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  1. 72modeler

    Phantom FGR2 colour questions

    If I weathered and grubbied one like the photo and entered it at a contest, nobody would believe me unless I provided a photo! How the heck would you duplicate that appearance in 1/72? Thanks for the photo, John! Mike
  2. 72modeler

    Tempest Mk. V wingtip light question

    Andre, Troy will know for sure, but looking at numerous photos, it appears the wingtip nav lights had colored lenses on the clipped wing Spits, but take note that Mk XII Spitfires had no wingtip nav lights. I have also seen photos of Mk Vc's with clipped wings that appear to have no wingtip nav lights- soooo, as always, try to find a photo of the Spitfire you plan to build, if possible! I also seem to recall that there were two variations of wingtips fitted to clipped wing Spits- one might not have had provision for lights, but I can't remember where I read that- sorry! See links below for two Mk Vc's that had clipped wings but no wingtip lights. Mike https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Supermarine_Spitfire_Mk_V_and_pilots_of_No._40_Squadron,_South_African_Air_Force,_at_Gabes_in_Tunisia,_April_1943._TR1030.jpg https://www.reddit.com/r/WWIIplanes/comments/4jpbqk/clipped_wing_spitfire_making_a_hard_turn/
  3. 72modeler

    F-86H wings - slatted but not drooped!

    I think that's correct, although I have read that they could be pushed shut and would stay shut until bumped, but some other accounts I have read stated that if properly adjusted, they would roll out unless pinned. IIRC on A-4 Skyhawks they would always extend on their own, but were kept shut by a bungee cord instead of a pin. On the F-86H slats, according to the Joe Baugher website: The 1st 14 F-86H's had the standard span/chord slatted wing The 15th and subsequent had the standard span, 6-3 wing The last ten F-86H-10's were fitted with the F-40 extended span 6-3 wing with slats and almost all remaining H's in the USAF and ANG inventory were retrofitted with this wing. (So, as the wise Troy Smith so often says, better to have a photo of the one you want to build, as it could have either the standard span 6-3 wing or the F-40 wing, depending on the time of the photo.) Not a Sabre expert by any means, so it might be best to wait for the oracle, @Sabrejet to weigh in on this one! Mike We are soooo overdue for a state of the art 1/72 F-86A/E/F/D/H/K/L...take your pick; they're all luvverly!
  4. 72modeler

    Best 1/72 AC-47

    Johnv, Quickboost made resin minigun barrels for the Esci/Italeri AC-47 kits- see the link to a product review below. IIRC the Esci kit is also better than the Italeri one, as the engine cowlings are one piece and the Italeri cowlings are in halves, which gives you a seam to try to fill. Hope you can find an Esci kit. If you can only get the civil version, you can just drill openings for the gun barrels, but the one in the opening created by the removal of the entry door is going to be an issue, as you will have to scratchbuild the pod, mount, and ammo feed and collection bin! If you can't locate an AC-47 kit, I have two Italeri AC-47 kits, and one has donated its cowlings, engines, and props for a conversion project, and I would be willing to gvbe you the AC-47 parts you need to convert a DC-3/C-47A kit, so drop me a pm in that eventuality. Quickboost also made resin R-1830's for the Italeri kit, as theirs are pretty generic- the Esci kit engines are much better, as I recall. Good luck! https://web.ipmsusa3.org/content/ac-47-minigun-gun-barrels-0 https://charliecompany.org/2018/05/12/spooky/
  5. 72modeler

    Spitfire V, b vs c wing and UC details, and prop variants

    Incredible photos and explanation, Dave! Thanks for sharing with us. Is that the top of the aft-facing oleo scissor visible just above the wheel in the top photo? Mike
  6. 72modeler

    Nose art

    That's all I was able to find, as well- razorback P-47 with the 58th FG. While we're on the subject, want to see something sad? Derelict P-47's, P-51's and P-38's at Panagarh, India at war's end. Anybody know anything else about this photo? Looks like the R-2800's were salvaged, as well as the machine guns. Mike https://www.worldwarphotos.info/gallery/usa/aircrafts-2-3/p-47-thunderbolt/p-47-boneyard-panagarh-india/
  7. 72modeler

    Avro Manchester scale plans

    Maybe the Warpaint monograph on the Manchester? WTP103- I'm pretty sure it had 1/72 scale plans. There also might have been some in an older issue of Scale Aircraft Modelling, but I don't recall the volume and issue number- IIRC it was a conversion build, using an Airfix Lancaster- maybe one of my UK brethren can help you. Mike
  8. 72modeler

    Best 1/72 AC-47

    Kevin, Yes, Italeri did an AC-47 in 1/72 scale- I have one, but I'm not sure about a Testors boxing; quite possible. (Check Scalemates?) Doom3R- I would opt for the Esci AC-47, if you can find one at a reasonable price, as it is better than the Italeri kit- the nose contours of the Itaeri kit are a little wonky compared to the Esci kit, and I think the engine cowlings on the Esci kit are more accurate. I have the Esci kits in both the Eastern Airlines boxing and the USN's famous ski-equipped "Que Sera, Sera" boxing, but neglected to get their AC-47! Mike
  9. Troy, You are correct, sir! Forgot to mention that! Evidently Martin applied OD at the factory to the upper surfaces of late production bare metal Marauders, using a hard-edged mask. There is an excellent photo of the last Marauder built, 44-68254, a B-26G-25MA, nicknamed "Tail End Charlie "30" in Martin Aircraft, 1909-1960 that shows her in this scheme before her delivery flight to the UK. I would also imagine many that were not painted at the factory were painted thusly upon delivery to the ETO/MTO. See the 1st link below to her photo and the 2nd link shows another late production Marauder with the same finish. Note the additional external armor plate below the cockpit as well as what appears to be a stall strip at the wing root. Very shiny airplanes! (Along those lines, I seem to recall reading somewhere that the external paneling and finish on the Martin-built B-29's was just as outstanding.) Mike https://www.nationalmuseum.af.mil/Upcoming/Photos/igphoto/2000549029/ http://www.axis-and-allies-paintworks.com/e107_plugins/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?132.580
  10. That is one cute little spud! You do more with less than anybody I know. What a collection you have, Moa. Mike
  11. Looks like something the Skunk Works would have done if they had been around at that time! Terminally weird, but another great build, Moa! Mike
  12. 72modeler

    CA-27 Avon Sabre Mk.30

    Put azureglo down for a tentative yes! Mike
  13. Just got an email from Hannants that they have both of the new-tool Sword kits- let the feeding frenzy begin! Mike
  14. 72modeler

    CA-27 Avon Sabre Mk.30

    She's lookin' good, Stuart- can't wait to see the finished product! For what it's worth, My vote is for a Javelin! Mike