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  1. OK, this time something different. 1/144 Dragon A-6E with Retro Wings cockpit set and PaulusVictor decals. This kit is a nasty dog. In the box - it looks like 3.6 ...not great, not terrible. Unfortunately it is more terrible than great when you start it. Fit is very bad, and there is a lot of details missing. I tried to add some that are really visible. The most important is small hump behind the canopy... Some small intakes too. There is a lot of sink marks in the plastic, and many missing panel lines that needs to be rescribed. I will try to make decent wing fold. I used Tamiya Epoxy Putty for all these stuff so far. I made FOD covers because the intakes have wrong shape, and I will scratch pilot steps to make things more interesting. For now - I have two coats of primer and some polishing done - but there are still some surface imperfections... There will be more to show soon I hope. This A-6 is TRAM Intruder, but with old type metal wings and late type air brakes - real Frankenstein
  2. These flare dispensers are in fact modules. They come in different calibre of cartriges. They are the same for MiG-23 versions, and Su-22. But 23's can carry 2 of these modules, while Su-22 carries 3. Here you can see that some modules were painted in MiG-23 colors - obviously taken from another planes.
  3. Yup, thanks... I saw those few moments after they appear :)... Was happy like a little child
  4. Very nice new Tamiya kit. I am not really fan of the heavy armor, but this is very nice kit with great fit and details, so I had to build it. The only think I did not like is a turret basket with only basic construction. I made this mesh from curtain material - tulle like. Similar one is used for headlights mesh. Headlights are made from nail gems. All these stuff is available for few cents on ebay. Looks great, and its easy to work with. There are also few missing turret handles - I made those from the fine wire. Periscopes were made from decorative thin foil
  5. Hello, I have Airfix Merlin HC.3 kit, and my plan is to buy big engine set from BlackDog. The problem I have... I just can not find any good reference photos. Here is the set. So the photos of these areas would be great.
  6. crappy one from Seattle https://www.flickr.com/photos/12276006@N07/8653556483/ 1995 MAKS https://www.flickr.com/photos/hayling_billy/31046908327/ So we know that "My other car is a jet" was still on for at least FIVE YEARS. What kind of glue was that lol.
  7. This is what I've got: https://www.15min.lt/mokslasit/straipsnis/kosmosas/kosmonautas-rimantas-stankevicius-pavojingi-virazai-tarp-zemes-ir-dangaus-tarp-lietuvos-ir-maskvos-651-766970?fbclid=IwAR3QRtNb8EK1A8us8prucVZ0S1RzmzhOlf8pk8UNoLkNaJ3bJRfls2UC6Gw#_ Check - there is one good picture from the USA - no patches https://www.facebook.com/mick.flynn/photos?lst=755632849%3A1314680446%3A1555251214 Now check this gallery - scroll scroll... photos from the air show - no patches. key photo that I found to identify the first patch (few YEARS after Seattle) https://www.flickr.com/photos/emdjt42/3295106049/sizes/l/
  8. Hi... Begemot guys were my starting point... :). They have no clue. Thank You guys. I found few photos from that Air Show in Italy - unfortunately, they are all from the wrong side.
  9. Unfortunately no. I have photos when they came to USA, and many more from the US on various locations. They were clean almost until the very end. These two photos above are the only one I found with visible marking.
  10. Thanks. Let me know if You find out something.
  11. Hello guys, I am in the middle of one small research, and I would like Your help to identify something if possible. https://nara.getarchive.net/media/an-f-16a-fighting-falcon-aircraft-from-the-186th-fighter-interceptor-squadron-ba4d95?fbclid=IwAR3jk26BCM6PHuFNm7D1D_x2T3lfIW6z6D7jWlptBQe-eaAmEmrlqBguKrM Back in summer of 1990, there were two Su-27 Flankers in Seattle. It was the end of the cold war, and It was peaceful tour. Both planes were not the Air force Flankers, but Russian Space program unarmed versions. So here comes the question: When Flankers went home from the US they had two stickers - "zaps". I identified one after a lot of research. But there is another one, and I am without hope Identified decal/sticker/zap is something like funny US ANG bumper sticker... Those two stickers are lost and forgotten small part of the history. Everybody knows that famous photo with Su-27 and Montana ANG F-16A, but nobody noticed those two stickers. I've managed to identify that ANG bumper sticker because it was on that plane for several years - including few Air shows in Russia. But that round one is removed very early. It could be anything - local US AF unit, maintenance shop, sport club, city barber... who knows. It looks like something grayish/blueish with white area down left and something yellow/red up there. Apparently, SU-27 got 'zapped' by the guys with the Shackelton who were also visiting, so it could be something RAF related too. I have some photos from the Air show, but it looks like they received those stickers after the main show event or just hours before they left the scene. The question is: what is that round sticker on the intake?
  12. Another question: How about Ta-152C and Ta-152H? Are those the same canopies?
  13. I agree... it could be... and its a little bit too thin behind the cockpit.
  14. This is Gavia kit in Eduard profipack box. Its not really top quality kit, but its not that bad. Much better than average short run kits and the best La-7 that money can buy. The worst part is where the wings join the fuselage. Some nice amount of putty is required... and a lot of patience. The big problem is - compared with the available photos, eduard decals are wrong for any soviet La-7. Stars and numbers are wrong. So I've used some from my friends spare box. I've used Akan paints for the first time... They are not that bad, but just cant compare them with much better Gunze. Best thing here is EZ line that I've used for antenna. EZ line is really an amazing thing to work with. This airplane is in fact one of the La-7 apparently used by Stallins son. This diorama shows special political background check of the mechanic that will make repairs on Stalin jr. airplane.
  15. Hello. I have one simple question: Does Ta-152H and late Fw-190s have the same canopy? Does anybody have Dragon kits Ta-152H and Fw-190D11/12 to compare please... Thank You.
  16. Hello, here is my last finished project. Tamiya Jeep in 1/48. Its a nice little kit. Tamiya sell it in the nice set with soldiers "US army at rest. The reason is probably copyright issues with the Jeep name. Ive added some details from the Hauler set. Enjoy
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