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  1. Cheers gents. Think I spent maybe 8 weeks on it. Doing little bits here and there, so not at any great pace.
  2. Hi thought id share my first 1/350 ship build. I usually do armour or planes and have done a 1/144 sub before. Pretty much a OOB build but have replaced the barrels with turned brass. Awaiting some EZline to do the rigging and decals need to go on. Painted using Ak interactive german ship colours and weathered with a variety of AK and MIG enamels. Any tips or criticism welcome. Cheers Matt
  3. I was at 1AR and I never saw or heard of a 113 with dozer.
  4. Finished my Beaufighter, hope you like it.
  5. Almost there, just waiting on some MIG wash in the mail. Happy Easter to all.
  6. Got alot of work done laterly on my build. Masks finally arrived in the mail. Not 100% happy with tue vallejo middlestone colour, but its done now.
  7. Hi Tony, Thanks for the heads up. Being my second only model after a 13 year break from scale models im happy to just to build OOB. As long as it looks nice on the display shelf all is well. Cheers
  8. Thanks! Yep just OOB will start doing after market once I build up some skill. Plan on doing the Malta scheme in the Dark earth and sand camo.
  9. Stunning bit of work, definitely looks better without the track on the glacie.
  10. Hi Just getting back into scale modelling, have been doing wargaming figure for a while. I've had this beauty sitting in my cupboard for a while and finally its getting some love.
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