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  1. Somewhere in my stash I have an 188.... Dave
  2. Thanks for your kind comments and compliments gentlemen! Dave
  3. Finished today, built out of the box, with aftermarkt decals by Modeldecal. Dave
  4. Just finished this wonderfull kit. Built OOB, metallics are done with Alclad, and the weathering with Mig Jeminez Oilbrushers, and Tamiya weatering sets. Dave
  5. Just finished my Vulcan XM597 Built OOB, with additional decals to build XM597 which attacked the radar installations on the Falklands with American Shrike missiles. The missiles are from 2 Italeri Intruder kits. Dave
  6. Just a simple quick out of the box chopper. No extra's, just playing with plastic an paint, enjoy! Dave
  7. Got mine today, what a wonderful kit! I have to finish some projects on the bench, before I allow myself to start this monster. Dave
  8. Thanks for your comment gentlemen! Appreciate it. I really want to get my hands on the new Airfix Victor! Dave
  9. After a build of 5 months I've finnaly finished this V-bomber, which I've converted into a tanker. Because white is just white this bird was one big color experiment, to bring "life" into the white......enjoy! The kit Different shades of grey to break the white. Preshade And the final result! Dave
  10. Noooooo, not another great subject Count me in! Dave
  11. And another wannahave on my whishlist.... I'm very curious how this one fits. Dave
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