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  1. I went and got some decals from Hannants for Eileen with an option for another P47. I cut up the cowling decals into smaller strips which worked really well.
  2. Thanks, I might get that for my old Razorback from Matchbox. The decals from that have gone and I put some un-used Beaufighter decals on in place. I might also order SS72886 "No Guts, No Glory" from Hannants.
  3. I've been building the Academy Bubbletop P-47 Thunderbolt "Eileen" in 1/72. I quite fancied the checker cowling but the decals wouldn't wrap around properly and also the problem I've found with some other Academy kits is that the decals won't even stick to the surface. I'm thinking of getting some aftermarket decals though they are around the same price as the kit purchased. I was thinking of painting a white band around the cowling though this would be more suitable for the Razerback P-47. Has anyone on here any experience with this kit? and how did you successfully get the b&w checked cowling? Another thing, looking at photos should Eileen have a black rudder? This kit does not show this.
  4. Great build, and a really nice and interesting colour scheme, I do like it when I see someone attempt something that's different to what you normally see. Good work!
  5. Great work, looks like a good kit to make.
  6. I have seen them both fly at Duxford and other places as well and I think that you have made a great tribute to two men who could probably be called Flying Legends in their own right. Well Done.
  7. Nice work there, I like the formation in the last photo. The Pizza box stands on the Tiffie look like a good idea, I will remember that one.
  8. Great build and nice paint work, I have yet to try the airbrush.
  9. Thanks for the nice comments. Sorry for the late reply I haven't been on here for a while.
  10. Thanks for that, I think you are right about my darker of the blues it does look too light, looking at the 2nd colour photo on Troy Smith's post I'd say your model is very close to how it should have been.
  11. Well I had a go at the 63rd FS scheme used Revell 56 for the darker of the blues mixed it with Revell 5 for the blue rudder and mixed Humbrol 230 with Revell 5 for the lighter blue. Underneath and wing edges were Humbrol 56.
  12. Building finished. 7. Decals Applied. 8. Alongside the same model in RAF markings. 9. All done, thank you for following
  13. I'm making a start on the Airfix Spitfire PRXIX in the 1/72 scale. I have already built the RAF one liked it so thought I'd do the Swedish version too. Just pre-painting at the moment. 1.
  14. This was a nice kit to build. Completed a couple of months ago, thought I'd share some photos of it.
  15. Thanks, I have the new tool Airfix Gladiator to build. I originally wanted the RAF scheme but quite fancy the Swedish version I might have to buy another.
  16. Here is my attempt at the new tool Tiger Moth from Airfix. I've not posted photos on here before so here goes. Airfix 1/72 Scale De Havilland Tiger Moth 008 by Southend Spitfire, on Flickr Airfix 1/72 Scale De Havilland Tiger Moth 007 by Southend Spitfire, on Flickr Airfix 1/72 Scale De Havilland Tiger Moth 006 by Southend Spitfire, on Flickr Airfix 1/72 Scale De Havilland Tiger Moth 005 by Southend Spitfire, on Flickr Airfix 1/72 Scale De Havilland Tiger Moth 004 by Southend Spitfire, on Flickr Airfix 1/72 Scale De Havilland Tiger Moth 003 by Southend Spitfire, on Flickr Airfix 1/72 Scale De Havilland Tiger Moth 002 by Southend Spitfire, on Flickr A great kit worth having a go, I got a bit too scared on how to do the rigging though I would love to perfect that I thought i shouldn't risk it. Unfortunately I left a glued finger print on the starboard side of the cockpit and snapped part of the undercarriage.
  17. Thank you Troy and Occa for the replies.
  18. I have the Revell kit of a P-47M Thunderbolt 1:72 (03984) The options are for two aircraft both from the 56th Fighter Group. There is a Blue one from 63rd Fighter Squadron and a Grey/Olive one from the 62nd Fighter Squadron. I haven't decided which one to go with yet but I am unsure what paints to go for if I was to go for the Blue version, I usually use Humbrol or Revell paints. I think I know which paint to go for the Grey and Olive version. Has anybody come across this kit? Would anybody know what paints to use?
  19. Great kit, I built this version last year but broke the arrestor hook.
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