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  1. Just discovered this excellent thread. The Canberra is one of my all time favourite types, having had a brief encounter (mid to late 70's) with the old girl during my 6 years working in the MOD project office for the Canberra, Lightning and JP (with a brief spell in the Jaguar project office too). Many happy days up at Samlesbury (for PR7 and TT18 mods/refurbs) and Belfast (for PR9 work). After the progress meets, we'd convene to the hangers to get to see the birds and crawl inside. From memory one of the major upgrades was centre section spar replacements on those Canberra's that needed them. Massive forgings that had to be swapped out embedded in the heart of the fuselage. I recall working briefly with an ex-Canberra pilot who had been seconded to the project office. Can't recall his full name, but his nick name was Chicco. He was quite a character! Really like what you have done with 3D tech on this, and will follow with a keen eye! Terry
  2. This one is certainly a giant, and very impressive work so far. Might we see more soon @general melchett? I love finding builds like this one. Makes my Vosper build time (a mere 4.5 years to date) look like a walk in the park! Take note Stuart @Courageous Terry
  3. Looking at my Airfile book on the first generation Harriers (includes P1127 and Kestrel) I can see pics of aircraft without the VG's and with the VG's. Certainly a very clear one of number 4, XS694, and a shot of a few aircraft in formation where I think number 5 has them also. The shot is a side shoot but there is some glint along the top of the wing which look like VG's. I'm trying to upload a couple of the pics to show you Bill, but my phone has stopped talking to my Flickr account at the moment! Will post them when I get it sorted. T.
  4. I found this recently Giorgio, you may be interested......... https://www.themodellingnews.com/2023/03/read-n-reviewed-70-years-commemorating.html#more There are some great pictures of Greek F-4's in the review. Terry
  5. Wow, pulling out all the stops (and resin and etch) for this one Bill. This could get very tasty! Terry
  6. She looks beautiful Bill, an absolute stunner! I wonder if we could encourage you to bring one of your fine builds over here someday, maybe as a Telford entry, or on a club table. There would always be room on the IPMS Wessex table. I know that for sure, as I'm club sec! Terry
  7. Great to see you back at the bench Cookie, and a great choice of subject. That NMF finish looks awesome. Shame the paint is no longer available. I recalled having some Testors metallic paint .......... These all say airbrush only on the lid. Are they the same? Terry
  8. Drat, missed getting a seat on page 1 I think............... still I'm here now! Great subject Bill, and a pretty "rare" choice I'd say. Love that seat. Terry
  9. Some great insights and information from you both @Harquebus and @Our Ned. Thank you both. The project is still a long term idea, but both your inputs, are helping keep this one alive. Thanks. Terry PS I should have added that those War Thunder 3D images look awesome, and could prove extremely helpful.
  10. Incredible weathering there Johnny. I think you are well qualified to join the Entropy Group Build. The subject fascinates me also, especially living near to the Lulworth tank ranges. Lots of rusting and shot peppered hulks everywhere. I've a mind to create one out of some old Tamiya tank sometime, but sadly the Group Build schedules are too tight for my snails pace of construction! Terry
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