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  1. shawty82

    1/48 Trumpeter MiG-19S (Shenyang J-6)

    Just about finishing the Farmer E, really enjoyed building it despite the known inaccuracies. Looks an aggressive and distinctive aircraft, and you can see the lineage from the Mig 15 to the 21. I'll watch this one with interest ☺
  2. shawty82

    Sea Harrier FA.2 Kinetic 1/48.

    When I first saw the pictures I placed a bet with myself that this was your work Arkady, and I saw that it was, and now I owe myself some money! Superb work as always, you have a certain style of kit building/painting that I find incredibly pleasing to the eye. It's strange though that there's not one particular thing I can say "does" it for me. More stunning work, pure and simple
  3. shawty82

    Airfix 1/48 Meteor F8

    Ah ok thanks. I tried spraying Tamiya smoke for a similiar effect on my current build and royally cocked it up, but I have stacks of pigments so I'll try that instead. Again, lovely build, the metallic finish is superb ☺
  4. shawty82

    Vallejo primer woes.

    I've fought many (mostly unsuccessful!!) battles with Vallejo primer, and I've come to the conclusion that to preserve a small amount of my sanity, I'm not gonna bother using the stuff. I find it clogs my airbrush constantly, and end up having to spray at a much higher PSI than usual (say 20-25), and then the finish suffers. Ive never gotten to the bottom of why the above problems occur. I have used Vallejo Flow Improver with it with a certain degree of success, but to save the hassle I've gone back to rattle cans or Alclad primers (to use while the family isn't about).
  5. shawty82

    Airfix 1/48 Meteor F8

    Bleeding gorgeous build! I'm very much leaning towards getting one of these, they look like a very nice kit! Out of interest, how did you achieve the staining on the panel lines behind the gun compartment? Is it pastels or pigments or something?
  6. shawty82

    Panzer Putty?

    I used Panzer Putty for the first time last weekend and it's a game changer for me. I've never come up with an acceptable camouflage scheme until I used the PP. I rate it very highly. It can be reused, soaks up paint and leaves no residue like blue or white-tack can, so overall very happy with it!
  7. shawty82

    Spice Mining and Sandworm

    The modelling world definitely needs more Dune! I'm a massive Dune fan and am going to enjoy seeing this one come together.
  8. shawty82

    1/48 Kitty Hawk Mig 25 PD

    Thanks mate! A little more done today, have finished the gear wells and test fitted the landing gear and no problems so far. I test fit the drop tank too, that fits just fine. ​ ​ I also took the cockpit parts off the sprues and undercoated them all. I was gonna upload pics of the cockpit parts and the 2 paints I'll use for it, Akan Emerald Green and Faded Emerald Green, but Photobucket is being a pain. More tomorrow!
  9. shawty82

    problems spraying WHITE!

    I've been working on and off on a TSR 2, so definitely anti-flash white, and as said earlier - the key is many thin layers. Of course it depends on your airbrush, but 20psi is too high for Vallejo, I find. More 15-18psi and no more I find Vallejo Air Acrylics (I'm assuming you're not spraying Model Color - it can be done but with lots of thinners!) a pain in the rear end to spray, but use them for at least 50% of my work, I find the airbrush clogs much less, and the finish is much better and smoother if I use Vallejo Airbrush Flow Improver - about 8 drops per half cup in the airbrush mixed well.
  10. shawty82

    1/48 Kitty Hawk Mig 25 PD

    A little more progress on the Mig! Landing gear finished, as shown below, front and rear shots: ​ ​ I've started on the wheel bays now, painted in Duraluminium as the examples of the Mig 25 I've seen without (what I assume is a preservative coat) a grey colour are a goldy/metallic colour. Wasn't quite happy with with the shade of Vallejo Metallics Duraluminium, compared to Alclads, so lightly oversprayed with Vallejo Metallic Pale Burnt Metal to give it that goldy shine. ​
  11. Looking very good up until now. Particularly like the addition of lead wire and etch in the wheel bays
  12. shawty82

    A decent set of brushes.

    If you want some brushes for "keeps" instead of use and chuck, Creative Models do a nice range of Kolinsky Sable brushes in various sizes. They're not cheap, but not exorbitantly priced either (I think a set of 5 is about £13, but don't quote me!) I've used mine over a year, and have looked after them and they're still awesome
  13. shawty82

    1/48 Kitty Hawk Mig 25 PD

    ​ The undercarriage assembled
  14. shawty82

    1/48 Kitty Hawk Mig 25 PD

    A little update after being able to crack on due to my last lot of holiday for the year. Wheels and drop tank are finished: ​ The drop tank was originally sprayed in Alclad Stainless Steel. Despite using a Gloss Base, and Alclad Aqua Gloss, an enamel based wash destroyed the paintwork all the way down to the primer. So I sanded, and resprayed in Vallejo Metal Colour Dull Aluminium. Looking at pictures of the drop tanks on the real thing, they seem either a darker stainless steel, or a lighter Matt colour, so happy with using dull aluminium. Wheels were painted, glossed, washed, satin varnished, dry brushed and then used pigments to dirty them up a touch more. Notice the rust effect around the hubs. Not seen on the photo is the tyre rolling edge, this has also been dirtied up with pigments. I've made a start on the undercarriage too - one of the most complicated undercarriages I've ever assembled! Will undercoat and spray tonight.