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  1. Thanks for the lecture. Pass the bug report on to Invision or don't.
  2. There are real aircraft that look more toyish than this.
  3. Fair enough. How much? Because it seems to me that the issue is here (in the page source): <div tabindex="1" title="Enter your text; hold ctrl and right click for more options" CTRL+right click is being trapped for some other purpose than it's conventional meaning and then finding no handler. I don't do HTML but that looks like a smoking gun to me. Edit: On a blank editor, CTRL+right brings up a context menu, without falling over. In Chrome, the context menu just doesn't display at all.
  4. Are you suggesting that the bug is Edge, Greg or just having a pop at a product you don't like for whatever reason? I'll put money on it being in either Invision's code or the 3rd party control they use for the message text (if it is not their own). Just reporting a bug here, not seeking advice.
  5. Indeed, but one that only occurs with this software. I can happily navigate text with the keyboard everywhere else, so I highly doubt the issue lies in MS code.
  6. Which sort was it Tom, the yellow filler stuff, grey or white? I may have some in the garage that perhaps I can post (as part of a vital shopping trip, of course, and carefully dipped in alcohol before, during and after packing naturally). After all, your beautiful models help keeps us all sane whilst we're in detention...
  7. I knew these things were small but was nearly apoplectic when I glanced down at the cutting mat on my desk and saw the size of the grid. Once I'd cleared up the coffee I spilled I noticed the hold & fold and eventually figured out that your mat must have larger dividing lines than mine, Crisp. Phew. Amazing micro-surgery nevertheless - even if it is 5x as large as I first imagined. You got me looking a folding tools on ebay, @Ex-FAAWAFU.
  8. Pressing CTRL+right arrow (which in most software takes you to the end of the word) in the quick reply edit window causes the page to crash and reload. Most times content is saved so it's just mildly irritating. Does this in Edge - I haven't tried with Chrome.
  9. Are we back on the subject of Massimo's R's again? @CedB 'll be happy...
  10. On the subject of cables, check out this stuff. Thin as you like and you just solder through the insulation to join it. Particularly useful for contra-rotating prop projects, though not worth unduly rushing a Herc for.
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