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Gobs of Espresso

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    At the moment I am starting with Non-military vehicle models but I'm keeping me options open for other cool stuff.
  1. This is very nice. I'm following with great interest.
  2. Trying this set of wheels..... It will not fit within the wheel well and may stick out a bit. A curious on looker...... Not sure I will use those single seats and might just move the back seats to the front Oh o. I think someone is in love hence the constant lingering Thanks for viewing.
  3. While my guys where on break..... Coming back to the horror that I did.... sacré bleu! This is sacrilege!....according to my guys! Parts for those who are interested in purchasing this beauty. Thanks for viewing!
  4. Hi all! I decided to start posting a simultainus build that I started to keep my motivation and drive going. I apologize in advance to anyone I offend and to the purist. I plan to build this kit in 2 stages. I am still toying with the idea of which tires to use, what colour to paint the kit and which Decals I will be detailing this kit with. Changes will be happening as the build progresses. Enjoy and thanks for viewing! I hope they keep their enthusiasm going all through out.
  5. Since this will take time, I decided to post simutanious builds which I am trying now to keep me moving and motivated. It is unusual since I like starting and finishing something before moving on but this make take a while. More to come....
  6. Sadly, they are running the show, not me. They work when they want to and boss me around. I am the victim here : ( Thanks Shaun! Thanks Phil! Thanks! They are quite lazy at times but not more than me. : ) Thanks Pete! I'm quite slow but I am enjoying this build and can't wait to finish it so I can put a stop to finding new ways to tweek it.
  7. Love the details on this one too. Very nice!
  8. Very Beautiful. You really know how to build them and take amazing shots of them.
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