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  1. Kirk

    Building a HAS

    Maybe, but I'm willing to bet he can't build a decent Tornado for toffee! Kirk
  2. Fantastic hijack Chewy. Great explanation, and I just about followed the maths. Three cheers for engineering. Hip hip...
  3. Good luck. And thanks for the info. I clearly need to go to the bottom of the class and do much more revision as I didn't even realise that the Rotodyne was mostly an autogyro... I'll follow the YouTube documentary link when i get a mo! Kirk
  4. I'm enjoying this tremendously too - particularly the distinct lack of faffing. To drift a little off the topic of the build, what was the physics behind the ram jets on the rotor tips? Presumably, the rotor is limited aerodynamically to subsonic speeds (I half read something complicated about rotor blade motion by John Farley once...) so does all the complex plumbing offer efficiency advantages or what? Confused of Hove (actually)
  5. Kirk


    Looks very good! Kirk
  6. Auxiliary intake doors if we're being precise. They allow the Pegasus to get enough breath when it's not moving forward fast enough for the big holes to do the trick. Nice idea for a diorama, by the way. Very sad sight though.... They're supposed to be sat in commandeered supermarkets waiting to do the thing they do when all the runways have rendered all the other fast jets useless. Ah well.
  7. You're welcome. After all, this is a fantastic model and your skills are awesome - so we can all wait as long as it takes until service is resumed...
  8. Good to see this back on the bench Hugo.
  9. Kirk

    Building a HAS

    Each pit you make gets better and better. This looks fab. Are the side consoles really just decals? Kirk
  10. Kirk


    No problem Vitaliy - I'll take a look. One that is for certain is that one of the T-shaped pins is from the ejection loop handle - I'll try and find a list of the others. Kirk
  11. Kirk


    Vitaliy, don't forget that the number of pins present in the block of safety pins on the right hand canopy frame will be determined by the state of the aircraft. They are only ALL found there when the aircraft has a pilot in the seat and the engine is running. If "safe for parking", the canopy detonation pin would be in the manual detonation handle rather than in the block. I can't remember what every pin is (I think most are from the seat) but I may have a note somewhere if you would like me to check. I think this is the first time I've ever seen anyone include this detail on a model... Kirk
  12. Kirk

    Building a HAS

    Certainly binoculars. Think they would be sporting a headset (foot switch operated push to talk?), possibly holding a flight progress strip and looking at the surface wind read out or the bays of strips denoting the flight being handled. No expert as you can tell but hope these might point you in the right direction - or better still flush a real expert out of lurking. Kirk.
  13. Kirk


    Wow! Amazing! How?
  14. From my extensive knowledge of Japanese, the first line (Yellow text) translates as something like "Father Hobby" whereas the red text appears to read "Mr. Metal Primer". I'm struggling a little with the smaller text below. Think it may be my eyesight. (I know Crisp. I'm sorry. It's not even vaguely on topic. I just couldn't resist.) Kirk