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  1. Very impressive work jupy It will a real pleasure to read the next steps ! Have a nice day
  2. Please feel free to follow your Idea Noel !! I take a chair and look for the next steps with great interest Cheers
  3. Hopefully i was sat on my chair... if i wasn't I shall have fallen on my buttocks facing such a great looking Tie Interceptor Absolutely Stunning Andy !
  4. nice job Andy, congratulations ! @James : may be you will give the funny idea of a "Banana TIE" to the creators of Despicableme, if they plan to commit a 4th episode ? ;-)
  5. She looks pretty ! Congratulations for that build and thanks for sharing :-)
  6. Hi ! Here is a first attempt of (light) weathering using pastel chalks + water + windows cleaner fluid : I've been pleased to see that the wash made with pastel powder + water and windows cleaner soap can also be used on alclaad !
  7. Hi ! The same here as i plan to buy this Y-wing too ^^ I take a seat :-)
  8. Hi, Thanks for the idea, I don't know how to do that technic, i will search a "how to". Have a nice day !
  9. So just oil painting + wipe, no juice (oil painting + solvent + wipe)... interresting, i will try this on a old model kit. Thanks a lot for your help ! :-) Kind regards
  10. Hi there, As i see that i am not the only Star Wars fan here (there is a good bunch of pretty Star Wars kits builds here), this is some pictures of my C3-PO and R2D2 WIP C3-Po was very easy to build R2D2's colors was not very nice in my humble opinion. The blue parts and the aluminium parts didn't pleased me so i decided to paint them. So I sprayed a coat of white on the white parts, and a coat of Tam X4 blue on the blue parts. Then i coated the grey parts with a layer of Alclaad black primer After a couple of days i started t
  11. That kit seems to be really good ! I built the old Revell's (snap click) Millenium Falcon but i think this model is far better that the Revell. I will follow your next steps with great interest Cheers
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