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  1. Lol!And me?Troshi told you the same info i gave you!hahah
  2. You can just ask the normal nose to KH!
  3. Hi man!I've worked on the dauphin as 365 n3 for a long time. If you check this out http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234952105-aerospatiale-sa365565-dauphin-ii-148-kittyhawk/you will see what you have to modify in ordere to have a perfect dauphin. The biggest mistake is the main rotor head, it's too high. Then you have to correct the nose angle. Regards
  4. Great!!Another F16!!That's the 50th f16's model kit on the market. The companies are totally blind...
  5. I hope Revell improves the tyres and the rims provided in their kits. If you compare the Revell's wheelset with the Fujimi's ones you'll notice there's a big difference!!
  6. I really don't know how many of you guys work in the aerospace sector, but if you do i'm sure you have the ability to recognize the fidelity of a kit. Ok, i work on helicopters and i have a certain experience only on rotorcrafts but i'm quite sure that the most of Trumpeter kits are incorrect in terms of overall dimension regardless of whether we are talking about airplanes or helicopters. I don't know why most of modellers put more attention on the details provided than on the fidelity. All to say that i prefer a kit that is more representative of the real aircraft than one with more details/better fit but wrong in terms of length, shape ecc... and imho that's what Trumpeter provides. That's why i prefer Revell over Trumpeter.
  7. Guys, don't forget that Revell is going to release the H145M, which is a beautiful chopper!So in a certain way they are innovative, but not so much. And even though they have given us a possibility to express our opinions and wishes, it seems they don't care about that. I remember a list as long as my arm of new possible kits, and again we don't see real tools (except the former i mentioned). I'm losing hope... But i'd like to see also this and this maybe one day...
  8. So you think that companies can make money only with old gen fighter kit? The market wants new tools!!The problem is that companies don't listen and that's a fact! By the way no problem, some of us will keep on modeling whereas others will stop (me).
  9. No no dont tell me, i wanna guess...another f16!!!Great!!That's what i've been always looking for! So now we have 10^3 f16 kits. I think i've seen more f16/f18/f15 kits than chinese people in my life. I just surrender, i cannot and i don't want to wait 40 years for new subjects.
  10. I'd say that the overall modeling world is "standing still". There are plenty of kits that could be done but there is no will. I'm tired of seeing the same kits every year. I'd like an MV Agusta F3/F4 in 1:12, a Ferrari F2015 T, the new 488, the McLaren P1, the new mercedes AMG GT ecc... the list is long as my arm.
  11. Let's face it. Companies are offering the same kits in different variants but in the end what we got is more or less the same. Investments in new kits are costly and no one wants to risk. The only hope comes from new companies that, in order to gain market share, must offer something different because they won't enter the market with a portfolio consisting of "n" versions of F15/16/18.
  12. I just want brave companies giving the market fresh air, like KH and Freedom Model. I'd like to see a Gulfstream G450 for example, or an AW139, EC155, AW169, AS350B3 all in 1:48, or a S-76D, The new H160, Formula 1 cars...the list is so long i could write from now till 6 am of the next day. Regards!
  13. I'd like to see the F-15T in 1:12. It would be nice!
  14. I have experience on their 365 dauphin. It's simply the best on the market today. If you compare the kitty hawk with the trumpeter, you will realize the trumpy is totally a poop. The downside is that is far more complicated to put together. Maybe this is the only kit by KH done in the right way. Time will tell. Cheers!
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