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  1. K404

    PA474 and C-GVRA

    That's not the interpretation of "no consequences" that I had in mind. Allow it to lose it's CoA, Leave it out to the elements, let people swing off it in a museum, cannabilise it for parts. No-one is going to let any of those things happen to an "original" these days, are they? Is that BE2 a total one off, or have patterns and jigs been made for it? Translation: The first one might cost half an Mill, how much would the second one cost?
  2. K404

    PA474 and C-GVRA

    The vast majority of people don't care if it's real or replica. I'm thinking about the wider public. They don't put the same importance/significance/reverence on these planes as we do. The general consensus is "close enough" Cost becomes a factor sooner or later. Restoration and maintenance are not cheap hobbies. This is a disposable first-world culture, whether we like it or not. We have replicas of Me262 flying at airshows. Has that taken the wind out the sails of trying to find and restore a real one to flying condition? Taking the subject away from planes, for a different slant, but quite a parallel one Computer CPUs: When the first dual-core CPUs came out, Intel put two single-core dies on a substrate, connected them together and called it a dual-core. AMD went for engineering purity and designed a dual-core die from the ground up. AMD pushed the purity angle as a reason to wait until theirs was ready (obviously, it took a bit longer than Intels approach) Almost no-one cared. They wanted a tool to do a job and they didn't care what was under the hood. Intels sales and market saturation had an excellent headstart simply by being on shelves faster. Another example...why would I bother going to The Louvre to see The Mona Lisa when I can buy a poster that's the same size? Starbucks could dedicate a wall in every one of their stores to displaying a poster of The Mona Lisa, why bother going to see the real thing? Have I missed the point? I'm not sure if you've addressed mine. As to "where do you draw the line?" I genuinely don't even know how I feel about that. Edit: Finally thought of the way I wanted to express a certain thought/feeling. Replicas further a disposable culture because it says to people that they don't need to look after things because there's no consequence. Build a replica, carry on as if nothing happened.
  3. K404

    PA474 and C-GVRA

    I'm of the opinion of no. I'm pretty old-school, I don't buy into this whole "we must have everything because we can" way of life. Why bother with a painstaking restoration over ten years when someone can build a replica, then use the jigs and patterns to build ten? The majority of people don't care about the means. If we show them "instant gratification" then why would they hold out for something? Case-in-point.....There is fairly wide interest of two airworthy Lancasters. If someone builds ten replicas and fills an airshow sky with them, who would ever queue or pay to see two? Rare things are special. Common things are not. Supply and demand. It is the way of the world.
  4. K404

    PA474 and C-GVRA

    A quest for purity would see us with even fewer airworthy machines.....at what point does a plane stop being original? I think people have been fairly consistent in stating that "it is painted to represent KB726, in tribute to....." The only thing I have any particularly strong feeling towards are the "replicas." IMO it completely undermines the point of preservation if someone with a bank balance can decide to just build something that looks like XY or Z. it devalues the real thing and undermines the importance/loss of not having an original left to examine in a museum or on a flightline....or in flight.
  5. K404

    PA474 and C-GVRA

    Why? Didn't most crews give their planes nicknames? It wasn't until I joined up here that I ever saw people discuss/identify planes solely by their serial numbers, which, to me, is just going to alienate and confuse people in the grand scheme of things. We can't give give them the usual "A-Apple" because....well....the reason is obvious......
  6. I'm pretty sure that's the best finish that i've ever seen on an Annie
  7. Planning ahead a bit (not by much though!) Have any local companies had the idea of running shuttle buses? Is anyone discussing car pool? I can't imagine they have car-parking for 5000 people...... and that does look like the best way to get there. Discuss and negotiate here?! The selfish bit: I think i'm staying in Skegness for the Sunday 7th event. More than happy to chip in for petrol money and buy coffee. I even know a few jokes! Does anyone have a spare seat and is travelling to/from/through Skegness?
  8. Any news on what these went for?
  9. Thankyou very much! Sadly, I have none of those options! BBC news has updated its article to say that there's no confirmation on where it will land? :/ That'd be a right dampener for the veterans. It's no small feat getting ~100 90 year olds out for a long day :/
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