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  1. Hi, Has anybody tried the Shipyard Works wooden decks from China ? Many thanks, Simon
  2. Hi, Does anybody know where I can buy photoetch for the Hasegawa JMSDF DDH-181 Helicopter Destroyer Hyuga in 1/450 ? Preferably in the UK Even if its just the railings & safety nets Cheers, Simon
  3. Didn't realise there was a car in the photos until I got to the 4th photo Very nice build
  4. Thanks Beefy, much appreciated Simon
  5. Thanks Beefy Is that for the hull and superstructure ? Cheers, Simon
  6. Hi, I am about to start my first ship model but I'm not sure which colours to use. Could anybody recommend which Tamiya or Vallejo colours I should use for my Tamiya 1/700 Gneisenau please ? I know other paint manufacturers do better matching colours but I'm not looking to buy another set of paints Many thanks Simon
  7. Hi, I have a number of WWII battleships and was wondering what is the best method for painting the deck. Is it easier to glue everything together, spray it all gray and then hand paint the deck or am I best masking/spraying the different areas prior to gluing the pieces together ? Would the approach be different for larger ships such as 1/350 ? Any advice would be much appreciated Cheers, Simon
  8. Hi, Does anybody have any advice on how I could weather a 1/72 Chinook to represent those which fought in Afghanistan ? Many thanks Simon
  9. http://www.trumpeter-china.com/ My browser times out
  10. Hi, Does anybody know what's happened to Trumpeter's website ? I haven't been able to access it for a while now Is there another website which shows the contents of all of the Trumpeter kits in their current catalogue ? Cheers, Simon
  11. Very nice build. I also grew up along the Humber I'm tempted to get mine out the stash now
  12. Many thanks for your suggestions. I have just placed an order for some oils
  13. Hi, I'm thinking of buying some Abteilung oils for weathering my ships/carriers. I have good selection of models I would like to weather from WWII to modern. Could anybody recommend the best colours please ? Thanks, Simon
  14. Hi, Does anybody know where I can buy F-35s and Seahawks (preferable with PE rotors) in 1/700 please ? Many thanks, Simon
  15. Thanks for all your responses. Why should I forget about the Hasegawa kits ? Isn't this Akagi worth considering ? Scalemates says it was re-tooled in 2014 Cheers, Simon
  16. Hi, Could anybody recommend a good 1/700 kit for the Kaga or Akagi please (excluding the multi-deck versions) ? Many thanks, Simon
  17. Thanks for the info Chewbacca, that's great Not all of you
  18. Hi, Does anybody know where I can buy PE for 1/700 aircraft carriers and ships in the UK ? I'm aware of eBay, Hannants, Sovereign Hobbies and Starling Models Cheers, Simon
  19. Zed, Thanks for the detailed response. Its much appreciated I think I will go for the Tamiya Saratoga and/or the new Academy Enterprise Many thanks, Simon
  20. Hi Could anybody recommend the best 1/700 US Aircraft Carrier from WWII please ? Thanks, Simon
  21. Hi Thanks for the info re AKAH paints but I'm looking for Tamiya or Vallejo colours. I dont believe you can buy AKAH paints in the UK ? Cheers, Simon
  22. Hi All, I'm currently building the Su-57 in the splinter? camo scheme but I'm having trouble matching the colours. I prefer to spray with Tamiya or Vallejo acrylics. Could anybody assist please ? Regards, Simon
  23. Thanks for all the help guys. Figures ordered Simon
  24. Thanks , they look very nice Any other recomendations anybody ?
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