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  1. Well, it's not progressed much, the falcon got primed and had some aftermarket resin parts fettled and dry fitted. As for the trench itself, I've sourced some tiles, so 6"x6" resin tiles and some 4"x4" plaster tiles from eBay about to years ago, not to mention all the regular tiles from all the other kits I've assembled since this original post. I don't think that vacforming would get the level of detail necessary I'd like, but if do go down the tile replication route it would probably be silicon and plaster. I've rather entered the modeller malaise, lots of stuff started only to be shelved until another bright shiny thing comes along. There's what's left of my model railway stored in the garage, the kit stash, the ham radio gear and all the electronics odds and sods. Another decade or two and then I can retire and have time to do it all....... yeah I don't believe me either.
  2. hi Guys, just about to start in on Trump[eters 1/48 scale C-47, got the QuickBoost Engine Cowls, Mastercasters Fabric Rudder and the Eduard interior packs to go with it. The BBMF colour scheme I've chosen from the Xtradecal set is for ZA947 decked out as KG374 YS-DM, as it flew out of Down Ampney, not too far away from where I am. As I want to model it on the ground with jump/cargo doors open, I've got a bit of an obscure question to ask of you, what colour is the area under the seats painted? The one picture I've found shows me that it's a sort of bluey grey(looks almost underside blue maybe), but the lighting isn't great (yellow tinged work lights and all that interior green) so my take on the colour palette may be way off? cheers Andy. (I've not done aircraft of this size before, I normally do 1/35 armour, 1/144 scale military or Space/SciFi)
  3. andygif290368

    Famo tilt/cover

    tissue paper is ok but it can tear when being manipulated, on one of the model railway groups I used to go to they used dried out wet wipes/dryer sheets/polish sheets
  4. it's the c1 silver sprue and the blue sprue. http://www.dalong.net/review/etc/sw07/sw07_i.htm
  5. have you got access to a cat? a discarded whisker makes a good whip antenna! I don't suggest harvesting them directly from the source as the moggie may take offence and indulge in some sort of feline revenge.....
  6. Should be an interesting end to August for my Ban Dai Star Wars collection, I've got the Han and Luke Storm Troopers due as well as the Death Star Trench run set.
  7. I'm sure Clint Eastwood stole that from the Ruskies in the 80's
  8. Hunting around for the B-wing release date I came across this little thing, ok I'm not interested in the 1:144 X-wing more the Death Star tile pieces. http://bandai-hobby.net/sw/jp/products/death_star_attack_set.html
  9. I'm still trying to fathom why Round2 are not selling the standard passenger and the cargo pods as standalone add-on kits and for that matter why they don't sell a naked Eagle.
  10. stick it in the freezer, the cyano should go brittle and then be snappable.
  11. Is this the same 3 legged kit that has both large landing gear doors the same even though they should be handed? If it is then I'm surprised they fit even that well.
  12. i will stick my neck out and say flat horizontal plates probably didn't have zimmerit, as it was supposed to prevent magnetic mines from sticking to the metal plate, if you've got the mine on to a flat horizontal bit gravity is in your favour.
  13. Yes, there is a big hole in market for Brit cold war period stuff other than tanks, need soldiers and soft skins. Be nice see an Austin K series truck too, that's all that seems to appear in my Dad's REME National Serice pics from his time in Germany.
  14. Get some pe mesh and bag of model railway ballast and make your own?
  15. I'm going to say of the kits I've built so far the ones I've enjoyed the most are the various trooper figures. The one I would not recommend to start with is the Y-wing, all those small pipe parts, what a nightmare to get in. Be prepared for breakages.
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