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  1. Yes. Same one who gave lots of her time to comprehensively answer dumb modeller questions until the cows came home.
  2. Maybe, but her entertainment and education value was right up there. Much missed indeed.
  3. It's a way of paying creators to make fabulous things so you can watch and learn and they don't get a "real" job, leaving all the Arduino-controlled fancy stuff in the shop. When you contribute ££££, they feel guilty about not spending it on resin etc. Good luck.
  4. Escargot is probably why I'm enjoying your build so much. They bought the Ford because they can drive it on their standard (non HGV) licence but because it is too heavy it's getting an entire running gear replacement from an LF. Great model opportunity. Anyway, keep up the good work and ignore the sniping from the sidelines.
  5. Apologies if I'm being overly-retentive, but it occurred to me that with that amount of steering lock on, the arm on the steering box would be nearly fully deflected rather than in its neutral position. I only mention it as I've been staring at pictures of Bad Obsession Motorsports' fabulous "Escargot " project - feel free to ignore. Lots of great references there for truck scratchers., btw...
  6. Maybe you need to set up a Patreon page @barside so that your rich uncle can gift you some free kit...
  7. No photos again Peter. I think they may be on half-term hols...
  8. Good to see you back at work, Manfred. I have no "tried and tested" suggestions for the drilling, but it seems to me that you need to be able to mount the resin in a jig so that it won't move and then drill the hole using a vertical drill stand. Perhaps 2mm styrene sheet or even foam board would do for a jig? A cut out when the pipe duct fits would stop if from rotating. I'm sure your eventual solution will be more elegant than this.
  9. Hi Jeroen. I assume there is also a drag link between the hub and the steering box on one side. Worth including? Great work so far. I'm enjoying this tremendously.
  10. If someone could point out to "Easy" jet that you can fly a biplane in this, I'd appreciate it. They cancelled circa 350 flights today and forgot to mention it to both people "servicing" the "help" desk. You can't plan the weather or point strips of tarmac into the wind at will, but it is possible to manage an airline. Back on topic, I'm itching to see how new tools will be put through their paces.
  11. Are you thinking like one of those weather reporting stone-on-a-chain things Terry? Slats wet: raining Slats white: snowing Slats on their side: windy etc
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