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  1. Lovely rendition of this old Midland Railway box..... You may find the Wills kits a little more challenging - I had their 2-road brick engine shed - and ended up getting it finished by a more long-tempered friend...
  2. That will explain it then !
  3. Interesting....pity it seems to have been reduced to a chassis level. Always a bit suspicious of these articles - i.e.the AK47 in another photo of site, wasn't designed until late '46 - entering Red Army service 3 years later. Suspect the IV has been used locally as a farm tractor and dumped in the river quite a few years after the war.. ?
  4. Brilliant - many thanks Sarge Think I will go for the later Revell and the Trumpy too - another advantage of this scale is they are all under £15 ... so won't incur the wrath of SWMBO too much. The Revell can find a place in the Museum I am proposing for my OO gauge (1:76 scaleish) railway layout - if the size difference offends my eye - with the Trumpeter as a shelf queen - maybe, or in a Diorama. Thanks Again Sgt S....great appraisal - just the ticket
  5. Crackin' Don't remember this one - but then I am more Gnat era than Hawk Remember a Kelloggs branded version of this van too - bright blue with white lettering ! Seem to recall it was not based on a British prototype - more like european..
  6. I am currently re-visiting the models I built in my youth.. One of my favourites (giving my age away) was the Matchbox Jagdpanther - I believe the Revell 3232 is a re-pop of the Matchbox jobby - complete with diorama base... I would like to know peoples opinions on the later versions I have discovered: Revell 3111 Italeri 7048 Trumpeter 20mm Are they 'better' - which I suspect is 'yes!'.... Space is currently limited until the loft is back in comission so a 1/35 or 1/48th is out of the question at present... Thanks Pete
  7. From my protoype notes, the original application of the Grief (Griffon) name was loused-up too, with only a white outline for the name and the German cross on the right-hand side of the vehicle - so don't worry too much!!! Cracking job
  8. Super and nice to see it in plain tank colours, which is rare - show the lines and details better !
  9. Yeh, kind of agree - but it is BR Green as livery of choice for me - as it is mechanically as well as visually - in BR condition, in fact she wasn't even an A3 until 1947 (ex-Gresley A1), in 1954 when she was converted to LH Drive and got the famous 'banjo' dome. The double chimney dates from 1959. This is a good reference: http://blog.nrm.org.uk/many-guises-of-flying-scotsman/
  10. The solid hours it takes to build coupled with an approximation of your skills (no idea how they work that out).
  11. Interesting Metrics (horrible modern Phrase) - but price still comes down to what the consumer will pay...
  12. Pete610

    ALDI - Airfix Kits

    Half a dozen P51s in Aldi Heswall (Wirral) yesterday - nowt else left
  13. I remember the immense pleasure there is to be had - just running trains - tend to spend too much time 'planning' and building stock - rather than running stuff ...
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