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  1. Beautifully done, especially as it gave you such problems, l choose the kinetic version over this and it to was a very difficult build, perhaps it’s an A6 thing!
  2. You are building quite a collection of the Mustang, lovely, good job!
  3. I would hope you go back to your Games Workshop modelling, because you are making us ‘regulars’ look bad! Brilliant model and the painting is fantastic, good job!
  4. Great return, you have obviously got the base skills, looking forward to your next build!
  5. Very nice, brings back memories, good ones as well. In there day they really were ‘Super Kits’, built them but not to that standard, good job!
  6. The more you look the better it gets, superb modelling, good job!
  7. This beggars belief, outstanding in every way, the aircraft being recovered by the crane is insane in its finesse and detail, congratulations to you both on producing such a model.
  8. Wow, really like what you have done, a striking model, the yellow is brilliant and the scruffy weathering looks spot on, really good job!
  9. Wow! Super starfighter, great paint job, love it!
  10. No criticism from me only praise, that is outstanding, great job!
  11. I can see them now, and that’s stunning modelling, good job!
  12. Absolutely quality build, superb attention to detail, good job!
  13. Looks like a 1/48th, beautifully built and painted.
  14. Looking good! Did you have a problem with the radio antenna? Looks like you had to replace it!
  15. That’s a little bobby dazzler, the first picture is superb!
  16. First prop plane l have seen from you and it’s a stunner, you certainly have cracked large scale modelling, superb!,
  17. Superb, and that orange nose really sets it off, good job!
  18. The paint job looks good to me, and the exhaust system is excellent, good job!
  19. I should think you would be very proud of what you have achieved, looks brilliant.
  20. Could not agree more, nice work and well done for helping the cause, good job!
  21. Very nicely done, looks good to me, lovely scheme too, good job!
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