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  1. This is what my dad always hankered after to remind him of his service on Conn, whether mum would have countenanced something that big in the house is another matter. My poor efforts with the old Revell Buckley never seemed to satisfy his itch. Beautiful work Stephen and she is going to look tremendous. Dave
  2. I was on duty that day, you should have said you were coming!
  3. I think these are the camera ports on the RAF Gatow Brixmis aircraft used for spying during the Cold War. Isn't the BBMF aircraft one of these? See Operation Schooner/Nylon/Oberon. Dave
  4. And Pocher have announced a 1/8 scale Lotus 72, so that will require some DFV parts I'm sure.
  5. Nick, I've got a big box of Tamiya F1 spares which have DFV parts in it, (whole Engines, made and unmade) PM me for what you need and I'll have a look. I think a range of generic DFV or F1 parts would sell well, throttle linkages, throttle plates with springs and with covers, injectors, Koni shocks with adjuster details, etc. Dave
  6. Coors54

    'Codger' R I P

    @NickD, I like that - "try to be a bit more Codger", I reckon we could all use that as a mantra to go through life with not just in our modelling. Another would be to "try and be a bit more Ron" when building and painting F1 models..... Heart warming to see that the man had such an effect on so many people. Dave
  7. Coors54

    'Codger' R I P

    This news has upset me more than I expected, like most of us I didn't know Codger personally but I always looked forward to seeing his comments and encouragement to others on the forum. Like @Toftdale I was thrilled when he commented on one of my builds. Farewell Chas, we'll miss your wit, enthusiasm and undoubted skill. Dave
  8. Seeing as how the sci fi genre of programmes gets regular comments on here I'm surprised no one has mentioned For All Mankind on Apple TV. Using a mix of real and fictional characters it's an alternative take on the space race starting in 1969 when the Russians are the first to walk on the moon. This prompts the Americans to extend their space programme and with the Cold War in full swing space exploration instead of petering out due to public apathy and lack of interest as it did, ramps up in the effort to beat the commies. This has interesting effects on normal American life, the role of women in space and at home, moral dilemmas of arming space etc. I've really enjoyed it (despite the odd dodgy concept) and look forward to the third series, just wondered if any one else had any views. Dave
  9. I may be late to the party on this, I'm building the same at the moment and I would echo @bmwh548 and sand the seams. I've mounted the tyres on the wheel and packed the inside with tissue, mounted it on a shaft between 2 large washers in a drill then on the slowest speed rotated that against some sand paper. Go carefully and save the rubber dust (useful for tyre debris on the tread if your going full race) But you don't have to be too keen to totally remove the seam, the real things had them - see here - But for the full as raced appearance you need to introduce some debris I'm avoiding the seam issue as I'm going full wets on my model Dave
  10. Seaking, Kaman Seasprite, SH-60 series Seahawk? Just off the top of my head.
  11. Can you imagine what the girl must have said and thought when asked to do that? A toy plane? Go on, really? Obviously a bit of overt 1980's sexism sells kits.... Dave
  12. Nice work Peter, I shall be very happy if mine looks anywhere near that good and the gloss looks right for the period, smooth and shiny but not too 2K, if you know what I mean. I'm just climbing out of front suspension hell with mine, I've had to make changes too as I'm doing a '77 spec car so new roll bar and brake ducts, but as you say it seems never ending.... Dave
  13. You might find this thread on LSP interesting - https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/86252-test-build-132-flying-start-models-tornado-f-mk3-conversion-revell-base/&tab=comments#comment-1224000 Dave
  14. Got to give a thumbs up to Troy's recommendations, particularly Bomber, one of my all time favourite books. Try the BBC radio adaptation as well originally broadcast over one day to shadow the timing of the raid, in stereo you're in the Lancaster! Dave
  15. Definitely Tamiya Fine Surface Primer in white, great stuff. Dave (also a brush and rattle can painter)
  16. @Octavian did you lap those valves in? Seriously good work there. Dave
  17. On a slightly different tack, do you remember when you first realised you didn't have to make it like the instructions told you to? My local toy shop (Toytown in Leamington Spa) had a really good model section at the front of the shop and had a display case that contained made up models, the one that caught my eye was an Airfix 1/76 Sherman that the guy behind the counter had made into a Firefly and detailed with lifting eyes, stowage etc, maybe even a bit of weathering, this was in the late sixties so very cutting edge. It blew my mind! It looked so real compared with my feeble efforts. I decided the following week to ask about it and got talking to said gentleman who introduced me to Airfix Magazine, edited by Alan Hall, mind blown again!! Thus began my life long hobby, I wonder how many others that Sherman influenced? Dave
  18. It was over twenty years ago and it had been repainted many times, so anything you do would be correct. The gear lever knob was black! Dave
  19. I've spent a lot of time blatting around on one of those! Looking forward to seeing what you do with this. Dave
  20. Thanks Malc, no matter how many times I trawl that archive I always seem to find something new. It also fires up my enthusiasm. Poor Derek Gardner looks more and more careworn as the season progresses doesn't he? It must have been such a frustrating season for the whole team knowing that whatever they did wouldn't make up for the front tyres being undeveloped and losing so much time and grip. Dave
  21. What a great build and so nostalgic for me, I had a 1.1GL in a terracotta red as my first company car. I was a snotty young rep for a national motor factor and thought I was it with a company car! I remember taking it to Wales to follow the RAC rally in 1977, my bosses would not have liked how it was thrashed that weekend. Great job. Dave
  22. Thanks Malc, those pics are very helpful, do you have anything on the 1977 spec car but with the earlier bodywork? I'm making the Peterson car from the 77 Belgian GP and I believe the rear wing support could have been a bit different? I like that last picture with the foam taped over the brake cylinders, it would make a nice detail. Dave
  23. Okay, I have dug out my pack of seatbelt materials and give you the following comparison between the Reji parts on the left and MFH F1 belt set on the right, both are intended for 1/12 models - Note the difference in the size of the hardware, the Reji buckles being huge and they look stretched to me. The Reji belt material is 10mm and 6mm wide, the MFH is 4mm wide. The Reji buckles scale up to being about 125mm or 5" wide, not sure I would like to wear them. And here is Reji hardware next to a 1/12 Tamiya Lotus 78 seat Put a set of those on the seat and they would look ridiculous IMO. Anyway, enough going down this lane, the Tyrrell is coming on great and I've just started mine. Can anyone confirm what the small boxes are on either side of the chassis in front of the front wheels? Are they batteries? Dave
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