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  1. That looks very much like the sprues for the ESCI F4C /J kit. Ha, beat me to it!
  2. You build for pleasure. You've done a fine job and it looks good. I'd call that a win!
  3. Looks like someone crossed the MDD/GD A-12 with the Arrow from the Wing Commander games.
  4. Looks like someone got a variant of Clément Ader's Éole to fly. Without a steam engine!
  5. Do you mean to say you didn't sit on the pilot's lap, like Jean Wladon near the beginning of the Battle of Britain film? Lucky man, you! And some cracking photography to remember it all by.
  6. I did a Y-Wing a while back and sprayed it all black to start with, which made the pipework pop nicely when I put the lighter colour over it.
  7. There's a Red Pelicans shot here that may be useful: https://abpic.co.uk/pictures/view/1635587 Looks like fluorescent red to me, with silver tanks (with fluorescent flash), and the photo is dated as 1965. I note that the photo may not be used or published without permission. Presumably it's fine to look at.
  8. The Bandai/Revell B-Wing is 1/72nd scale.
  9. More than one? Wouldn't that be Overkill?
  10. The 4mm pen for €4.53 is a sight cheaper than €23!
  11. Blimey! I've just looked online and there's a stockist in Cologne (I live in Germany) selling the pens for €4.53 each. Even with postage, that's got to be a much better deal, surely?
  12. If that truly is a 0.7mm pen, I need to investigate getting one of those for masking canopies. *Brief pause for research online* There's a 4mm version too, which would be tempting for outlining camouflage boundaries. Non-splay tip, too. Looking at the technical sheet, it appears to be ammonia-free (though it's rare to find ammonia in much these days) so won't ruin any acrylics underneath. I need to find a nearby stockist, or it's a visit to the great South American river soon...
  13. Ah, but do you feel fine and happy? (Having a quick Holy Grail moment here)
  14. I live halfway between the two! They're both well worth visiting, not just for the planes. I took my Dad around the museum in Speyer the other year and his eyes lit up when he saw the selection of cars there. The classic motorcycle meet in Sinsheim last year was a thing of beauty too.
  15. I've had the experience over the years of flying in BA, Lufthansa, Phillipine Airlines, and Pan-Am Jumbos (the latter on the corresponding flight the day before the Lockerbie bombing...). I also had the pleasure of rummaging around in the cargo hold and sitting in the captain's seat of a Lufthansa Jumbo at the Lufthansa engineering facility at Frankfurt Airport some 30-odd years ago. I'd been teaching a Lufthansa engineer, who invited me to see behind the scenes. It'll be sad to see the old lady leave the skies, but she has had a good innings.
  16. For the second time today six AH-64Ds flew over my place, heading in the same direction each time. I wonder what's going on?
  17. ICM saw me coming, I think. I just took delivery of the Benz kit that includes figures of Bertha Benz and her sons. They have an entire new sprue to themselves, and look really good. There's an addendum sheet in the instructions booklet to cover the details. Time to practise my figure painting. Games Workshop, here I come!
  18. A lovely job of work there. One thing, though. All the photos I have seen of VA-25 Corsairs extend the green area the entire length of the tail to just behind the upper collision light. Could it be the Italeri paint guide is in error?
  19. Well, that was embarrassing. I looked at the instructions and there's no reference to the Martels and datalink. Then I read the e-mails above and opened up the bagged kit - unopened for nearly a decade - and lo and behold, there are the bits and pieces I wanted on one sprue in the midst of it all. Compare and contrast with IKEA, where what's in the instructions isn't always in the box... All I now need is the new Buccaneer to hang it all from. Saying which, aftermarket can still provide examples for a 208 bird later.
  20. I got the boxing of the old Buccaneer from nearly 10 years ago that has weaponry for a Desert Storm aircraft but no Martels.
  21. Hmm. Does anyone know what the weapons load will be in the Airfix RAF Buccaneer kit due later this year (fingers crossed)? Having watched the 12 Sqn NATO OPEN GATE 1978 film any number of times, I'd like to do an aircraft in the right fit and play Vangelis at unreasonable volume while doing so. Is there any current aftermarket to supply the Martels and datalink?
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