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  1. Great work Tony, you’ve really captured the look & feel of the Hastings there despite the small scale. I’ve always been a fan of it myself too, I love the low-slung look of the four Hercules engines and your penultimate photo especially shows the real presence of the aircraft (one of the few plusses of it being a tail dragger!).
  2. All good points Simon, and on reflection I guess we’d have heard from builders of HKM’s B17 and Lanc if this had been an issue. However as much as I’d like this I’ve enough loft insulation as it is, and this deserves to be built rather than being hidden away due to lack of space. I’ve plumped instead for HKM’s nose section as much as I’d like to see the oil canning effect.
  3. I’m out, just too big for me. I do wonder whether a polystyrene-cemented fuselage joint can be strong enough to bear the strain of the weight of two massive, no doubt very heavy wings pulling down on it from either side whenever it is lifted…. A real shame if reports are true that the nose section won’t be released as a separate kit now, I’m sure that would have sold exponentially more than the full kit will.
  4. Excellent result there Gazza, your chosen colour scheme has certainly evoked a lot of memories - including mine! I remember asking for the Airfix kit for my birthday back in 1968 which I'm pretty sure was just after it came out. In my mind it looked just as good as yours, but of course the memory plays cruel tricks - I'm sure that in reality the windows would have been fogged with glue and there were gaps I could put my little finger into! Yours will generate a lot of additional sales for Zvedza, I might even be tempted myself!
  5. You'd hope they would be reasonable, very low parts count looking at the sprues.
  6. Ha! I made the same mistake - I had a vision of the wings sticking out of the front & back doors of your house! Despite that the actual model is beautiful, a real showpiece you should be proud of. I wish someone would release this in 1/32 plastic, I go cold at the thought of so much resin! Regards JA.
  7. That's a really impressive build and paint job! Strange that they chose to commemorate what was a pretty conclusive defeat with a special paint job (I'm assuming it isn't a whif?).
  8. I agree, excellent painting. I’ve found to my cost that larger-than actual size photos generally don’t tend to do justice to the subject, but this one passes the test with flying colours.
  9. I'm normally a plane & AFV builder but I've fancied doing a bust for some time, so I decided to give this one a go: I need to work on my faces a bit more (scary eyes!) but generally I'm really pleased how it turned out (funny how it looks better in real life than in photos!), such that another one is in the post for me along with a couple of proper stands. Regards J.A.
  10. I’m in awe of anyone that can knock out these Russian jets to such incredibly high standards, I wouldn’t even begin to try. Top work Bobek.
  11. Tremendous work there and equally good photography! It deserves all the plaudits it’s received, well done and welcome back to (hopefully) good health. regards J.A.
  12. Just noticed the rear left wheel is outside the track. Ah well... why do I never notice these things before uploading the photos? Photos fixed now.
  13. Hi folks My latest OOB build. Nice kit, plastic tracks work well. All the hatches can be posed open, but there's no point really unless you're an ace scratch builder as there's nothing inside. Finally, here's a few next to its big cousin for comparison purposes: Regards J.A.
  14. That’s a tremendous result, you should be glad you found the inspiration to eventually finish it. As an aside, it’s good to see Eduard avoided the unnatural anhedral of the inner wings on the 1/32 Special Hobby kit.
  15. Jaw-dropping, especially the cockpit! Your paintwork technique has done a great job of improving what could otherwise be quite a bland scheme on such a smooth panel-less surface. I’ve got this in the stash but can’t quite pluck up the courage to start it yet. Do the Aviealogy decals include the stencilling? I’ve read that the Tamiya decals are so thick as to be virtually unusable.
  16. Didn't get to do any modelling between March and August this year due to illness, so my output wasn't too bad given the circumstances: Thanks for looking, here's to a happier and healthier new year for everyone. Regards J.A.
  17. Lovely model Wolf, very nostalgic for me as I used to get these to school in Brum in the early 70’s; it was pretty rare to see one this clean though, or so it seems looking back over so many years now. sorry to be pedantic though but the Pype Hayes - Tyburn route was the 28; the 79 ran from West Brom to Wolverhampton.
  18. Italeri should pay you a commission, they will sell loads on the strength of your work. Cracking looking model and a huge upgrade on the old Revell kit (as good as that is in its own way).
  19. After a crap year in which I was off work for 7 months and had my 60th birthday under lockdown I decided I deserved a treat. Having convinced the wife to buy me the R/C controller as part of my birthday present, it would have been silly not to buy the tank to go with it (). I know there is some doubt about whether any Grey Tigers actually made it to the eastern front, but I always wanted to do one in a distressed winter scheme so here she is. Needs to be a lot muddier really but I didn't want to interfere with the running gear or electrics: Thanks for looking J.A.
  20. Hi folks Last one of the year from me, this is Revell's big 1/32 Hunter. A nice simple kit with a good level of detail, it goes together easily and has a real presence on the shelf. Such an elegant-looking jet, I've chosen to leave this one nice & glossy with only a minimal amount of weathering. Merry Christmas everyone and a happy, safe and better New Year. Regards J.A.
  21. Great result, and refreshing to see it finished in something other than the usual FAA scheme.
  22. Sorry Laurie, but that is complete rubbish at least as far as Concorde is concerned - anyone who has seen one up close, as is easy to do be it at Brooklands, Bristol or wherever else, will tell you that there are no obviously visible panel lines, and definitely not to the extent shown here - that’s nothing to do with the camera being ‘fooled by the white’, they simply aren’t that visible! I accept that white is difficult to balance on a photo to prevent it being ‘blown’ but the naked eye isn’t so easily fooled. I have to agree with Fatflyhalf here, an otherwise great model has been rather spoiled in my humble view by unrealistically heavy panel lines.
  23. You’re right Nikola, they were on my ‘snag list’ to do before I photo’d it but somehow I completely forgot and didn’t even notice! I’ll put it down to old age and tend to them in due course.
  24. Hi folks This is Hasegawa's P40E done as a Kittyhawk 1a. Nice kit but spoiled by the various fuselage drop-in sections designed to allow them to get as many variants as possible from the one mould - none of the joins are on panel lines so if you don't like filling, sanding and scribing keep away from it. For anyone wondering about the yellow-ringed roundels under the wings, a Google search of '112 squadron RAF' will bring up a picture of FR440 showing just this. Shark mouth and serials all hand painted. Thanks for looking J.A.
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