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  1. Doubt I could do any better with the finish at 1/72 scale mate, but I had at to a V Hi polish when I went with it to Bournmouth International Air Tattoo in 1989. Took me HOURS And no, I never saw it with anything fitted, except ballast. Not sure if they were black or blue??? Black probably. Nice build though. Hope my OCU Jet turns out as nice!
  2. Who do you guys, now that COVID-19 has us under lock & key, get your paints etc from? I'm looking at anticsonline, as they seem reasonable £1.99 a 14ml pot of Humbrol enamel and only £4 delivery on multiple loads. Not sure of delivery as this will be my first time!
  3. Ian I really wish I'd taken some photos back in the day. I could have had some pearlers. Live Sparrow & Winders fitting, loading of Centreline tanks (what a joy. You wouldn't believe how we fitted them ) Hand winding in thousandds of rounds into the SUU gun, fitting Mk7 ejection seats, using 'hernia bars' to fit the Sergeant Fletchers.....I could go on. All just stored now (very dusty) in the old grey matter I'm afraid. I worked, Tomb 228OCU (Leu), GR1 IX Sqn (Bruggen), F3 56Sqn (Leu), F3 43Sqn (Leu) and GR4 14Sqn (Lossie). 228 was BY FAR the best time and the jet was a joy ot work on.....for an Armourer anyway. I knew a 'Fluid Druid' but his name was Taff Teague. And was only on Tombs for 18 months till they disbanded. Gutted I didn't get a back seat. But did in the F3. Twice Thanks for the advice on the Blue. I think I'll try it that way, 25 as a possible base coat and go from there.
  4. In my Airfix kit, it has 92Sqn as Humbrol Matt Blue 25, is that way off for the tail of a 228OCU jet? It doesn't look quite right, but it was 30 years ago I was clambering all over them!
  5. I'm sorry if this has been asked, but I couldn't find the answer.....anyone know which Humbrol enamel colour best suits the blue tails of the 228OCU tooms? Also where should I look for 1/72 decals for said aircraft? Hannants? Regards Granteee
  6. Sorry to post such a basic question, but should I apply decals after a satin clear coat or before? I’m doing one of each aircraft type I worked on in the RAF. FGR2 228OCU from 1989 GR1 IX Sqn from 1991 F3 56 Sqn from 2000 F3 43 Sqn from 2005 GR4 14 Sqn from 2009 May look a bit boring with 4 Tornado, but that’s my history PS - I’ll have many more basic questions later
  7. They look really good. Can't tell that they aren't from the kit! Something to DEFO consider for my build. Thanks for going to the effort of putting the pics up! C
  8. Cheers Giorgio Don't suppose you've got an example pic to show how yours turned out?
  9. Cheers XV All these little tips will come in handy. Does anybody have any experience with printing their own decals? I saw a finished model that a guy printed his own and it looked great! Not sure if there are good and bad decal printing sheets and how good a printer you need? Any help here would be great! C
  10. Col Thanks for looking for some decals. Like I say I've got a bit of time before committing, but to know what colour scheme would be better to know before going too far. I am really hoping to hold out and do an all grey classic 228 jet. I want it to look like a worker, as that's what I remember working on most. The Blue Tails look good but for me were always a bit of a prima donna. I like the down and dirty lesser known tail letters other than CO! I reckon if I ask all the right questions and take my time I SHOULD be ok diving in at the deep end!!! I know it won't be a patch on your guys best efforts, but it's the taking part and like Nobby said enjoying my headspace and peace and quiet! And tHanks for the link for ancillary bits n bobs. It all make it look so much better! Cheers C
  11. Thanks Jonathan I was looking at finger nail polishing sticks, Q Tips and small scissors in Superdrug and wondering what they must be thinking with the state of my badly bitten stumps I have!!! But I will bite the bullet and shop with confidence next time! As far as 228 decals are concerned, I've looked at those sheets you mentioned and see that if someone has bought these in the past there MAY be a set of 228 ones that they didn't need/want if they chose 43, 56 or even the Auld Enemy 111 ( One Hundred and Eleven Squadron). Obviously I'm quite a way off needing these so am not panicking just yet. I just want a well built and accurate model to start my collection off. Has anybody any idea where to get or how to make Pitot Probe covers, intake blanks or Noddy Caps for Winders? Cheers C
  12. Giorgio Thank you for you insight and experience. I knew there would be many 'personal preferences' but just to find out some of the brands used is very helpful. I think I will jump straight into airbrushing, so after the initial essential tools, that will be next. I have been watching International Scale Modeller Techniques on YouTube which has given me some ideas also. I really can't wait to get my Tomb through the post but know that the 6 x Ps apply. Proper Planning Prevents piddle Poor Performance! So I'll just have to Plan, Plan, Plan and take my time. If there is anything else you think might help, feel free to message me any time. Thanks again C
  13. Hey guys I was advised to post my original comments from the New Member area here, as you guys in the Cold War section may be able to help with my impending build? I've copied and pasted the exact text below, please let me know what you know/can do? Regards C Morning guys Just thought I'd quickly introduce myself to you all as this is my first time on this website. I am basically a newbie. I used to model quite a bit as a teenager but the years have galloped on, kids born and work commitments have meant that decades have gone by an I've only built 1 model since then. Back in the day I build a whole airfield up in my mum & dad's attic, with Christmas tree light for runway lights and polystyrene hangers! I think I had a few Phantoms along with a couple of Bulldogs. Living close to RAF Leuchars at the time I obviously had one vocation in life. A few years later and I sold my soul and ended up as a fresh faced 19 year old Armourer at RAF Leuchars. And to my sheer delight got a posting onto 228OCU! Back to today! I have just bought a Revel/Hasegawa 1/48 FGR2 from Fleabay. Apart from that I have nothing......and I mean nothing! Over the next few weeks/months I will be asking for lots of advice and hope you guys can help? As years/techniques/products have moved on, I would appreciate some help in choosing a FEW things!! Glue Filler Paints Brushes Airbrushes Thinners Cleaners Tools etc, etc I'm sorry this is quite a lot to ask of you guys as I am new, but have read many posts and realise that you all seem like a VERY helpful and VERY knowledgable crew! Oh and one more thing before I get carried away! I am hoping to create a model from each of the Squadrons I worked on in my 25years working Fast Jets and want to start, as I said, with a Phantom. Does anyone know where to get a good set of 1/48 decals in 228OCU colours? I will go for now and wait for some great advice Cheers Cahrliesausage
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