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  1. Brave man, You have made a very nice representation of the overcomplicated bombbay structure. I won't go that far and plan to close the doors. The only option in the kit is to have the doors open, so closing them would be an interesting thing to do Cees
  2. Wow, Neil that looks fantastic. I better get moving on mine before I lose myself too much in the details. You seem to be preparing for closing the fuselage, that's what I call progress. Cees
  3. Indeed, you have done a very nice job there Neil.
  4. Neil, You have nailed the distinctive Halifax canopy shape very well. What an improvement. Especially from frame 7 (the pilot's bulkhead) forward. Finally a canopy in one piece instead of the impossible join between the two parts as intended by FM. Well done. In the meantime I have been doing some more work on the interior. Cheers Cees
  5. Ahh looking good already, you are certainly on a roll here Neil. That port quarter panel really needs tweaking to get the windscreen section of HP's finest correct. I glued a thick piece of plasticard and hollowed it out on the inside, the rest was easy. Now if Tom (and the General Sah!) want to join the party then it would be great. Cheers Cees
  6. Good to read you got the hint Tom Regarding the pic of the landing gear it seems that it has been fully deflated. Let's hope this project is on the move once again. Cheers Cees
  7. That looks wonderful already. I really would like a copy of that. Although I haven't made it myself easy by modifying the starboard windscreen cut out in the fuselage to Halifax specs. Oh well. Cheers Cees
  8. That master looks promising Neil, Very curious how the canopy will turn out. In the meantime I am still concentrating on the interior details. Cheers Cees
  9. Good to see your observations Neil. Keep it up, I have been doing some more scratchbuilding this weekend on the interior and it's shaping up nicely, see my LSM thread. That Defiant turret really makes a difference. Thanks for trying out it's fit Cheers Cees
  10. Come on Neil, don’t give up now. You have almost completed the wings and engines. the fuselage is the fun part when the thing comes alive while adding detail. And it gives the forumites here a good insight into this unsung bombertype. Cheers Cees
  11. Fixing the props are the least of my worries at the moment while I concentrate on scratchbuilding the cockpit interior. But as mentioned by Phil using Hamilton Standard blades might help if the FM kit blades are unusable. I have an old Monogram B-24 gathering dust somewhere. But that is for later. I let Neil concentrate on that. Cees
  12. Well, that's an interesting solution Neil. If they turn the wrong way you might consider doing your model as the YAM Halifax. But then you will have to increase the wingspan as it has Hasting wings I don't think I will go your route and use the FM props if the Tamiya props are too skinny. I intend to model a 100 group Hally. Oh, and the General is correct, the Hampden is even more worse Cees
  13. That's very nice, seem like you had a better time at the bench than me (temporarily hiccup), Those cowlings really transform the look of the wings compared to the kit parts. Cees
  14. Sounds like you have a plan. I will follow (the easy way in this case) Cees
  15. The nose could do with reprofiling and that is what I have done yesterday evening (see topic on LSM), but there are so many items that need attention with the FM kit, but then again that's what make modelling so enjoyable and stressfree (or not). You are very much up to speed Neil. Cheers Cees
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