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  1. The chipping on the corners of the tank looks great, how did you do it?
  2. Will definitely be lurking this thread more...great work, keep it up Ben
  3. I believe those rifles are variants of the K2, some obscure Korean rifle. They're not modelled too badly either. But I'm guessing if you're going with Russian crew, then you should ditch them for something a bit more AK-ish. Also good job on the kit so far. I got myself one of these about 2 years ago and I simply gave up when it came to the suspension. Maybe this build will inspire me to carry it on some day Keep up the good work! Ben
  4. Good job! Being from Peterborough, I'm intrigued by the detail on the side of the plane. Do you have any information regarding this specific spitfire?
  5. I wonder how much Brad Pitt gets paid to stand there all day.. Loving the work on the sherman, keep it up Ben
  6. Great job on your first build, you should be very proud.
  7. Always thought the Dora's were quite ugly planes, but your example is simply gorgeous. Can't wait to see the finished product
  8. Brilliant work on that, lovely details. You should make a follow up job showing it go nose first into the flight deck
  9. Front of the plane really reminds me of the later Ju87's.. cracking job on your builds. Look forward to seeing more from you
  10. Wow! Wish I could get my cockpits looking that good, let alone that good after 4 hours. Will definitely be watching this one
  11. I hope you've found some new decals, the huge tiger on the nose will spoil the beauty of it imo
  12. Very nice!! I've been at uni for 7 weeks now and I still haven't got the decals on my typhoon yet I look forward to seeing your next build Ben
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