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  1. I do agree that to some point Britmodeler isn't a place to publish things that happen in online gaming, but everyone has the right to present their model, even if fictional. Unless, of course it would be offensive. I don't think this is really offensive as it is more of a joke. Sgt. Squarehead, unfortunately the russian community is destroying every online game they play. It came so far, that in CS:GO, a third-party software was made to allow players to avoid russian players. So you have to let us blow some steam in harmless way Though BM might not be the best place to discuss online gaming Best regards, Jaka
  2. You, sir, just made my day. Great build and I love the text. Rush B!!! Jaky.
  3. Sorry for the bump, but did you use the tracks that came with the kit? I finished mine 3 days ago and the tracks were at least 1 cm to short, which almost ruined the model. Cheers, Jaka
  4. Thank you for the reply. Did you apply the oils with a brush or something else?
  5. An amazing build once again. Your drybrushing is spot on. May I ask what colours do you use to achieve this metal look, or for an instructional video if you know some Thank you, Jaka.
  6. I am so glad yoz decided to do this kit. Ive been eying it for some time now and will probably buy it So far your build looks really good. Cheers, Jaka
  7. A truly amazing build. I love your attention to details. If i may ask. How did you do the darker colour effect on the circeled areas? Thank you, Jaka
  8. A very nice build once again. I would love to see your chipping techniques.
  9. Thank you very much for your extensive reply. I finnaly made it and did some decent chipping. I will have some follow up questions, but since the holiday season is starting its no problem after New year. Have a great holidays, Jaka
  10. Hello and thank you Rob. But can you describe it again as I dont understand. Do you smudge the oil paint? How did you do the damage and chipping on this IFV? Thank you, Jaka
  11. Been there and done that. The general experience I got from this videos were like: here is an unchipped model and then voila all chipped. Nothing on it how to do it.
  12. Hello fellow modelers. I have decided to build the Dragon's 1/35 Tiger 1 for my best friend. All was going well until I had to do the paint chipping. I have tried it first with a brush, but was in general dissapointed. Therefore I removed the paint and started again with AK worn effects. After disastrous results with the AK worn effects, where the paint just cracked and fell off in large pieces (TWICE!), my frustration really grew. I've spent countless hours looking for videos on how to paint chip, but none were helpful. I came across this site: http://www.scalemodellingnow.com/tbfinishing-armourpaintchipping If we look at the chipping its very tiny. My question is, how do you make that kind of chipping, as all I can do with my 0/2 brush is significantly larger and less realistic: http://shrani.najdi.si/?1v/xq/2ElpQ4uk/tiger-1-6.jpg I didn't even come close. If you have any advice on how to do that kind of chipping I would be very grateful. I've watched that guys video but the chipping that he does at the rear is easier and totally different to the one on the hatch. Best regards, Jaka
  13. Keep on the good work. I built two of those and this kit is amazing to asssemble and to work with. Jaka
  14. Beautiful.I like the heavy weatherig.
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