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  1. Hi Everyone, Hope you don't mind but I thought I would add a little to this post. We are www.printedplanes.com and produced the models mentioned above. Each time we produce a set of models we take photos and upload them to our Instagram account #printedplanes so you can see how they all look when actually printed. We use the renders on our website as its notoriously difficult to photograph matte white models and while all the detail is there, it doesn't always come through on the raw white photos. At the start we did have some teething problems with deliveries as we received significantly more than anticipated but we bought a few new machines so now most orders are shipped within a couple of weeks. Just to give you all some idea of the life cycle of a print, lets take the 150mm Canterbury in this post. We printed two of these at once. It took 18 hours to 3D Print them. We then clean/soak/agitate them in IPA solution for 20 minutes and then leave them to dry/cure [although from reading above we probably should have left this one for longer in this instance]. Once they are dry and cured [this usually takes 3-4 days] they are then ready for shipping. So if the machine is available then we can print and ship within a week however due to demand we usually have about 1 weeks worth of printing lined up [or sometimes more if everyone wants the 300mm Roci which takes 28 hours to 3D Print - That is 28 hours to 3D Print just a single one]. 3D Printing is still a prototyping process hence its slow and expensive but my aim was to try and make it as affordable as possible for the hobbyist and to print on the best machine on the market. If anyone has any questions please do feel free to ask. We are running an offer today [for today only]. Free worldwide shipping for all orders over £25 if you use the code 'Instagram' at checkout. Its a proof of postage offer so not tracked but we have not lost a parcel yet and they are still insured. Thanks for reading Adam
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