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  1. It's a little hard to tell as I'm only able to see the images on my phone screen at present, but the unsanded vs sanded is very subtle. At first glance, I actually felt the unsanded looked slightly more the part. But of course, everything changes with the advantage of seeing things in person. Manfred, I dont doubt your abilities to discern which is best in the end for a moment!
  2. I think it's hard to tell to my eye anyway, without the final color applied. It will of course, effect the perception of the surface texture, and could enhance or suppress the flour effect. Can you try a color coat on your sacrificial intertank by chance? It may help the final decision...
  3. That's right! I hope you're surviving all the recent moving and shaking ok!! I've lived in the valley for 23 years, and in UT since '84 - about 14 months after Manfred's historical build subject blasted into orbit. I'm down the way in Lehi now. Cheers neighbor. B~
  4. Manfred, impeccable, stunning, and absolutely amazing work! Do you have any plan to spray a thin primer coat perhaps, to help seal the tape down permanently, before you do the flour treatment? Just idle curiosity really. I spent yesterday on a short road trip north of my place about an hour, and visited the "Rocket Garden" at Orbital ATK / Northrop Grumman - formerly Morton Thiokol back when STS-6 was sitting on the pad. Their full size SRB never fails to impress in size and power. Just a few miles further up the road is Promontory Summit, where, in 1869 (100 years before Neil
  5. I used to do a "Living in Space" live science demonstration to kids at the local planetarium here. Our grand finale was to take a title like that, and hit it with a huge (and impressively loud) propane torch flame about two feet long - all while holding the tile in our bare hand. The front surface would glow almost white hot in a mater of seconds, but the back never changed. You just had to be sure your aim with the torch was good. Otherwise, some singed fingertips from flames escaping around the sides were likely!
  6. Hello Serkan, Sadly not yet. WOW but I just looked at the timeline again...5 years now? I really must get on with this and be done! Just moved again last month, and am in the process of trying to get myself all settled and such. With any luck I may be able to begin again in the not terribly distant future. If you have this kit, I have a bunch of insight I can provide. Anything in particular that I didn't already cover in this ancient and rambling thread? Thanks Gents Brian~
  7. Hoping so Gents...hoping so. The Devil lies in the details of any kit, and I know that this particular aircraft seems ungainly to many on the best of days, and downright - almost offensively - ugly to most on every day. But I find it to be quite a marvel of engineering, geometry, and aerodynamics. The fact that it ever flew was incredible enough. Add to it what it was capable of, and the further designs it lead to (including the B-2, F-22, F-35 in the US alone), along with numerous other designs from other countries as well. Quite an ingenious thing the '117 was. And still almost entir
  8. Progress continues - at a pace that would make a lethargic snail blush - but it continues nevertheless! Recent work on the Nighthawk has been almost exclusively virtual as opposed to practical of late. But with a touch of luck, and more than a little homework, I believe I've cracked something of an enigma concerning the RCS screens in front of the engines. Photographs always show the screens to look completely black - no light seems to pass through the screens to illuminate the engine faces, or indeed even the bright yellow coverall of ground crew standing immediately behind the screens (in
  9. I don't know which leaves me with greater hunger...the insane awesome build progress...or supper?!
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