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  1. So some progress! Finished paint work. Will gloss soon and then just decals. Due to my model destroying machine of a cat it is now being done gear up rather than down. I know it's not the best paint job...it definitely didn't go to plan.
  2. As promised, I am posting once a week at least. No pictures this time though, sorry. I've been ill this week - virus apparently - so no real progress. I did tape it up and start the first coat of the bottom today. Just got to do another 2 thin coats and it should be ready for varnish and decals. Then weathering. Eep. Hopefully get that done at the weekend. My next project I'm really looking forward too and it arrived in the post yesterday.
  3. Yeah it's got SO few parts as well! I got it and thought there were parts missing haha! It is a super simple kit, though I want to get a Revell one to do a Danish one soon - but got a few things to do before I can justify buying any more haha. I'm hoping to get this finished tomorrow after work.
  4. So I've been absent off here again for a long time (sorry, last few years have been really busy and weird). I've been off work the last week due to health problems but the last 2 days felt I could at least try and start some modelling again. So I decided to do one I got for a couple of quid on Facebook so if it was really bad it didn't matter too much. I know it's not the best paint job, but I'm not too upset with it. I'll tidy it up a bit, get the bottom started, varnish it and I'm hoping once decals are on it won't loo too bad. Thanks for looking. Hopefully I'll be on here to post at least once a week from now on!
  5. I went to the museum over this last weekend (Saturday) and it's changed, in a positive manor, from what I remember. A lot more refined and felt a lot nicer to look round than before. My only sadness is that the Draken and Viggen are so far away from each other. However, I've been to the Flygvapen Museum so I shouldn't complain haha.
  6. These are awesome. I actually really need to do a few of these myself. Brilliant work!
  7. I'll be geting one for sure! Tbh the Airfix one has a pretty poor fit if this one is anything to go by...I've used more filler than ever before haha. That being said I don't think it's too noticable! I'll be getting one though, though I'm looking at the CANT aircraft first!
  8. Haha, yeah, my 3 bladed prop that came with it literally disintegrated. So when I get a spare 3 blade I'll swap it over, but for now it's stuck with all I had! But thank you. I've actually got 2 more Airfix kits sm79s but I am going to get an Italeri one.
  9. Update. I know no-one's replied, but needs a different post...It's painted...nearly! I've got most of it done. Just need to tidy the props up and it'll be done! Just gotta do the decals, varnish it...and maybe weather it if I'm brave enough. Hope you like it! I'm kind of proud of it .It's my first ever bomber! And Torpedoes to be added soon!
  10. First cote of paint applied today. Using Life Colors....they're really nice. Seem to go far. Doing lots and lots of thin layers. The picture doesn't really show the 'pre shading' I did on the the fabric lines. But oh well, at least the colour is lovely this time. The paint on the radial covers needs touching up, as they're not as straight as they should be. But I'm so glad it's getting done.
  11. Well I actually finished the MC200 and a D520 (see them here: ) but I do have another SM79, a G50, 2xCr42s, an MC202, MC205, Fiat G55, Caproni c200 (i think that's what it is), amongst some more to do. I love Italian aircraft...also, I didn't know of the group build so will definately look into that. Anyway, only got up to take my partner to work...will post more later today when I'm up and have done some painting!
  12. So this project is back on! Got the building finished today and just gotta start the painting with my lovely new paints tomorrow. Can't wait to get it done. Got another 2 of these to do too haha. This picture doesn't have the torpedoes that are now present on the model.
  13. Awesome. Kinda like the Jastreb fighter they were doing? Can't wait to see how this turns out!
  14. This is AMAZING. So much effort. It's... *sheds ytear* beautiful!
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