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  1. Outstanding result and inspiring build. Thanks for sharing both with us. Wilks..
  2. Love it. Very well done!!
  3. Coming along very well. Thanks for sharing it with us. I hope to follow in your footsteps before too long. Wilks
  4. Despite the challenges you’ve delivered an outstanding result. Well done!
  5. Thoroughly enjoyed watching this one come together. Truly inspirational John. The result was was well worth the effort. Outstanding. AGW..
  6. One in the same. Happy to elaborate on aspects of the build should you need it. Suffice to say it is a nice kit with no real vices. Given the closed canopy that is so prominent on this type take extra steps to ensure there is no dust inside when you close it all up. Make sure it is sealed up before you start sanding. Best of luck and do let me know if you need anything. Cheers,
  7. I’ve just come across this build as I do some research in advance of a civil version operated in Australia I want to build. I was fortunate to see this finished model at Telford and can attest to the quality of the result. Just outstanding! Having now seen and read your approach I feel I’m about ready to give it a go. Thank you you for sharing these and for thinking of others who may follow in your footsteps. Very much appreciated! AGW..
  8. Inspiring. Looking forward to progressing one or two of these myself in the not too distant future... Thanks for sharing. AGW..
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