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  1. Mike, Thanks for that update. Means I can keep 100+ pages all bookmarked. Good luck with the update. Regards, Gerard
  2. Mike, Thanks for that update, and good luck with the upgrade. What happens to posts that we've got bookmarked to Firefox or IE or whereever ? Regards, Gerard
  3. What happens to bookmarked threads ? I've got several saved for reference, and others for future reading. Regards, Gerard
  4. Impressive as hell - both the Swordfish and the photos. Museum quality, Actually, better than many kits that I've seen in museums. Best Swordfish that I've seen, and an inspiration to all of us. Regards, Gerard
  5. Gerard

    Saudi Tornado

    Dave, There's a desert camo one still around up at Warton, at least upto a few days ago. Saw a pic a couple off years back with one in the UK armed with an orange/black Storm Shadow missile for tessting. Regards, Gerard
  6. France on Jaguars and maybe Mirage F1, yes. Don't think that Spain ever had them on their Mirage F1. They had to wait for the AGM-88 HARMs on the F/A-18. Not sure if they had AGM-45 Shrike on the F-4E or not. Didn't France use Martel ARMs on Libya / Chad back in the 1980's ? Regards, Gerard
  7. There's a set of 2 or 3 pics around, of one of those nice paint scheme CF-18's with AGM-65 Mavericks. Think that it was the 60th anniv plane. 2 Mavs under 1 wing, and at least 1 was fired off. Regards, Gerard
  8. V-P, Thanks for that update. I'm glad that your F-18's are getting better and better. Regards, Gerard
  9. Armando, Look at the Terma company www: Choose the "Pylon-based EW solutions" PDF file, 2nd one on the list at the right. http://www.terma.com/defense/aircraft-survivability-equipment/self-protection-solutions/electronic-warfare-solutions-for-fighters/ Regards, Gerard
  10. Armando, Yes, that's the YouTube video that I've seen. Looks great!! Regards, Gerard
  11. Finland also have: AIM-120, AGM-154 JSOW, GBU-31 2000 lb JDAM, GBU-38 500 lb JDAM. All seen on an official Finish AF / MoD YouTube video. All on F-18. Seen a pic of a AGM-158 JASSM on a F-18 at an airshow, but that's most likely a mockup or something that they'd like / hope to get one day. Might try Kinetic 1/72 F-16, or Skunkworks Weapons Sets for the A/G munitions. Regards, Gerard
  12. Maybe an LGB without the guidance nose stuff fitted ? I've also seen a photo a coule of years back of a Ven AF Su-30 fitted with a ASM. AS-14 ? Regards, Gerard
  13. Fin, Maybe go look round here: http://www.isradecal.com/ Also see if Hanants or someone got some of their older stuff. Regards, Gerard
  14. Gerard

    The RAF and JDAM

    The RAF now uses the Paveway IV 500 lb LGB. It uses a combination of laser and GPS guidance, so similar to the GBU-54 in options. Think of it as Paveway + JDAM. Regards, Gerard
  15. Mike, Yes, that video looks familiar. The JDAM / JSOW are good, but the AGM-158 JASSM will be the big improvement for them. Should be some out in 1/48 some place, I'd hope, sometime. The JDAMs / JSOW are already available. SkunkWorks got a 1/48 AGM-154 JSOW. What also appeals to me, is that those Finish F-18's look nice and clear and neat, same with the blue-stripe practice weapons. Someone could do a nice scene about loading them. Regards, Gerard
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