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  1. PC building has been taking a fair amount of my time last week but now everything is in order I can carry on making the fire door. I've gone with some simple shapes for now so it looks a bit boxy but I want to keep them for as long as possible to make modifications easier. I may also want to change the orientation of the fire door. Theres still plenty of detail to add as well.
  2. Firstly thank you for taking the time to reply. I've been a little quiet recently as i've been PC building. That answers my question very nicely, my workflow will most certainly go from CAD to Blender in future. If I can find the means to be more precise, I can see the CAD being less useful over time. I had noticed .obj seems to be the only common file type, that and .stl, which has a certain application, though on first impression is a little tricky to work with. I will certainly look through the resources you linked, then I can most likely get a good idea of what to do in CAD to transfer ove
  3. I'd certainly agree with you on that front. Personally I find blender frustrating for its lack of precision. I don't think i'll be switching away from CAD but I find blender would much more suitable for the final touches and tweaking to add a bit of life. I may not be quite as well versed in the technical terminology, (which has never been my strong point at the best of times!) but I am rapidly learning the limitations of both and your well worded explanation certainly accords with my experience so far. The question is, is it actually possible to send an item from a program like blender back i
  4. Work on the BR is progressing during breaks between home schooling. I'm beginning to stress my PC out with all my expectations! The poor thing is over 10 years old so is doing admirably for its age but i'll probably be moving over to a new one soon. I think I will get the surrounds for the central 2 plugs sorted then move on to looking at the scale of the resin parts I bought so I can work out where to put supports if they're needed or little flat spots or cut in profiles and also work out what I need to design from scratch. The more I look, the more I can see that should go on so
  5. I've just come across your build and I wanted to say that's some good work there! I thought i'd have a bit of a browse to see how many people are doing their own 3D designs on here. We're embarking on our own 3D printing journey, having just bought a resin printer (and subsequently a new PC though it's not here yet). It's interesting to see someone doing scale work on blender. I'll certainly be having a good read through for some tips as i'll be moving on from CAD to blender for my loco. I will be most interested to see how your work progresses, especially as you explain what you're actually d
  6. Things have sped up a little since I managed to get the tricky angles sorted. I've only had a little time today for computer work but my progress is a little more visual. The design is starting to show the differences in the kit part and 333. The boiler plugs (for lack of a better name) have holes. There's a few more holes to dig and extrude in the main part but these are all simple ovals, circles or squares on a single plane so shouldn't be too hard.
  7. I'm making some very hard won progress today. Due to my inexperience, I found placing a part on a tilted boiler, with the sides also tilted inward with a chamfer completely blew my mind. Having struggled with it for many hours, I finally cracked it. Naturally actually doing it once i've figured out the process was simple. The great irony being that this particular part is blanked off by a plate on the bottom of 333 so i'm going to undo this and put it back to being solid. I can now translate the complete part higher up though so only a little wasted effort. Though of course seperate triangulat
  8. Sorry I seem to have missed replying to you before, welcome aboard! Progress is slow, it having been a few years but i'm hoping to push on through this time. I've been doing quite a bit of measuring of parts and there are plenty of convenient exact millimeter measurements in this one so I imagine they just design them to look about right and stop when there's enough to confuse the eye into believing that it's a good kit. There's certainly going to be a large increase in resin parts on this one. I'll still scratch build where it's easier but I now have the means for some fine detail
  9. Thanks! I rather enjoyed the mucking up part, though it did take a couple of goes to get just the right look.
  10. As for BR86, here's my progress for today. I'm doing a fairly rough rendition of the chassis and the boiler. I got most of the chassis i've built so far done. Just in case anyone is interested in just how, I used a scan of the sprue set up from the instructions, drew out the outline of the parts I wanted, made a duplicate, then scaled one in the length direction and the other in the width, then extrapolated the lines to get a true scale, then checked and adjusted each part against the real thing. It's only a rough version though as I left a lot of the holes
  11. My figure is pretty much done, ready for a clear coat to be honest a decal sounds like more hard work, i'd much rather paint it. I'd imagine the success varies with the figure. This guys got pretty small eyes and they're quite irregular. I've never seen anyone paint this particular figure, which is a shame as he's quite well detailed and in proportion.
  12. I'm hoping so too! I do enjoy painting the figures, though I have to try when the mood takes me otherwise it doesn't go well. Eyes are most tricky, it being pretty much a case of a tiny slip and i'm scrubbing the paint off and doing them over again! I've literally just got the kit out again today to blow off the dust and take stock of what I want to keep and what I want to re-model. Thankfully i'm happy to keep a fair amount, but I do think i'm going to do a complete remodel of the cylinders at the front, though at least I have a profile diagram I made for my scratch building attem
  13. It's still going strong, at the moment it gets taken out fortnightly for food shopping.
  14. After a very long hiatus the BR86 might be back on soon! (well maybe). I have since done many things including moving house, building other things. Ignoring the BR86 box, learning 3D CAD (self taught so i'm still battling with it) and finally, most recently, buying a 3D resin printer. The last being the final thing that may push this project forward again. I may end up re-doing a few parts but i'll assess and if it's still good I won't mess with it. One of the reasons for me stopping in the first place was just purely project fatigue and looking at all the things that just aren't t
  15. Interesting build! Having never seen any one make a figure from scratch i'll certainly be watching!
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