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  1. Interesting build! Having never seen any one make a figure from scratch i'll certainly be watching!
  2. I had no idea trains had tyres! I thought about it a bit and decided it makes sense to have a replaceable component. Personally I think grey is boring so i'm pleased your swmbo changed your mind! Sometimes I wish I had just gone for a straight build, it does make a very interesting subject and it does look good completed even with the inaccuracies, but i'm in for the long haul now! It's always good to push your boundaries once in a while.
  3. I've been mostly not making models until about 6 months ago then i've been in the WIP figures section. I have finally found my model making motivation again so the loco may soon be back on the cards. Though I have now got 2 projects on the go so one has to be completed before I dig it back out again. I need a couple of confidence builds before I step once more into the complexities of my loco build! Good work so far Dave, it's always good to know what doesn't fit! I can't even remember any more if i've test fitted these. I may have to look at my own build log and see where i'm at, it's been so long! I'm pleased to hear it's the red and black scheme, it's my favorite! It would be nice to see one of these completed, it so very rarely happens. My build rate is so slow i'm pretty certain you're going to complete the build before me!
  4. Hi! I wish you the best of luck with your build! The Trumpeter kit does indeed have way too many errors to count! Trumpeter do a very good job of making interesting models that are mostly inaccurate. Of course my model is based on the restored version so it does diverge from the kit even more just to make life more interesting. I'd be interested to know what scheme has taken your fancy, is it the classic red and black or the war scheme? It'll be interesting to see your work, i've been toying with the idea of getting my loco out of the box again for the past month or so now so it may yet happen.
  5. He lives with me, he must do! He's also been building models for a few years longer than me. One of the first models (an Airfix mk1 female tank) I built was from his kit stash. He thought i'd never finish it but to his surprise I did and have never looked back since. I would have loved her to come with a set of photo etch glasses, I was a little disappointed that she didn't. Maybe that's why she's looking so nervous!
  6. Phew! After many very tense moments, Fraulein Muller (changed to an unmarried female in my figure rather than an old married lady) is completed! she's very much a plain Jane type character who's a little nervous around crowds. Her bicycle was also a complete pain to make. It's literally the flimsiest and most beautifully completed piece of plastic ever! I can't claim all the credit for this one, it was very much a collaboration between me and my husband. He had the joys of fitting the spokes and aligning them correctly as well as constructing most of the bike and painting the whole thing silver. I'm really not all that great at using Alclad chrome so he very kindly did it for me. My most frustrating moment was getting Fraulein Muller's hands in the correct place, which was a complete pain involving a lot of frustration and almost snapping the bike and/or her thumbs! That said, i'm very pleased with the outcome and I really do think the bike is an amazing piece to add to a diorama. I just might give it a while before I think about ever attempting another one!
  7. They're some kind of knitted pom poms I think. I like your idea better though tram drivers, equipped with party poppers! I decided he was going to be an older guy as the sculpt kinda reminded me of a friend so he's based off him. So my tram driver is actually called Tony which fits rather well I think!
  8. I must be having an off day with this one, he's not my favorite but he just about passes. I made a bit of a mistake with his coloring, I really think I should have added a little more shadow but i'm not brave enough to try and correct him too much! He was also a complete pain to pose. His arm didn't want to go high enough for the handle. I also would have liked to have him touching two controls but it just wasn't going to happen. I notice on the MiniArt version his hand is also way too low and he's standing on a piece of perspex on top! I've made my figure so the handle should just pop in the slot. That's the theory anyway, i'm not going to test fit him too often, I don't really want to snap the handle, though there is a spare. MiniArt provide one for each end when in reality it seems the driver just had one and carried it with him.
  9. Woo! I have a female tram conductor! She was a real pain to paint, she also looks really uncannily like a friend of mine (not quite an accident as the friend in question was my source of wavy blonde hair photos!). It's actually a little unnerving!
  10. This is some great work Badder! I was interested enough to look through all 46 pages in one go anyway. I'm sure when I have more time i'll be raiding your build log for ideas on diorama making. I really like your use of natural materials like the roots and the tea leaves among many other things. I'm sure i'll be back before I have a go at the stonework on the tram diorama base we want to do as well.
  11. Thanks Rob, after a short a small intermission whilst family visits over Christmas i'm back on the figures! Now i'm on the remaining 4, I think these are going to go together slower than the rest as I figure out where to pose some hands and legs. I'm working on the female tram conductor who has loads of little fiddly details to paint.
  12. I finally got round to taking some photos of my latest figure, she doesn't look much like her box art and i'm not so great at painting blondes so she has light brown hair. She does look a bit like she has a smudge on her face in the photo because cameras but in person she doesn't. One of the frustrations of photography I suppose, the camera does pick out every flaw!
  13. I might have to try it, it sounds like a good challenge! After these ones I might have a small break. With 4 figures to go (having finished an as yet unphotographed one yesterday) I feel like i've painted enough figures in one go for my liking. I'm glad I didn't pick an army! Though at some point i'd love to do a diorama with ships, I saw an epic cutting out expedition diorama the other day and I do like making wooden ship models!
  14. Now that would really be great! Also that's very handy info, I think I may have found a face for my loco driver in there.
  15. I've never heard of Bravo-6 but I suppose that's no surprise seeing I haven't really been into making figures until recently. They do look like they paint well, it's just a shame there's a fairly limited choice when it comes to civilians across the board, unless you want a refugee, a lady of the night or a pin-up of course! I suppose it's supply and demand though, most dioramas tend to be military.
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