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  1. I have done this Airfix kit (kit number 9 06004) in German United Nations Colours, but have done the Sikorsky CH-53G version.
  2. Another kit i was given, that i have rescued, the cockpit was already started. It is an Airfix kit, number 06003. I have done The Sikorsky S-65C of The Israeli Air Force, using new decals.
  3. I was was given a box of 2 kit parts in the one box, i just had enough parts to make a Royal Navy Lynx HAS 2, i was given some decals by a fellow modler I Emu
  4. Thanks for all you kind comments, Aircraft is out of my comfort zone however it seems that these are ok, so I will proceed with another helicopter now.
  5. I fully understand that the pictures are dark, however now that we have summer hours coming soon, I intend to take more photos this time outside so it should look better as I have done these on a base now too
  6. Just completed Airfix 1/72 SA.341 Gazelle, this became a tail sitter hence my homemade stand IMG_6462 (850x567)[ IMG_6466 (850x567)[ IMG_6469 (850x567)[ IMG_6470 (850x567)[/ IMG_6473 (850x567)[/ IMG_6475 (850x567)[/ IMG_6478 (850x567)[/ IMG_6479 (850x567)[/ IMG_6480 (850x567)[/ IMG_6489 (850x567)[/
  7. Airfix 1/72 MBB 105 C, built out of the box IMG_0492 (850x638) by [url=https://www.flickr.com/photos/156414905@N05/ IMG_0493 (850x638) by [url=https://www.flickr.com/photos/156414905@N05/ IMG_0494 (850x638) by IMG_0495 (850x638) by [url=https://www.flickr.com/photos/156414905@N05/ IMG_0496 (850x638) by [url=https://www.flickr.com/photos/156414905@N05/ IMG_0497 (850x638) by [url=https://www.flickr.com/photos/156414905@N05/ IMG_0498 (850x638) by [url=https://www.flickr.com/photos/156414905@N05/ IMG_0499 (850x638) by [url=https://www.flickr.com/photos/156414905@N05/ IMG_0503 (850x638) by [url=https://www.flickr.com/photos/156414905@N05/ IMG_0500 (850x638) by
  8. Figures are various from Tamiya from my spares box. The chaplain was built using various parts from my spares. The wall is scratch built using a form u lay mould to cast the wall. Various scenic materials used and the tree scratch built, boxes, crates, pamphlets etc. along with the animals are all from my spares box Inspired from the book with the same title by Rev Tom Wilson I have tried to represent a scene showing a short service by the padre, just behind the front line 1/35 scale I I
  9. I was contacted by Tom Wilson and was asked if i could make a diorama for him. For those of you who don't know Tom, he has written a book called 'No Guns, Just God's Glory' it is about the chaplains who were killed in the battle for Normandy. So here is what i have produced for him, i hope it comes across ok. For your information 3 Canadian, 8 American and 21 British Chaplains were killed in the battle for Normandy. Kits used were Tamiya figures, but i scratched built the Chaplain from various spares bits of figures, i also made his case. The wall was scratch built using a form u lay mould along with the tree and the base, the graves are from Great North Road. I will now be building another one for myself for the show circuit now, same ideas but different animals etc. Scale 1/35 IMG_6153 (850x567) IMG_6154 (850x567) IMG_6157 (850x567) IMG_6164 (850x567) IMG_6178 (850x567) IMG_6181 (850x567) IMG_6183 (850x567) IMG_6184 (850x567) IMG_6187 (850x567) IMG_6201 (850x567)
  10. The building is from Great North Roads one half of the cottage, time wise I scratch built the roof myself hours I think for the whole thing including the base around 60-80 hours from start to finish, maybe a bit longer. Thanks for all your comments if you want I can put up photos on how I made the roof tiles etc emu
  11. The kit I got when I first took up the hobby and I put it on the shelf of doom, as I felt I was not experienced enough however the kit went together ok, the figures are dated but with a bit of work you can get them to pass, I would build another one when I can get my hands on one
  12. Thanks, I did not forget to include the cow pat, if you are looking for it it is the brown cow who produced it!
  13. IMG_6121 (850x567) by IMG_6124 (850x567) by IMG_6128 (850x567) by IMG_6130 (850x567) by IMG_6132 (850x567) by IMG_6134 (850x567) by IMG_6136 (850x567) by IMG_6138 (850x567) by IMG_6139 (850x567) by IMG_6141 (850x567) by
  14. Another completed diorama called Milk and Alcohol or in German Milch und Alkohol, kits used Masterbox #MB3565 Operation Milkman & Tamiya #35148 German 8 Ton semi track sd.kfz. 7, wall from Great North Roads, gate from Scalemodel Scenery 5 Bar Gate #LX 001-35 pack of 2. Base built myself. 016 (850x638) by IMG_6100 (850x567) by IMG_6103 (850x567) by IMG_6106 (850x567) by IMG_6107 (850x567) by IMG_6108 (850x567) by IMG_6109 (850x567) by IMG_6112 (850x567) by IMG_6113 (850x567) by IMG_6117 (850x567) by You have the half track full of drunkards and the good uns in the fields!
  15. IMG_6069 (850x567) by IMG_6066 (850x567) by IMG_6060 (850x567) by IMG_6058 (850x567) by
  16. This one is called Hide & Seek or Versteck Spielen kits used are both masterbox 1/35 #MB3511 US Paratroopers (1944) and #MB3584 German Infantry Western Europe 1944-45, the building is from Great North Roads, and the roof is all scratchbuilt, including the window IMG_6097 (850x567) by IMG_6094 (850x567) - Copy by IMG_6093 (850x567) - Copy by IMG_6081 (850x567) by IMG_6080 (850x567) by IMG_6075 (850x567) by IMG_6072 (850x567) by IMG_6071 (850x567) by
  17. IMG_5736 by IMG_5741 by IMG_5743 by IMG_5751 by IMG_5755 by IMG_5756 by IMG_5757 by IMG_5778 by
  18. My latest diorama called Jimmy's Rest Stop. Kits Tamiya 35218 - 1:35 2.5 6X6 Cargo Truck, Figures Mini Art 35200 U.S. SOLDIERS AT REST, tree and wall scratch built, wall from Form U Lay Mould IMG_5723 by IMG_5724 by IMG_5725 by IMG_5729 by IMG_5726 by IMG_5737 by
  19. Jack no problem with you reply or response you can look at it whichever way you like, if you look at the figures I would interested in hearing how would you have used them and in what type of setting emu
  20. IMG_5695 (850x567) by Glen Eames, on Flickr IMG_5706 (850x567) by Glen Eames, on Flickr IMG_5709 (850x567) by Glen Eames, on Flickr IMG_5710 (850x567) by Glen Eames, on Flickr IMG_5715 (850x567) by Glen Eames, on Flickr IMG_5718 (850x567) by Glen Eames, on Flickr I forgot to mention i used this kit too Tamiya 1/35 British BSA M20 Motorcycle Military Police # 35316
  21. Please forgive me i am trying to work out flickr
  22. Marcel says Fritz remember me! or Marcel dit Fritz souvenez-vous de moi Kits used Tamiya 1/35 Universal Carrier #35175, figures from spares box, german prisoners are masterbox #3517 IMG_5651 (850x567) by Glen Eames, on Flickr IMG_5654 (850x567) by Glen Eames, on Flickr IMG_5664 (850x567) by Glen Eames, on Flickr IMG_5674 (850x567) by Glen Eames, on Flickr IMG_5679 (850x567) by Glen Eames, on Flickr IMG_5691 (850x567) by Glen Eames, on Flickr Emu
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