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  1. The Old Academy model was on the shelf with a set of Aires add-ons .... yes I know there is Tamiya .... but I had it all at home and found that I would put it together. I still have old Hasegawa on the shelf with additions .... I'll also put it together when the time comes. In this model I managed to stuff:

    - resin  cockpit (Aires)

    - resin main gear interiors (Aires)

    - resin main gear covers (Aires)

    - resin engine (Aires)

    - resin guns in wings (Quickboost)

    - Quickboost resin propeller

    - engine cover from the Hasegawa model

    - Pavla resin bombs

    - bazookas from the Tamiya model

    - Rob Taurus windshield (vacu)

    - inside of the tail wheel and an additional fuel tank from the P-47 N SWORD model

    - scraped air intake in the engine cover and a few other small things.

    If anyone is interested then he can see the construction thread here:


    The model presents a plane from 318 fighter group, 19 squadron. Saipan 1944. 























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  2. 16 hours ago, zigster said:

    Re - my own opinions.

    There's no point in rising a storm in a glass of "decal solvent" 🙂

    I agree.

    16 hours ago, zigster said:

    @ zegeye  - no, I'm not the same person, however, I share his opinion.

    My apologies.

    16 hours ago, zigster said:

    Why do I care about modeling scene in Poland? Well, I do mail order fair bit of stuff.

    You know, Australia is on the end of the World, and most of that "little whatsies" does not appear here.

    As for Polish businesses doing polish related stuff. Why I have to buy "Polish Tyres" for 1:35 BRDM in Canada?

    I do not know why you are buying polish tyres for BRDM in Canada, but think it is cheaper for transport? From Warsaw to Sydney is more than 15 000 km.

    And from Canada about 13 000. Of course you can buy in Poland if you wish. For eg. here:

    http://www.sklepy24.pl/sklep/jadarhobby_pl/produkt/skp-model-093-kola-do-brdm-btr-wczesny-1-35-/20959. This and other stuff is made by polish company ARMO.


    16 hours ago, zigster said:


    Who is making PROPER wheels for polish 2S1 Gozdika?  I guess, you don't know, what I'm talking about.

    Have a nice time !


    I don't know who is making this wheels, but I'm Japanese airplane enthusiast and have only small primary knowledge about armor wehicles.

  3. 15 hours ago, zigster said:

    This looks like a very nice kit! Congrats 2 Arma!

    Very good choice of cammo schemes: black, desert & green - grey.

    Yet, the last one could be from 309, rather than repeat of LK O A

    And in 309 it was NOT for a training. From April 44, to Sep 44 they were (fully operational) tasked with a defense of eastern Scotland.

    They did not have very high opinion of their mount though (clapped & crapped). From Sep 44, full on fighter boys with Mustang III.

    Sure thing, I (or whoever) can source extra decals, or buy "plain kit" just for those, but why should I. Look at Eduard releases, they do take care of their local market.

    Anyhow, I'm happy with appearance of this model. RIP old Heller + Airfix rebox.

    @Botan: Please do not leave out S/L Janusz Zurakowski, who was rather famous for test flying in Avro Canada CF-105 Arrow (" I can do the tail sliding, but not you") ??



    And I'm wondering why mr. zigster (as one and  only man in this forum) care so much about polish market. Especially that he is from Sydney (Australia), so the local polish market is very far away.... 8-) And his posts are very close to that written in polish forum by one and only man as here. And this one and only man comments in the same way at Arma Hobby blog. 8-)  Is that a coincidence ?  I'm starting to doubt....  And for the last, but not least... why Arma Hobby should give polish markings in all their models? Why is it expected? Did they sign a cirograph?  8-)  Do Tamiya, Hasegawa, Heller, Revell and other companies give markings from their countries to all their models? No! They don't. Why Arma should?
    And one more...  polish modelers market is very small.... and the ''company'' isn't a hobby, it is business.

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  4. This is my sharkmouth Mustang. P-51 B, 23 Fighter Group, Liuchow, China 1944. The model is Revell 1/72 scale. There are photoetched in the cabin. Bombs and bazookas are from Tamiya. Bazooka mountings are from scrach.















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