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  1. Made this one not so long ago , nice simple kit to cut your teeth on. Love the brickwork! What colours did you use and how did you get the mortar so realistic? I have one piece of advice for theses Matchbox kits though, pin washes for details are your friend!
  2. Very informative thank you
  3. Another question.These decals would go over the joins in between ribs because there was no stiching over ribs? Thanks for every ones help!!
  4. (If you have some leftover lozenge that is long enough, you can trim those into strips?) Can lozenge strips be used on a Albatross Dv with top lozenge camo ? most photos show a lighter strip over the ribs. And the model is Eduards Dv in Revell packaging , i believe .Have got the Print scale pt2 decals to jazz it up a bit . I did see coloured rib tape in my search for Print scale but cannot for the life of me remember where they were! As a result google was useless ,Typical ain't it?
  5. Saw those earlier ,already got the camo just need the coloured tape
  6. banzaiduke

    Rib tape decals

    Does anybody know where i can buy said decals in 1/48? Have tried Google and my main online vendors and had no luck.
  7. Thanks for the testing done. Saved me a packet.
  8. Might have missed this but how do they compare with Daco Products and do they work on the old Academy decals ?
  9. Does anybody else use this cleaner? It allows you to dilute to any strength you need for cleaning. Been using it for a while now but slowly it has been turning my VMA into goop when i try to clean out the brush. I thought i had left some cellulose in the brush by mistake so ran an experiment on a ceramic mixing palette , 50/50 mix turned it to goop ,pure turned it to goop and even a very diluted mix turned it to goop. Does it have a use by date ? Really confused now!
  10. Thanks for the answer . With such a small amount built and the timing of production , i think all primer is the way to go.
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