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  1. Question: This kit contains one targeting POD. Is this POD the same as the one used on Rafales? It will be nice to use it for the Revell Rafale kit. The pod in that kit is not correct compared with the real thing today.
  2. Hello, This kit sits finished for some time now, but I finally have some time to share it with You guys. This is very nice kit from HobbyBoss, but with some shape issues. Cowling requires some sanding to make it more similar to the real thing. I've replaced wheels with those from True details. Eduard zoom adds some details in the cockpit. Fit of this kit is pretty good except wing to fuselage joint. Some filling and sanding is required there. Wings have some shape issues too. Intakes are too close to body. I've put thin styrene, and that makes general appearance somewhat better... But the problem still exist, and some major surgery is required to solve that problem. I decided to leave it as it is. Looks like a Bearcat, that's good enough for me. WIP thread: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234980587-148-hobbyboss-f8f-bearcat/?hl=bearcat Enjoy
  3. Thank You guys, New update: Painting is over, but I'll have to put some dirt around the exhaust area. It's too clean compared with the rest of the surface(s). Wheels are on the place, but I'll have to put some matt varnish on them. Propeller almost done. Maybe some weathering here and there Bombs and fuel tank almost done Grass is on the place. I sprayed nice filter to match base with weathering colors on the plane. Only these rockets left... Does anybody knows the exact model and which colors are correct to paint them. Thanks.
  4. Working on a base for this one... Eduard PSP plates base. Needs a lot of work for a decent look. This is almost it... just some grass here and there
  5. Hello everyone. This is my new project - HobbyBoss Bearcat. In general, this is pretty decent kit, especially if compared with other options in Testors or Hobbycraft kits. Kit has crisp engraved panel lines and rivets here and there. Overall details are more than You will expect, although engine is little rudimental. I've put some details on it and it looks just fine. For cockpit I've used Eduard zoom set for Hobbycraft. It needs some surgery to fit properly, but that is not a big issue. There are few problems. The engine cowling has some minor shape issues. This curve at the front needs to be a lot smoother, so some sanding is required. It won't be 100%, but it will looks nicer and much closer to the real thing. Next problem are wheels. They are to simple. So I've changed them with True details set. The problem is a bigger diameter so sanding is required (again) on wheel struts and/or wheels. The last issue and the biggest problem are wings. There are more than few problems with them + bad fit with fuselage. Intakes are too close to the fuselage, and wings looks maybe too short. I will have to live with this. I've inserted piece of styrene plate between fuselage and wings... that way You can have extra 1/2mm or so... it is something at least. The fit was bad anyway... And there we are: First step... A color... few shades darker than what I want at the end. Next... few color shades and weathering made with AK interactive washes/pigments. I've spent 2 weeks making weathering... And It's not finished yet. I'm pretty satisfied with current situation. Upper side is at 90%... Underside still needs some work... Decals are good... very thin and nice, but some are just a little out of register... Wheel bay with some scratch build details New update soon...
  6. Another great little kit from Tamiya. I've used Voyager PE set which contains all the little details that are not on the kit...
  7. Very nice Tamiya kit... one of those "shake and bake" models. The only thing that looks strange is this something that should represent tarpaulin... So I decided not to use it. and few in progress pics.
  8. This is one of the worst kits I have ever done. Nothing fits together nicely. I complicated it even more with CMK resin sets for engine and interior. Those are nice sets, but still incorrect and some major surgery is required to fit them into the kit parts. I am relatively happy with the final result, but there are many things that could be improved. Enjoy You can find WIP here: http://s362974870.onlinehome.us/forums/air/index.php?showtopic=259932
  9. This P-36 is the new Academy re-release of the relatively old Hobbycraft kit. This kit has pretty good moulding and recessed panel lines, but it is pretty rudimental in cockpit and engine/engine cowling area. The plastic is molded in light grey with nice and clear transparent parts. The overall fit of the kit is good considering that this is pretty old mould. Some filler is required here and there. I was very surprised with good fit of wing/fuselage parts. The worst part of the kit is engine/engine cowling/armament area. Details are very bad and some surgery is required to match the references I could find. Engine is easy available - just take a look what Quickboost has to offer, but cowling and armament bulges has to be modified. I added some wires to the engine. Looks good enough for me. I decided to cover most of the cockpit area with pilot figure so I’ve used Eduard zoom set which is great because it contains some crucial exterior parts. Clear parts are tricky to install. They have to be glued with “non fogging” glue. I had Eduard masks, but they are incorrect for these parts. Markings are the main reason why I’ve decided to build this model. I was always fascinated with the story about Phil Rasmussen and attack on Pearl Harbour. When I saw this boxart, I knew this would be my next build. Decals in this box are from Cartograf, and that means that they are great. Colors used are ALCLAD II Figures are from the various Hasegawa sets - heavily modified. I tried to make a scene when Phil is enetering this plane in his pajama, and ground crew is looking for cover after they prepared his plane for the flight. Enjoy
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