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  1. Thank you for the replies and offers both. With a little (gentle!) chipping/pricking away at troublespots it does all seem to be slowly settling down. Carl - I will bear your very useful offer in mind should I decide i'm hitting further issues! Cheers, Phil
  2. Heres one thats puzzling me. I'm doing the above mentioned Tamiya, and being more at the casual end of the hobby, i'm using decals rather than painting. However the 'keep off' area of the wing top, just inside of each engine, looks awful with a decal on it due to the raised detail. If I cant make them bed down and need to strip them off, and so far microsol is failing, what are my options to make this area right? Thanks Phil
  3. I've been nagging for this for years, and will very happily end up with 2 or 3. When the inevitable (!) hi-back version appears, I shall be in for 2 or 3 of those as well. Thank you Airfix!
  4. Very interesting info indeed! Makes a day at Duxford make all the more sense. Thank you both!
  5. I have a plan for that eventuality. Day 1 at Duxford, drive to the Riat area, sleep somewhere. Day 2 at Riat. Cracking plan *if* they do fall on the same weekend! Of course, next year being D-Day 75, there may be a greater than normal warbird attendance at Riat...
  6. Greetings all, Can anyone tell me either the dates of the Duxford airshow next july, or when they tend to announce? I'm trying to work out how many days of Riat to book and where I should look at hotels... Thanks!
  7. With the demise of the Su-57 in the past week most of the justification of the expense of this aircraft has just left the building. At least for now! Perhaps Boeing are onto a good model with the F-15X? Keep your F-35's as spotters (or even buy a few of that alledged Japanese F-22 / F-35 hybrid if it happens) and upgrade the Typhoon fleet to 22 missile artillery ships.
  8. I built the old version, and have just purchased the new. All the bits in the box are as I recall. I'm just hoping the canopy is either revised or not as bad as I remember. Apart from that, excellent and simple kit.
  9. Fw-190A back in the 80's. No idea of the company or why that aircraft. Box art maybe? Either way I remember sticking on the prop and then determining that the gas fire would make the glue dry quicker. It swiftly ended up looking like it had belly landed backwards.
  10. If I could guarentee purely air to air combat, the XIVe low back. As I cant, the Tempest V. The long list of types I would try to avoid brings home the sheer amount of bravery that was in the air.
  11. Phil32

    Airfix 2019

    I cant help but feel that meeting Christmas rather than January with key releases like the Sea Fury and Phantom would have helped them along. I have no idea if that was avoidable or not behind the scenes of course...
  12. Maybe it is 1/48 Spitfire XIV time then. I always go to that hole in the market. I will until they listen Sadly I cant see the Vulcan as mentioned above; Airfix are not going to compete with only themselves on that one. How about a nice 1/72 Bristol Brabazon with authentic spine tingling engine noise? Only £250 after discounts...
  13. I think this is an extremely important point. If Airfix's latest CAD masterpiece is extremely fiddly to build, with crazy tight tolerances eroding the fun, a new modelor is going to be less likely to enjoy and fully get into the hobby. I also don't get why 1/72 is getting so complex from a profit point of view - why tie someone's limited modelling time up on one kit of complexity and tight tolerances, when a slightly simpler (I.e. quicker) build may retain more fun and have the customer dipping back into their pocket sooner?
  14. Definitely listen to all advice on the landing gear - it *can* come up very nice but is a pig to get right. Also the cowling just forward of the cockpit sits very noticeably proud on these, so any aftermarket that claims to correct this is worth looking at. I've corrected it by sanding from the bottom, but again it's a pig. The aerial mast is also worth a lot of dry fitting, very tight there. Other than those bits a very enjoyable kit! The only internal thing I might recommend is etched seatbelts.
  15. Seeing this kit always takes me back. I built it when I was around 10, and did it with a fantastic dark earth / dark green engine, because I was around 10 and decided that would look cool. Which is all rather off-piste from the above. Just thought I would share the anecdote!
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