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  1. Spitfire Mk XVI SM424 was coded LO-U in late 1944
  2. Noble's log book is displayed at the Tangmere Museum. But it will not be very helpful as he only entered the serials or digits in it. John Engelsted.
  3. MH819 was coded "OU-M" with 485 Squadron. Engelsted.
  4. I have quite a long list of Hurricanes assigned to 71 OTU but none ending in "839". BN173 was coded "A-5" in late 1944. I am unable to see the photo of "A-14" and I have sent a PM with my email address. John Engelsted
  5. According to Cork's logbook he flew AF955 on the 6th. John
  6. I don't think it was "C" as X4488 was "C" from late September to October 2nd, overlapping the period in which P9338 was with the squadron. Case flew it (9338) from October 4th to 12th. John Engelsted
  7. EF566 flew with 249 Squadron from July to September 1944 according to the ORB. John
  8. Engelsted

    616 Sqn question

    "Gifts of War" put Strouts in Spitfire AD375. John Engelsted
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