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  1. That is a gorgeous Lancaster! Amazing weathering and smoke trails.
  2. Yes you are very correct. His aircraft was hit over Vlieland in Holland and he made the call to return to base. I had the choice to build one of the other Lancasters, or AJ-W. I decided to build this one as a tribute to Mr Munro as he is an original Dambuster pilot, bombed dropped or not. Also it's an aircraft that many wouldn't have reproduced so that coupled up with the signed plaque made it novel for me personally.
  3. Thanks everyone for the kind words. It was a remarkable day, it's not often you get to chat with the actual pilot of the aircraft you have built, I just hope I didn't look too much like an excited kid in a candy shop. He was very happy to chat about his memories of flying and life in England, and told me about the Dambuster raid, and when the Lanc was hit by flak forcing him to turn back. He is a fascinating person, and I feel truly lucky to have met him. Keith I have wondered the same thing in regards to the colour, I used the green that was instructed by Tamiya (I have gone blank on the code now) although the brown they stated to use I felt was too dark, and thus I decided to go with the lighter one. There is such a variety in photos (many colourised B&W ones), and colouring from developing old film makes it difficult to get a true definitive answer on the tones. I did spot this photo of the current airworthy one so based my brown off that.
  4. It's finally finished up! The kitset is a 1:48 Tamiya Dambuster edition Lanc, I used a set of aftermarket decals to allow me to build AJ-W for Willie - flown by Squadron leader John Leslie (Les) Munro. After a long time, and help from many on the forum the model is complete. I hope you enjoy it! I was also lucky enough to be able to travel north and meet Mr Les Munro in person. He kindly signed a plaque that will accompany the model in the display cabinet. It was amazing to hear stories and tales about flying the Lancaster in the war.
  5. Cheers for the comment. I had my helmet, goggles, and oxygen mask arrive last week. It is amazing and appears to be a complete set not a bunch of pieces bought and combined. Inside the helmet was a set of initials and a family name. After researching through records, websites, and books all the signs of the initials (CC) and the family name 'CLOTHIER' point to this possibly being owned by Clyde Frederick Adams Clothier of 101 Squadron from RAF Ludford Magna in Lincolnshire. It's a long shot but initial signs indicate this could possibly be the case. 101 squadron had the (at the time) top secret A.B.C (airborne cigar) radio jamming equipment and a German speaking crew member onboard their Lancasters, to send out fake scrambles for the Luftwaffe fighter squadrons and keep them away from the waves of bombers en-route to the targets. It would be awesome if the owner was the person who I found under RAF crew records and I have found a database listing this individual with the initials 'CC' alongside his name. Either way it looks superb in the cabinet with the original copies of the maps and logbooks of the Dambuster raid. I just wanted to add something authentic and meaningful to the model and this is what I came up with. Thanks to all for following the build. Hoping to get back on the horse with another RAF Hurricane build in 1/48 now Aaron
  6. Another shot of how it is all sitting in the cabinet. It now has it's antennas and landing gear covers fixed on.
  7. This is amazing. That cockpit is simply beautiful. You are doing the kit real justice! Keep up the good work.
  8. We have a 99% complete AJ-W (Willie)! I have the lights, and antennas to add to the kit although shall be adding them the night before the signing as the kit has to travel 700km's by car to get to Mr Munro so shall add them at the last minute. A huge thanks for all the advice and help through the build, I am yet to weather it so it is pretty clean currently although shall get an expert to assist with that after the signing happens. Hope you like the photos and shall get a finished thread up once the kit is 100% done, next lot of photos shall have a signed plaque and helmet, goggles, and oxygen mask setup included also Enjoy! Aaron
  9. A little more progress. Finally get to see it with some props on!
  10. Cheers for the comments everyone! Love the helmet Deanflyer! DavidH - Cheers! There was a little bit of sanding and filling with putty but we got there in the end Skids - Awesome experience. I am very much looking forward to meeting Mr Munro in person and hearing a story or two! Got stuck in yesterday on this one. Was terrified of making a huge stuff up although managed to get a look I am happy enough with. Still need to add a bit of green down the end of the tail. Was all done with Tamiya Spray rattle cans, wasn't game enough to experiment with the airbrush on this one. Time to let it cure up a little them soldier on with the smaller bits and pieces!
  11. Hi Pat. I was lucky enough to visit an airfield in NZ that Mr Munro has a close affiliation with. I emailed a staff member at the airfield asking if Mr Munro would be able to sign a small something to accompany the model and he contacted Les who said no problem. I haven't yet had the pleasure of meeting him in person however I shall meet him soon when I take the Lanc up to the signing session. Were you after a little something to have signed up also? No promises although I could certainly see what I can do for you
  12. Awesome thanks heaps for that! Will grab some of the white stuff. I did some test runs with the masks and some paper. I got a look I am happy with so shall acquire the white blutac and get busy this weekend. I have been working on the other smaller stuff prepping propellors and gun turrets etc. The final push is upon me and I can call it done. Got some additional motivation this morning. I have purchased a little something to sit with the Lancaster model in my display cabinet...
  13. Base layer is done! Time to lay down my masks and get some more colour onto this one. Wanting a semi-feathered edge, not too hard yet not too 'over sprayed'. Here is how she stands right now.
  14. Apologies for lack of photos, I have sprayed underneath, laid primer and now the base colour is going on. I was unhappy with the look of the top gunner area and two others so got out the putty and dealt to it. Shall lay paint again tonight and then let it cure. It's coming along now.
  15. Cheers for the kind words guys! The sheer size of this one has surprised me a bit, although it's fun to do something different. My normal builds are all 1/24 motorsport ones so it's a lot of fun doing something different, especially with the connection to Les Munro being available. As far as the black goes XF-69 Nato Black is perfect, I put a couple of 'heavier than I would have liked' coats on and it has gone more matte black than the tiny greyish tinge it should have although I am happy enough with the outcome of it. The main thing I wanted to ensure I achieved was a tiny amount of shine, amongst a matte finish like many photos show and I got that so decided to chalk it up as a success. Haha. justaspitcrazy, I think that I would have ended up shelving this build if it wasn't for the plane being a tribute build, as when I hit hard challenging parts I would have put it away until I was confident in getting past the issues. Having a deadline has made me push on with it to keep progressing with the kit. I do need to start thinking about the display case that is getting made for it as well. RAF badge, and WW2 leather flying helmet have been purchased to sit alongside the kit for a little more 'punch' as a display piece.
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