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  1. I built the Trumpeter C47 some years ago, it is very detailed and goes together well but my one criticism of the kit is that the reduction cowl in front of the engine extends too far outside the cowling meaning that the propellers are too far away from the cowling. I never found a fix for this!
  2. Sorry, I think the quote in Workbench said the first multi prop in !/48 using the latest CAD technology.
  3. I would buy one instantly, but I don't think Airfix have the capability to create one, remember their boast that the Blenheim was their first multi-prop kit in 1/48. They made that sound like a big achievement!
  4. Sorry Aicz, I am building this at the moment too, but I haven't got as far as you. I'll let you know if I hit problems.
  5. But, can anyone explain why Airfix can produce a wonderful new release like the 1/48 Blenheim and then an absolute dog like the Spitfire 14? This really isn't a matter of price I would always be prepared to pay for quality eg Tamiya, and the Spitfire wasn't too expensive, there is just no excuse for such a poor kit to be released nowadays.
  6. I agree, this kit is a big disappointment and I will think twice before buying an Airfix new release again. Have you checked whether the wheels fit on the stub axels?
  7. Well done! I built the Halton version of this "kit" and started by discovering that one fuselage half was 1/4 inch longer than the other!! It got worse after that. Yours looks fantastic.
  8. Life gets better and better !!!
  9. This is great news, now all we need is a Lancaster, a Liberator, a Halifax etc!!
  10. Very nice, you're right about the decals, I asked Airfix to send me a replacement set and they were worse that the originals!
  11. It is many years since I built the Trumpeter DC3 and I have no recollection of parts D28. But, the biggest problem I have with the finished model is that the crankcase sticks out way beyond the cowling resulting in a large gap between the propeller and the cowling which just looks wrong. Many times I have investigated what went wrong and can find no way I could have done anything differently. because of this and the incorrect shape of the cowling, I think the Quickboost replacements is a good idea.
  12. Very impressive, well done but it really is time that someone produced a new 1/48 Lancaster!
  13. This is a picture I have never seen before. I cannot remember anything in "Enemy Coast Ahead" about testing a new bombsite ( and I have the unedited version) so I am as intrigued as you to find answers to this one.
  14. Hi and welcome. I'm afraid that I had to mix my own using Tamiya paints (my favourites) when I built the Buccaneer in desert markings. My start point was XF59 Desert Yellow and then "pink" it up to the correct shade.
  15. Mine was complete, but best of luck with fitting the wings!
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