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  1. Hello first thanks for the review. I received the kit today. I am desperately looking for pictures of this truck (oil tanker version), but I haven found zero! it is like it does not exist in the real world... Does anyone has any picture of this Gaz-66 oil tanker? thanks a lot in advance Cheers Nacho
  2. Hi all this is my last creature: ICM 1/35th ZIL-131 truck in the UN version. Scene elements (street lamp, bins, barrels, etc...) from Migproductions. Painted and weathered with Tamiya, AK interacive, Ammo, Vallejo and Model Color. Hope you like it. Cheers Nacho
  3. Very nice and different one! My only sugestion would be to try covering the junction line in the alien ray, between the ray and the splash. Cheers Nacho
  4. Hi Danny great job here! Congratulations. My suggestion...could you upload a picture of the kit with some "real object" to fell the scale (like a coin) I guess it has to be huge but with some comparison elements that would be great. An a question...how did you reduce the ilumination? with matt varnish? Thanks cheers Nacho
  5. Hi all thanks you guys for your kinds comments! Really appreciate them! Cheers Nacho
  6. Good Job!! Really like the weathering of it! Congrats!
  7. Good job and very rare lpane I would say. Keep on going. Cheers Nacho
  8. Hello as I said I am a tank guy so for me all the harriers are the same (excuse for saying that :-)) So I am looking just for a big enough kit, easy to build and that will not look like a toy but a model kit... does it make sense? Thanks for your answer anyway...I will take a look at the kits you mention. Cheers Nacho
  9. Hi guys I am a "tank guy" but one of my kids he would love to have a harrier so I am a little bit lost... the other one asked me for a Jackal kit..that was easy one :-) Co the big question: which is the best Harrier model? (I am thinking in something middle size, no 1/72 for sure...maybe 1/48 would be enough). thanks in advance Cheers Nacho
  10. Great job!! I think the weathering is superb for that scale! cheers Nacho
  11. good job! Nice weathering. My suggestion...put so more dust/mud in the tracks. Cheers Nacho
  12. Wow!! Incredible job here!!! Great congratulations for an outstanding built!!! Cheers Nacho
  13. Hi there really like this huge little one :-) Well done! Congratulations. Cheers Nacho
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