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  1. This is a picture I have never seen before. I cannot remember anything in "Enemy Coast Ahead" about testing a new bombsite ( and I have the unedited version) so I am as intrigued as you to find answers to this one.
  2. Hi and welcome. I'm afraid that I had to mix my own using Tamiya paints (my favourites) when I built the Buccaneer in desert markings. My start point was XF59 Desert Yellow and then "pink" it up to the correct shade.
  3. Mine was complete, but best of luck with fitting the wings!
  4. Research suggests, that this aircraft was delivered in standard Temperate colours ie Dark Green/ Dark Earth over Sky which was considered unsuitable in Malta. The Dark Green was simply overpainted in one of the Sea Greys, in which case Sky would be correct.
  5. I too really enjoyed this kit, yours looks very good too.
  6. This probably won't help, but I remember in the 70's that the BBMF had to make a fairing for PA474 which was then covered in fabric around the rear turret. This indicates that a very late FE Lancaster wasn't made with the fairing.
  7. Why can't someone make a decent 1/48 Lanc rather than these impractical sized ones?
  8. Looks wonderful, but you appear to have missed the rods that hold the upper cowl open.
  9. Sorry, there is so much here. I have just finished this model, the fit of the nose glazing isn't good bit the plastic was perfectly clear. It needs a great deal of care to get the nose to fit correctly but it looks good when it does. My biggest problem was the fit of the engines and nacelles as in my opinion the instructions do not make the exact locations clear, when I make this model again I shall do a great deal more dry fitting around this area before gluing. Overall I highly recommend this model.
  10. I have just finished this model and did as has been suggested above, ie I cut the barrels between the two ball structures halfway down the barrel. Then glued the gun from the inside and simply added the barrels when finished, it worked a treat!. Hope this helps.
  11. I have never yet not finished a kit, but came very close with the Fonderie Minatures Halifax in 1/48. Even the fuselage halves were different lengths and different profiles and the fit of the interior still brings tears to my eyes, but the engine mounts are indescribable! The model still sits on my shelf and lears at me.
  12. Sorry Guys but some of the windows are definitely greyed out from both the outside and/or inside, those of you who have got Garbett and Goulding's "Lancaster at War" vol one, could look at page 20 and the photo entitled "Unusual angle" the windows below the camouflage line ie in the black have been greyed out, the windows above the line are difficult to interpret. Also, the picture on page 50 of HK545 shows the window forward of the entry door painted out, and the other windows appear to be painted over in camouflage colours, the picture on page 51 of ED802 also shows this strange mix of windows in the black area painted grey and above the line in camo colours. Possibly on the early lancs it was only the lower pictures that were greyed out and the upper ones clear, this would explain the photo of Young's aircraft where only the upper windows are visible. The plot thickens!
  13. I agree that the photo of Young's aircraft appears to show the windows clear, but look at the well known IWM pictures if Gibsons aircraft they are definitely overpainted in cream or light grey particularly the picture of Gibson's crew entering the aircraft. There probably would be no reason why aircraft in the same squadron should be different?
  14. You really need to check photos of the aircraft you are making as the above answers are correct but some Lancasters eg the Dambusters had their windows painted over in a creamy colour and only the very earliest ie 1942 Lancasters had the windows clear, these usually also have the shallow bomb aimers blister. The majority of Lancasters (post Oct 43) had no windows at all, and this is further complicated by those early Lancs that survived long enough to need a major service often had the windows deleted (Look at R5868 at Hendon) I have made several Tamiya 1/48 Lancs including NX611 when she was French Blue and it is difficult to completely emilinate the side windows and you always need to re-scribe. best of luck!
  15. I can't answer your question Chris, but I built the Halton version of this kit and it was a nightmare. the fuselage halves were actually different lengths by about 1/4inch!! My best advice is progress slowly and solve each problem as you find it. The engine mountings were particularly challenging! regards Steve
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