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  1. Very impressive! But, of course, you must tell us how you did the flaming exhaust. *** Disregard, I just found your WIP.
  2. I thought I recognized the kit. I recently built one of these to see how quickly I could put a kit together and still have it look decent. Nine hours was how long it took.
  3. Would that be the Hobby Boss “Easy Assembly” kit?
  4. Thanks for that tip. I’ve never tried using leveling thinner with Tamiya paint... learn something new every day.
  5. I am impressed by the precision of your work. Very nice!
  6. Excellent! The early Junkers designs have caught my fancy, and I’ve added a few to my stash. Your example may very well prompt me to actually begin building one or two....
  7. Looking great so far! That Durham’s putty is nice stuff, and it may have been you who tipped me off to it when I had to vacuform a replacement for the yellowed canopy that came with my Special Hobby Lockheed Electra.
  8. A good engineering solution for widening the wings. I would consider adding a reinforcing strip of plasticard across the top, between the aluminum tubes, just to be safe.
  9. Maybe the most ambitious project I’ve ever seen on this forum. Good luck!
  10. A lot of clever engineering in this kit, to be sure. But, I have to wonder, since they molded the upper fuselage as a single part, why didn’t they include the spine, instead of making it a separate piece? (Yes, I know I promised to sit quietly in back, but sometimes I can’t help myself)
  11. When I did my recent Phantom build, I made mine by copying the photo Giemme posted above. You should be able to scale it up for 1/48. With a bit of trial-and-error, it should work. The trickiest part will be finding or making a turbine compressor fan for the back end of the intake.
  12. They are a way for scratch building deeper jet intakes for F-4 Phantom kits that need them, and can be used with a variety of kits (Fujimi, Hasegawa, Monogram, etc)
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