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  1. Gluten-free modelling. This may catch on, although I expect it to be around 20% more expensive than the regular styrene sort and a little dry, so probably best to pour an extra beer or two...
  2. Fantastic Vitaliy! Are you going to do some shots against a plain background for the "Ready for Inspection" section? Also, what will your next Harrier be?
  3. Great stuff! I have an inkling that the "engineer" was modelled on Ron Dennis judging by the image on the box. I think the massive "PTT" switch is realistic for late 80's - I'll take a look in one of my reference books tomorrow. Your added detail to the car looks spot on.
  4. Sorry - the guilt is all mine even if the pic was yours! Thanks for the info. @neilg You can resume normal service now. Really enjoying your informative build.
  5. @SheepieAh - sorry, I wasn't clear. I didn't mean on the seat itself but 300mm (ish) above it attached to the forward face of the engineers panel. In the photo, it partly obscures the co-pilot's side window aft of the DV window.
  6. @Sheepie Quick question: Is that grey & black lump behind the co-pilot's head a head rest or is that just too obvious?
  7. I seem to remember someone displaying model aircraft by flipping them through 90 degrees - I.e with the wheels on the wall like a picture. Odd though it sounds, it looked remarkably effective, takes up much less usable space and provides some natural protection. Worth a thought? I like the grass apron idea too, btw. If up to the gobsmacking standard of everything else you build, it's highly unlikely to look like a fake grass carpet. . Only down side I can think is that it would be hard to work some mirror glass drip trays underneath the aircraft to help show off the detail in such a scene. Alternative is the ubiquitous concrete apron.
  8. 1 bay for the Coles, 1 for the Typhoon 1 for the Churchill... All over by Christmas?
  9. Hi Kirk, nose is free, posted to your ad

    Davedress. Tech details can be sent as pdf

  10. Off the top of my head, the small antennae above and below the nose are for the IFF, the larger for VHF. These are chaff/flare dispensers and were a later (post Falklands) addition. IIRC they *DO* sit proud of the fuselage. Certainly worth a check of photo references. Progress looks great Sam - you will of course have to build a VAAC one day to link them!
  11. You've not fooling anyone with that 3:1 scale hand you know. Those sort of details are pretty impressive on your 1:24 model; nah, nobody will believe this 1:72 fairy-tale.
  12. Hi Richard. Wondered why it had gone quiet on the Typhoon & Coles front. Well done on retirement. We never made it to Vancouver island on our Rockies trip last year but thought Vancouver city was great. With scenery like that it is a wonder you ever get any modelling done. I suppose it does get a little cold outside in the winter. Looking forward to progress on ANY of your models!! Kirk
  13. What's not to like Vitaliy? It's a Harrier and it's excellently executed with a truly fantastic attention to detail. I do agree with Nick that toning down the composite fixings (rivets) would improve it further - though unlike Nick I have no idea how you would go about this. Let us know if you take him up on the offer of displaying at Scale Model World; I'm sure I'm not the only one who would take a trip to see this in the flesh.
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