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  1. Excellent build and finish. I love the ambush camo that you have done. Cesar
  2. You have done a beautiful and superb job, I love It. Cesar
  3. Excellent build and finish with a small kit. Great detailing indeed. Cesar
  4. You have done a beautiful work with a small vehicle.. Cheers Cesar
  5. Nice job Milan, Well done. I liked the wear and weathering effects. Cesar
  6. Thanks a lot, glad you like mate. Cheers from Brazil Cesar Sometimes I am also not satisfied with the result of a project. Nothing better than putting creativity into action. Many thanks Andy. Cesar I thank your kind words Rich Cheers Cesar
  7. Nice makeover Andy. I prefer the Soviet version. Cesar
  8. Excellent build and finish. Cheers from Brazil Cesar
  9. Many thanks Beefy You are very kind Milan. Many thanks Cesar Glad you like it my friend. Yes, a disappointing machine indeed, mainly used as training tanks, Cheers Cesar
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