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  1. Those all look rather splendid Martian. Will we be treated to a peek tonight? Terry
  2. Well for a small fortune, there are a couple of Classic Airframes examples for sale on evil bay, around £170 each plus postage, when I checked this morning! We should all keep our fingers crossed that Airfix might come up with a nice new tool in 1/48, after all they did give us new tool Vampire and Sabre in that scale, and before that the Hunter and Meteor. Love the work on your Sea Venom Chris, and the Moth. Terry
  3. Neat little wing skids Bill, very neat. I love those articles in the blog @Tailspin Turtle links for us, and within that one, I was taken by one of the pictures onto this one actually: http://thanlont.blogspot.com/2011/04/bell-l-39-wing-sweep-evaluation.html I wondered how easy it would be to convert a P-39 to that swept wing P-63. That would look cool/strange/neat/ugly (delete as applicable)! Can't speak from experience at that time of year, but geographically (slap bang against the Atlantic) and climatically (slap bang against the Atlantic), and in November, you may not see it at it's best, but I have experienced it in summer when I found it absolutely beautiful. I am sure Tony @TheBaron could advise on that however. And don't forget, if you are over and spend any time in the rest of the UK, there is a small hostel down here in Dorset that can accomodate! Terry PS with hindsight, and recalling when I made a P-39 about 45 years ago and how it wanted to tail sit, those swept wings would require some serious nose weight to be applied!
  4. Thanks Steve, good advice.... One of my (numerous) sons lives in Canada (at the moment), and has recently travelled through New Brunswick and Nova Scotia with his partner, in their search for a place to settle. Picked the wrong time of year I suspect, as they subsequently have now headed way west, and ended up in Calgary which they quite like, so they plan to stay for a bit whilst they both accumulate more funds (he does 3D modelling for the film industry) to ultimately decide where they want to settle. Latest idea seems to be back to Europe, possibly France, wel his partner is French and I suspect she is leading the decision making process! With his skills "in the family" you'd think I'd be racing for a 3D printer (in the blood surely) but logistical practicalities are delaying things for me on that front at present..... Anyway, enjoy your trip. My limited experience of Canada so far is that it's a great place! If you ever get the chance to explore the shores of Lake Huron I'd recommend that too. The Hawks do seem to be colour ready indeed. Looking forward to that bit! T
  5. Great update Giorgio, on all fronts! Looks like a great day was had by the intrepid team of BMers, and Jim must have been very pleased with such excellent models. Shower construction looks up to your usual high standard, lawn looks very tidy and I'm sure the pool is better for a clean. Mrs G no doubt pleased on those scores! Oh look, we got some modelling too, with some nicely painted wheel wells! Wise man not to push ahead with metallics though at that point IMHO. T
  6. That is one very nice CS-199. To achieve this level of finish in 1/72 is fantastic. Well done Libor! T
  7. Awsome update as usual Tony, love the way you have recreated the red in the wing folds, and good to see the Molotow pen finding some good use. Take note Bill @perdu, there are some uses for it, although I grant you, a very tricky accessory to use! As for that Steak and Kidney burger, I need one!!!!! T
  8. Wow, made it to the first page also! This one should be a blockbuster.
  9. A great collection of WIP's there Matt. They look pretty cool, but I do like those three 727's. Are they based on the old Airfix kit or perhaps Revell versions? I notice one is a short 100?. That lot look like my Airliner WIP's which at the moment comprise 1 x 707-320, 1 x 737-200, 1 x DC-9-30, 1 x Trident 1C, 1 x BAC-111 and 1 x DC-6B, all either in advanced build state or early paint! Must get my finger out on all those! The 3D decals look interesting @keefr22 T
  10. Looking forward to that! My lips are sealed, but I can't speak for my mate from the Midlands! T
  11. Just finished catching up on a wonderful thread Johnny, as you might tell by the likes etc! The Moths are looking awesome, superb modelling, as always seems the case on your threads. Also, well done on your part in the 453rd museum builds. Looks like it was an enjoyable meet! Tagging along now, extremely fashionably late! Terry
  12. Ditto that Giorgio. I think I need to look at thus UV Resin malarkey. I'm thinking it might have made lighter work of blending in the Viking and Astir canopies as an example, and I'd get to buy another tool, the UV torch! Any recommendations on the resin itself, I've probably not been paying enough attention? T
  13. I'm kind of with you there. I invested in some good camera gear way back for aviation shots, but now mostly use it on wildlife, esp birds (feathered kind!). I did go to the Farnborough airshow about four years ago and found it a bit disappointing tbh and on a trip to Wales a few years ago, we put one day aside to site ourselves right on top of LFA7 (the Mach Loop) and all that happened was the weather closed in and we heard a lot of fast jets! We recently found some wetlands near Weymouth and although we have seen a Kingfisher there very close up on several occasions, have not yet caught it on camera, but it is a great source of wildlife esp bird subjects. As Beefy says, the Sub is looking good so far. Terry
  14. I take your point Bill, I suppose if I'm not careful, such suggestions might lead the lad into "painting perpetuity"! T
  15. So, my question would be, is it really deja vu if it's even better than the first time, which was already pretty awesome? I'm very much looking forward to the prospect of paint on these beauties Steve. Any thoughts on paint types at this point? My experience with MRP Lacquer has been a very positive one and Tamiya's newer lacquer's are good too. There is much choice out there though of course! Terry
  16. And I reckon you don't mean numerous minute Swordfish warming up on the deck! T
  17. I thought to myself, yeah right ........... then I became calm when I saw the next bit! Some great progress already on this nice and somewhat unusual subject Ian, I'll tag along for this one as well. Terry
  18. Me also Bill! We should form a club!! Terry
  19. Yes, thanks Rob. I actually got an invite to join from Jim this morning! Terry
  20. Absolutely stunning B-24 Tom, inside and out. Love it!! Terry
  21. Superb looking B-17 Rob. The finish and weathering is particularly exquisite! Well done. Terry
  22. Thanks Ced! They all look great, and I had followed two or three of the RFI's but missed the rest. Great to see them in their new home! Nice bit of masking practice! Terry
  23. Absolutely beautiful Wessex, and as others have said the weathering and surface finish are spot on! I'm retrospectively going through your WIP now! Terry
  24. Where on facebook are these Rob?. Ced's picture of the illustrious gang of 7 is great, but what I really want to see are the models! I found 453rd Bomb Group Heritage Museum, but that doesn't show any and I also found 453rd Bomb Group Heritage Collection, but that's a private group, so my request to join is still pending. I assume they are there? Well done @The Spadgent, @Fritag, @general melchett, @tomprobert, @woody37, @giemme and of course you Ced, for making this happen! I'm anticipating my package from Jim some time soon! Terry
  25. Very nice especially the subtly done but heavy weathered look. You have pulled that off well! Terry
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