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  1. Beautiful work. The detail work is superb and I like the paint fade you achieved. Well done
  2. Your work is excellent. The sun fade and weathering is very nice. Well done
  3. Thanks everyone for the great comments. Glad you like the tone changes. Was a labour of love and I think for the next Mk.VIII I have it will have to be a Natural metal machine
  4. Great work. As the others have said, the camouflage and weathering are great. The camouflage pattern is very striking
  5. Since I am still deciding on what to start as my next kit (& to prove that I don't just build Japanese aircraft), I though I would post up a kit I finished about this time last year. The kit is Eduard's superb 1/48 Spitfire Mk.VIII from the limited edition "Aussie Eight" dual combo set. The aircraft chosen for the first kit was A58-504, flown by F/O Rex Watson, 452 Squadron based in Balikpapan, Borneo in August of 1945. I really wanted to build an Foliage Green/Sky blue combo aircraft & this one spoke to me of the many I had to choose from. Paints used were again SMS, the topside was their "RAAF Foliage Green", underside being "RAAF Sky Blue". The only other external colour was the spinner, which as "RAAF Earth brown" I painted on the roundels but all other markings were the Eduard decals. At least I didn't have to put on all the stencils as the RAAF painted over them Also I will mention the red crowbar, I got a heap of flak for it back when it was completed but I like it and wasn't in the mood to change it back when I did these photo's (& I still haven't to be honest) but will mostly likely change it to silver. I really loved the build as the kit went together without a problem. Believe it or not I am yet to build my other model in the kit, though it might be on the cards sooner rather than later. Enjoy
  6. Many thanks & yes I agree with you, a detail that is quite often missed. Many thanks to @Nick Millman as he helped me with a few of my questions & he reminded me of the horizontal stripes Thank you both @stevehnz & @tank152. During the work in progress thread I wasn't sure anyone was following along but it's a relief to know you guys were & appreciated it . I might have to do some more now. @Farmerboy, @Remus389, @mick, @Roberto, @billn53 & @Toryu, Many thanks for the nice comments, always positive to hear
  7. Many thanks. Yes the super silver is by SMS. I find that & their stainless steel very useful when doing NMF. The control surface masks were printed by myself with the help of some designs I had seen online. I cut them my little Cricut joy
  8. Had a big push with this over Friday night & Saturday which saw this finished! It's now been posted in the RFI section: But before the gong sounded I had the paint he new MG's. These are Eduard resin guns and the detail is just beautiful, especially against the kit parts Then the panel line wash goes on. I mix my colours & shades using 2 or 3 colours from the Tamiya panel line colour. In this case the underside used the gray, brown & black, the topside only the brown & black. Then before I knew it, 3 hours had passed & the aircraft was looking good. With just final assembly required, I pushed on & got that done, then left the exhaust staining to the Saturday morning under fresh eyes. Exhaust stains were created with Tamiya weathering pastels, using the soot & grey colours, oil staining was added to the underside cooler and out of the exhaust & finally an aerial cable was added with Mig rigging wire in the 0.3 size. Some mud was flicked onto the tail wheel area using pigments soaked in some pigment fixer, flicking the brush over a toothpic to created clumps & with that was a wrap. Pretty happy with the result but as always things I could do better. Now onto the next one but not sure what to choose...
  9. This one has been my labour of love over the past few weeks. This kit was also the first I have created a work in progress topic for, which can be found here: Anyways, the kit itself from Hasegawa is good & could be super detailed if you felt so inclined. I was happy with a mostly out of the box build, adding only some Eduard belts & resin MG's in the nose. The fit was ok, needed some test fitting & some adjustment but nothing to over the top. Hardest part was the canopy, which was squished and did not fit the opening at all. I was able to get it back into shape with some hot water but there are some slight stress marks in the plastic. Brake lines were also added to the landing gear as well as ignition wires to the engine using fine copper wire. All markings were painted on using self cut masks, the only decals used were the cockpit IP & a few stencils here and there as well as the red stars over the wing cannon. The paintwork has all been fully painted with SMS paints, the underside being Super Silver & the topside is my custom mix of "Ohryoku nana go shoku" or Khaki Drab. Tamiya panel line wash was used to help bring out the tones & the Tamiya weathering pastels were used for the exhaust staining. The Aircraft depicted here is #47 which was captured after the war on Ashiya Airfield, near Fukuoka in September 1945. It was an early build Ki-100, being converted from an existing Ki-61 airframe, something I wanted to show through the cockpit & airframe stencilling & well as the paint fade & weathering Enjoy
  10. Great work on the Tony. The brushed on camo has a nice effect on the silver and the rest of your colour choices are good. The only thing I would point out other than the prop mentioned earlier is the underside should remain silver on these Tony’s. Glad you had fun building this one & I can’t wait to see the next one you build.
  11. Beautiful build, always had a soft spot for the belle. Really like the tones on the upper surfaces & the control surfaces. Well done
  12. Many thanks I need to take more pictures of the steps but that will be for another build log in the future. To easy to get stuck into it and before you know it's all together Anyways I have pretty much completed painting now, with the last pieces to be completed this afternoon hopefully. The biggest task was the tail markings, a heap of masking was involved but it went pretty well. After speaking to Nick Millman, he confirmed that the 59th Sentai carried the diagonal stripe on the vertical tail & a strip on each of the horizontal stabilisers. We also assumed the aircraft belonged to the 2nd Chutai so the colours required were Red with White borders. With that done I then masked out the wing walk stencils & no step characters and airbrushed them in Red for an early production variant. These look much better than the supplied decals and I was able to chip and distress them. Finally a small amount of required decals were added, namely the 2 red rectangles, the cannon stars on the leading edge & the stencils on the trim tabs. I also had to change the propeller spinner from Red Brown/Yellow to the body colour, again advise from Nick pointed that way. Rather than break apart the parts I carefully masked and painted with the prop blades in situ From here there are a couple of things to paint (mostly the Quickboost guns in the nose) then onto washes and stains. The end is near!
  13. Beautiful finish and nicley weathered. Love the yellow underside and exposed tail wheel. Nice work
  14. Another update with a little more completed on the Ki-100. Cut some custom masks today for the Hinomaru & the aircraft number. I was also going to do an aircraft from the 59th Sentai and was dead set on "153" but at the end decided against it and went for "47" which is in the background of the capture photo of "177" at Ashiya airfield, Fukuoka, Japan in July 1945. I much prefer going for the lesser known aircraft & don't think I have seen it modelled before. Anyhow I made the custom numbers and cut them, as well as the insignia and placed them around the aircraft, the White was German Cream from SMS with a touch of tan added & the red was plain old Red, again from SMS with 1 drop of black. Before I could mark up the underside I had to paint in the ailerons as I only did the topside yesterday. I used Duck Egg from SMS, then applied the control surface mask, a very thin black, then Duck egg once again to blend. Lastly some tan through a mask and they were done. Once again I have to mention I am very impressed with these masks, adds so much more depth to an otherwise plain surface! Lastly were the smaller parts that got finished including the horizontal stabilisers & the main gear doors. I have left them off as I now need to paint the Chutai band on the tail and I am waiting on some advise before I start. It will be heaps easier to paint without the horizontal stabs on. Until the next one
  15. Absolutely beautiful work there. Really love the effects you have added
  16. Many thanks. Oh I agree, something tooled in 97 isn't that old at all. Though I build one of them when I was younger I am looking forward to grabbing another and building a second as the first does not exist anymore. Though I have built the Hasegawa Ki-45 in 1/72 ( won an award at a local model show which was great) & in the process of a second, I am yet to find a reasonably priced 1/48 version. Prices just seem to be going through the roof for the bigger size. Once again Thanks to everyone that's taken the time to comment, really great to hear and I am glad you guys like my work
  17. Managed to get some more desk time in today which was great. Applied the topside camo colour, my take on "Ohryoku nana go shoku" which is like a Khaki Drab. I first applied a liquid mask for some basic chipping to show through, then used US Olive Drab from SMS applied over the silver base. From here I added German Khaki Brown slowly, once again from SMS, in 3 stages to get 3 different shades of panel shading. Then finally I applied the German Khaki Brown by itself through a spray mask to get a paint wear effect mostly around the exhaust & wing root. I heavily diluted black was also applied through the same mask for some post shading effect. Still a heap to go but the surface is starting to show wear. Then finally the engine could be installed followed by the nose of the cowl. From here I still need to apply a panel wash to both the upper & lower surfaces though I will mask out and paint the markings on first prior to that. One thing that I was impressed with were the control surface masks, something I have never used before. With the Hasegawa detail lacking I first painted a slightly lighter colour on the ailerons & rudder before applying the masks and spraying over them with a very thin black. After it was dry the masks were removed & lightly over sprayed with the lighter colour once again to blend the transitions. The pictures don't do the effect justice, it's very subtitle & gives a little 3d relief to the paintwork. I will certainly be using them again! Next up, some small things to repair, painting the markings & horizontal stabilisers.
  18. Thanks everyone, appreciate the kind words & taking the time to comment. I agree, both the Ki-45 & Ki-46 are my fav's as well. I will have to post up the other Dinah's I built for the group build but here is a sneak peek for you
  19. Nice work, starting to look ready for the flight line. The camo is great & I have to agree the Red nose is very striking
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