    Aftermarket decals should cover many options.


    @Dave Fleming I forgot that RAF Meteors weren't rocket armed, seems odd given that ground attack was the aircrafts' strong point.


    @Trenton guy, now I feel bad! Personally great for me as I have loads of Flying Hours, until last week I didn't even know what they are!

    Once you join you can buy more FR.9s for £15 if I understand it correctly.


    Don’t. I knew what I was getting into. Hope to have more luck with fit than I did with the F8 by not glueing the cockpit to either fuselage side until everything clicks in. Last time I glued it to one side, leading to much mis-alignment, gaps, and extensive applications of my favorite small gap filler, Gunze Model Color flat white. Sorted in the end but less fun than it should have been.


  7. 19 hours ago, 71chally said:

    Mine arrived yesterday, well pleased with it and the whole club thing.


    FR.9s were rocket capable obviously, but has anyone ever seen pictures/references of RAF machines so armed?

    OK, I’m convinced. Joined the club and ordered the red box since that seems to be the only way to get the FR9 (it was absent from this years list of new releases). Not so sure about the club thing. Club membership, red box price, and. Hornby’s legendary overseas shipping cost made it a $75 kit.


    of course, I won’t be getting it anytime soon because of the hacked Royal Mail’s inability to dispatch export packages. Maybe the FR9 will be in 2024 program before the Royal Mail unhacks itself. Once again modelling desire trumps economic good sense. Not the first time for me, but I shall have an FR9 !!!!

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  8. 6 hours ago, Johnson said:

    I know that Mel sadly passed away a few years ago. But did the S&M Percival Provost ever get released?


    From the above it sounds as if some pre-production kits were around, but not widely. I can't find much trace of it on the web.


    If it didn't, it's a shame, as it sounded very good.

    Yes, they were on full release. They were a partnership with A Model and very nice as you say. I have two of what I believe were three boxings.


    72-31 which had two RAF silver era examples, one with yellow and the other dayglow. Also, a mostly red private example.

    72-33 which had markings for Sudan, Oman, Malaysia, and Burma.


    The decals were clearly A Model productions. Perhaps A Model will be able release them again at some point in future. They were surely molded in Ukraine. That has already happened with Mel’s Canberras.

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  9. On 1/2/2023 at 1:12 AM, e8n2 said:

    The F9F-5 was the Panther and it had straight wings.  The Cougars were all swept wing aircraft. 



    I was trying to say a build of 5 (five) Cougars, not a build of a -5 Cougar. You are correct that there is no such thing.

  10. 2 hours ago, Homebee said:

    That’s a real bummer. Great kit available only to club members. People like me  can’t join. I can understand trying to incentivize membership but I can’t understand not letting some people join. A heavy penalty for the Declaration of Independence but, on balance I’m still glad we dumped old King George III. C’mon Airfix.

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  11. Been thinking about a T-37 for a long time. Spent enough time researching shapes to have built a couple. Finally concluded that you can make one from an Academy A-37. Mostly involves leaving parts off (thank you Academy for a thoughtful parts breakdown). The real challenge comes with the engine bays. Those on the A-37 were bigger than on the T-37 due to larger engines. But where? Seemingly endless gazing at photos has convinced me that the bulge is on the lower side. Upper side contours seem unchanged. I think the Academy plastic will allow for for quite a bit of reduction on the lower side. Of Course splitter plates are required on the T-37. My candidates come from the Hasegawa F8F-8 Cougar. They are just about the right size and they were not used on all Cougars. I have a selection left over from a 5 Cougar build.


    That’s my plan and I’m sticking to it! Any wisdom or corrections welcome.


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