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  1. Excellent work George, the weathering is superb and exactly where it needs to be. The kit is a joy to build but the skill is what you do with it afterwards. Regards JA
  2. Wonderland Models has the Tiger on offer for about £640 (£90 off), but I can’t find anything for the Sherman.
  3. Do we really need another guess-the-kit thread of peoples’ wishlists?
  4. Be great if it is - I’m warming to the idea of 1/35 aircraft (although I’ve yet to get any) as my available display shelf space diminishes.
  5. I’d love to be in the boardroom of one of these companies when they hear what the other is bringing out! (I'm naive enough to believe it’s all coincidence and there’s no collusion between them)
  6. Brilliant, utterly believable weathering. The treatment of the drop tanks is especially impressive.
  7. Excellent work Oliver, that paintjob is amazing - wonderfully steady airbrush control. I’m impressed by the density of the squiggly brown overlay, I would have thought the paint would have been too thin to be so opaque over the green base coat.
  8. Looks to be a lovely kit, and having initially not been sure about this growing 1/35 aircraft movement the more I think about it the more it makes sense: apart from the obvious tie-in with AFVs and figures I find 1/48 to be too small for anything with less than 2 engines, while 1/32 can be limiting in terms of display space. It would be nice for more manufacturers to bring out kits in this scale to firmly establish it as a significant niche in its own right.
  9. I use Frisk Artist’s Blue Masking Fluid from Hobbycraft - surprisingly cheap (especially for Hobbycraft) which I found was better than any other I’d tried as it seemed slightly thinner, but worked just as well. Don’t know if they still sell it though as I’ve had my current bottle for quite a while now.
  10. I saw this at Telford a few years ago but went for the HKM version when Border originally said they wouldn’t be releasing it, although I’ve still to build it. The WNW one was/is much the better with its tin canning and (I think) more accurate interior, although I’m not sure how much you can actually see inside? I too thought a new release was unlikely given Border’s take on the full kit’s limited availability, and it will be interesting to see how it compares to HKM’s price-wise.
  11. That’s a great looking early Hurricane Tolga, how do you rate the PCM kit? Regards JA
  12. Looks highly realistic Calum, especially in its ‘in flight’ mode. Great model. If it isn’t quite that weathered in real life yet, it might be soon…..
  13. You need to do more WWII planes! The paintjob is superb, especially the distressed wing root and streaks behind the exhausts.
  14. That is very, very impressive. Even in 1/144 I bet it is quite a shelf filler.
  15. After enjoying building the 1/24 Spitfire Vb recently I decided to extend the masochism by tackling the Hurricane. This one went together ok generally, although the cowlings weren't a good enough fit to be removable. The redundant Spit Mk1 propeller and spinner were used instead of the Hurri's oversized bulbous one, which I never liked. The glaring errors were all my own; once I'd decided to replace the spinner I searched on line for more suitable markings, and I came across the Science Museum's L1592. Unfortunately I'd stencilled these on before I realised the original is a rag wing, so 0pts for research. My other error was to place the fuselage roundels too far to the rear, meaning there wasn't enough space on the starboard side to fit the KW-Z squadron code. The only solution was to apply it in Z-KW format, but as few others are going to see it other than me and the BM bretheren it's a compromise I can live with, it was never going to be an IPMS Nationals contender anyway: And to finish with, some shots with its 1/24 cousins: Thanks for looking J.A.
  16. Great work Michael, as good as WNW kits are they don’t fall together when there is so much rigging involved. It’s what makes them stand out though, and it’s a real eye-catcher on the display shelf. I built this myself a while ago now and it’s still probably my favourite WW1 plane. Regards JA.
  17. Those are very impressive, especially in such a small scale - it’s so easy for small figures to turn out cartoon-like when certain features are over- emphasised, but you’ve got these just right. Amazing that it’s just your 2nd attempt, I would think that even experienced figure painters would be pleased with these. your tanks have turned out pretty good as well!
  18. Thanks for the feedback Bonkin, sorry no build thread - I’ve never done one (I can’t believe anyone would find it interesting enough to follow) and I think I’d find it too distracting when I prefer to get on with the building. Can’t offer too much advice on the spar I’m afraid, it was a bit of trial and error with the thickest plastic strip I had once I’d worked out the angle of the dihedral on the spar’s bottom edge, then tapered it to fit inside the wing as it gets progressively thinner. It runs just ahead of the wheel arches and through a couple of notches cut into the mating surfaces on the fuselage. I know others on BM have done them, and I remember coming across a thread recently where a guy had prepared two or three - sorry I can’t find it again now but you might have better luck if you hunt around. I don’t remember doing anything particularly significant to the side door fitting, maybe yours has a moulding defect?
  19. Indeed it is. I’d originally intended to do the Shuttleworth Collection’s Mk V as that’s the one Spitfire I’ve actually sat in, but that plan changed when I realised it had the six exhaust stubs per side. A quick Google search turned up EP120 which is a worthy subject, being accredited with more kills than probably any other aircraft still in existence. Actually we’re both right Noel, it is 50+ now but was 40+ when it was reboxed in this version in 2011. Thanks all for your positive comments and ‘likes’. I’ve since noticed from looking at the photos that the rake of the legs isn’t correct, so l’ve moved them forward a little. regards J A.
  20. I happily admit to being a model builder rather than a modeller, rarely venturing beyond OOB other than adding seatbelts and aerial wire. So when I decided to have a go at the old Airfix Spit I knew a fair amount of scratch building would be required and wing spars were duly added, wheel wells boxed in and the cockpit enhanced with wiring, various controls and an Airscale harness. Sadly the moulds themselves showed all of their 40+ years (this was a 2011 boxing) with virtually every single part being afflicted with excessive flash or misalignment, and the fit in almost all areas is best described as 'approximate'. The additional Mk V sprue was rudimentary with little or no detailing on any of the parts. That Airfix continued to bang these out long after the moulds should have ended up in a skip probably says much about the company's desperate financial state at the time. In my humble opinion unless someone really wants a challenge, anyone with this in their stash should leave it where it is and wait for the new Mk IX, this one is better as loft insulation than anything else. So even though the decals behaved themselves (only serial nos. were stencilled) and the overall shape is generally considered to be accurate, the end result is probably best viewed from around 6ft away. Although having said all that, rather perversely I had more enjoyment from this than from any other model for a long time.... Thanks for looking J A
  21. Lovely result with that classic kit Ray, it proves that old age (of the kit!) doesn’t mean a good outcome can’t be achieved. I remember doing this kit as a kid too and being very pleased with the result - I’m sure it wouldn’t stand up to scrutiny now if it still existed, but memory/rose tinted specs allow me to remember it fondly.
  22. Hi all I built this a while ago now, but as my hobby room is out of bounds for the foreseeable I thought I’d give it an airing. This was the original boxing from 2013. Regards J.A.
  23. Thanks for the kind comments, the metal finish is Alclad duraluminum over their gloss black primer, highlighted with Alclad aluminium. I was trying to achieve a natural metal finish and I’m pleased with how it came out, but I guess from Selwyn’s comments a silver paint finish would have been more authentic; but like he says, my kit my rules!
  24. Hi Folks 1st one posted for quite a while, there are lots of opinions all over the web about whether this kit represents value for money or not - IMO for all it's faults re accuracy (especially in & around the engine nancelles) it's good quality moulding, fits together well and builds into an imposing model when finished; not cheap for quite a low parts count but on the £-per-hour enjoyment scale I've no complaints. You do have to be creative though if you don't want to fork out for expensive conversion sets, and I found that those small soft plastic Humbrol paint tubs with the lids cut off fit exactly behind the intake rings to shield the lack of interior wall detail.... Decals are from Kitsworld, I don't know if the ones in the box are accurate or not but the light blue fluselage roundels just look wrong. Thanks for looking J.A.
  25. Hi Sam, were you successful with your wish for an F8 conversion set? I’d be interested in the original HK canopy if you’re willIng to part with it.





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      Unfortunately I haven't managed to source a Fisher conversion so looks like I will need the canopy. Hope you have some luck finding one. Regards, Sam

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