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  1. Ooh, is this one back on again? Fantastic! It'll be all over by Christmas.
  2. Kirk

    Singer 911 revisited...

    Is it nearly finished Matthew?
  3. Just the trivial matter of a few thousand tiny parts to surround them...
  4. This is really interesting Manfred. I remember that the shoes marked the "last lap" of Rich's crawler build, there having been a marathon of work on all the 'trucks' and before that the hand rails, cabs, chassis and so on. Is your plan to build your crawler in reverse? Also, what is the overall state of the programme as a whole? If I remember correctly, before the Shapeways saga you were working on the intertank and srb details and prior to that the launch tower; it seems an age since all that sound suppression pipework. I'm not complaining - the work is always inspirational and i marvel at your patient attention to microscopic detail - just keen to see the big picture of how it all comes together. Kirk. ps/ i still think you would have saved yourself weeks of heartache by building the whole thing from scratch in a consistent 1:144 scale....
  5. Kirk


    Hmmm. Probably the most realistic model Harrier 2 intakes I've seen. I suspect such comments will just keep being needed. Can't wait to see it all come together now. Bravo Vitaliy.
  6. Kirk

    Harrier AV-8S Matador 1/48

    Hi Werner, There's quite a bit about auxiliary intake doors and the shape of the ducts on Vitaliy's GR7 build. It's all quite logical when you think about it; when hovering or when forward speed is low, the engine can't get enough air so sucks the intake doors open, creating another route for air to get to the fan. As a designer, you'd generally want a nice smooth path for this additional air to travel along, so the doors rotate about their hinges out of the way into recesses. No power, no springs (apart from a pair of little leaf springs along the wall of the fixed part of the auxiliary intake to help the doors remain in the closed position without wobbling about), just clever shaping. If you followed the primary intake in towards the fan (best done with the fuel valves off and a broom handle stuck down the intake to stop the slicer turning), you'd find that there's an edge along the line the moving edge of the auxiliary doors in their open position, interspersed with supporting webs. This edge meets the inner wall of the intake further aft than when it meets the "middle" AI door. Vitaly has modelled this very realistically on his model, so it's worth a site search. Hope this helps. Kirk
  7. Cracking build. Have to say I prefer the "unweathered" bomb; I'm guessing that unlike the more fortunate of the airframes, the bombs didn't get many flying hours before departing their carrier. Pat on the back definitely due... Kirk
  8. Kirk

    Hph 1/48 Concorde.

    Oh goody! Paste a link here when you start.
  9. Kirk


    Is anybody alive in here? Is anybody at all in here? Nobody but us in here Nobody but us. ((c) Sting, I think)
  10. Kirk


    Very nice forest! Kirk (Apologies Håkan - it's just my silly sense of humour. I struggle to find anything more to say about Vitaliy's splendid build other than "More of what Håkan just said".)
  11. Kirk

    Building a HAS

    Looking great!
  12. Kirk

    Building a HAS

    Maybe, but I'm willing to bet he can't build a decent Tornado for toffee! Kirk
  13. Fantastic hijack Chewy. Great explanation, and I just about followed the maths. Three cheers for engineering. Hip hip...
  14. Good luck. And thanks for the info. I clearly need to go to the bottom of the class and do much more revision as I didn't even realise that the Rotodyne was mostly an autogyro... I'll follow the YouTube documentary link when i get a mo! Kirk