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  1. Too hot to do modelling. I think my mojo will return when the weather breaks.

    1. Brad


      Air conditioning is your friend.

    2. Pete in Lincs

      Pete in Lincs

      Certainly is!

      44C here in Riyadh,

    3. Luftwaffe


      especially acrylic paint dries before it reaches the model.

  2. Ok, a little update from the weekend - MG34 with aber brass barrel. Zimmerit all done, it needs a bit of filler and fettling here and there. Side profile. Note the cast resin escape hatch and view ports which come with the zimmerit kit. I couldn't bend the tiny PE fender sides with my tool so I opted for the plastic version. I'm using the RB flip, I don't know if It would be easier with a clamp type PE tool. If I get round to it I may cut off some of the plastic and replace it with PE.
  3. It's amazing what you can do with a magnifying loupe. Oh and don't drink for a week beforehand. Thanks. My eyes were blurry to start with So how do I organize myself with lots of bits, with a sprue filing system - The Atak zimmerit arrived from Poland, so I have started applying it - It really is fantastic stuff, highly recommended! It comes with two styles of resin mantle? which are very nice. I've been jumping around a bit on the build. Here is the main gun assembly. Some detail added to the top deck. But it not stuck down yet. The rear fan hatches can be opened.
  4. I too have have a half finished Stug III on the shelf of shame. It's what happens when you marry a mediocre kit to third party PE that's designed for a different kit. I hope that a nice build there and supportive comments will result in a finished model
  5. Time to make some catches. Did I mention they where minute? I forgot that DML likes you to suffer for your art, that's why they deliberately mis-number the parts in the instructions Working catches. Easy. Just wait for the photo etch and then the swearing starts. i don't think these kits are difficult, maybe challenging. The instructions don't help but you can adjust the difficulty by adding or ignoring the PE.
  6. I left it a little late last night to update this thread, so here it is - Back and sides added. The corners need re-gluing when I can fine my bigger clamps. The rear will remain bare until the resin zimmerit arrives. I trimmed off the tabs on the sides as per tiger.info. More bits awaiting. Finally, a chance to use my new PE bending tool! I made my first mistake on the exhaust stack as a used the wrong part, so I will need add a plasticard disc on top of each one. I'll probably leave them off the vehicle till it has been painted and weathered. I need to prime and paint the radiators
  7. A few late night snapshots before I go to bed - Torsion bars and bits final drive housing added. Road wheels, drive sprocket and idlers (small) assembled. They won't be going on the vehicle until both have been painted.
  8. Quite a few, but I planned to scratch build a load of detail for the Fw190 and I'm a bit of noob when it comes to scratch building. Thanks, that helps already. My build style is have fun and don't worry, but I'd like to do this kit justice and will have a look at those pages.
  9. Ok, You've persuaded me. Now I need to decide while drive sprockets and idlers to use.
  10. Thanks Gary, I've ordered the 'Atak 35032 Zimmerit' from Poland, that should arrive next week. I am tempted with some Friul tracks.
  11. After a little break from modelling I was going to start a massive 1:24 Fw190, but I don't think I'd finish it before the end of this group build, so I thought I'd pull this one of the stash. Dragon 1:35 Tiger Late Production 6253 Beware, the mediocre artwork hides the monster kit - Yes, the box is full. There's a few sprues. And a load of brass bits, photo etch, a turned barrel and even a bucket to hang off rear. Should be fun!
  12. Thank you for the kind comments. Yes, it was all freehand. I put a coat on two of quickshine inbetween the splinter camo and winter camo and when I screwed up the thin lines - and I did, I wiped it off quickly with thinners. I think enamel would have been a better choice than acrylic as it would have dried slower.
  13. Thanks to Mark and Radleigh for a great group build! The Me262 is finally finished - http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234959917-luftwaffe-bomber-trio-148-airfix-stuka-ju87-b-revell-bf110-g2-me262-finished/?p=1658730
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